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University Students Surrounded by Stress

Mostly everybody on the planet has or will experience stress at some time in their life. Driving to the grocery store, going to work, or transitioning from high school to university, stress is now finding new ways to surprise people every day. With this mounting stress that comes with a fast, technologically-advanced society, skills are needed to mitigate these effects, restore balance, and minimize future encounters with it. Starting university, which is undeniably a potent source of stress, can be...
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Alcohol and Drugs as Challenges for University Students

From juggling deadlines to a part time job student life is not as easy as it seems. Money is in short supply and a considerable number of students leave home and move into student accommodation to get the freedom that adolescents desire. There are many new challenges individuals face when becoming independent for the first time such as experiencing a drug and alcohol culture. Freshers’ week is the week before university official starts filled with sociable events immersing all years...
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Comparative Study of Graduate Students' Views on Virtual and Real Learning

Learning is obligatory up to a convinced age. Learning is an extensive intermediate of obtaining necessary knowledge and skills. Learning is inherently split into two types i.e., distance education (virtual learning) and mainstream education (real learning). Has we know learning online is an immense concept. The term online learning, virtual learning, e-learning, distance learning is identical. Each one of them refers to act of applying technology and software in learning. Virtual learning indicates that it is an arrangement that furnish...
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Analysis of Group of Students from the Movie 'The Breakfast Club' through Tuckman's Model

The movie I chose for the film response paper is ‘The Breakfast Club’ written by John Hughes. This movie was famous and relevant because it allowed teens everywhere to relate to at least one of these characters. This movie is a dramatic comedy that is destined to make people laugh, cry, and angry all brought together in one film. This movie had great humor along with love. ‘The Breakfast Club’ is full of comedy, drama, and mostly rebellion. These four...
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Should Students Get Mental Health Days off from School: Essay

“A calm and modest life brings more happiness than the pursuit of happiness combined with constant restlessness.” – Albert Einstein. Around 42 percent of teens report that stress can be very overwhelming and hard to manage. About 13 percent of teens report that they never set time to manage their stress. (, 2014). Some people can debate that teens deal with stress more than adults do. Some possible reasons why that could be: not feeling good enough as a person,...
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Friendship of University Students: Qualitative Account Essay

Previous research within this field have found discrepancies on what factors are truly important to university friendships. They have found proximity appears to be the most consistent factor contributing to friendships forming, however, in regard to emotional support and depth within friendships there has been inconsistent findings. The purpose of this study is to identify the key, important components of friendship among university students through thematic analysis of two semi-structured interviews. Analysis suggests that the ability to express your true...
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Statement of My Purpose to Become Part of Your University's Student Community

“Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do”, – Pele. Education is given extreme impetus in my family. Coming from a poor family, with a passion for studying and to achieve something reputable, my father worked hard to fund his own education apart from supporting his family and went on to become regional manager of a reputed life insurance corporation. His aim...
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Essay on Why High School Students Should Not Drink Alcohol

When I was a sophomore, I got invited to go to a party with my friends during our Christmas break. We were all having a good time until an older male came and offered us a drink, and because we didn’t know what it was, we accepted it. As I took my first sip from the cup, I felt the bitter taste of the liquid flowing down my throat, causing me to throw up. I did some research the following...
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Statement of Goals and Financial Need: Essay

I previously finished a bachelor’s degree in veterinary medicine in 2007 and I followed it with a one-year diploma degree in Food Hygiene (meat and milk products) in 2009, then I accumulated around 10 years of working experience in my field in the middle east countries. When I came to Canada in 2016 as a new immigrant it was so hard to find a job in carrier and all my saved money was depleted in this huge step I hated...
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Mental Illness among Students as a Serious Problem of American Society

Mental illness is a major problem in the United States of America. Students suffer from mental illness and they do not know how to deal with it. Teachers are not trained to help students with mental illness which is a big problem because the most stress happens in school. Mental illness affects students in different ways such as, depression, anxiety, self-harm, suicide, etc. This is important because mental illness will affect students’ performance in school and can lead to suicidal...
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Negative Impact of Junk Food on University Student’s Performance

Junk food is well known as a convenient way to get meals. It is well known that students are the group that contribute mostly to the revenue of fast-food restaurants. Students who live away from home and have a bad habit of life usually consume fast food. Moreover, university students eat this kind of food every day or every meal, but they do not care what consequences the junk food brings to them. In the long run in eating these...
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Minecraft and Its Benefits for Students

As a frequent user as a child and from reading the case study on the game Minecraft we can finger out that it is a game where creativity is key, we learn that within the game there are a large range of different blocks in which to use in order to build and protect the game player, all the blocks are formed from different materials and they perform different each other. Through the game it can be used as CAD...
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Impacts of Pornography towards the Behaviour of G-10, G-11 and G-12 Students

Introduction The world today is more and more updating not just the way of living but also technology. It is becoming more dependent on the involvement, improvement, and higher quality and standards of society when it comes to technology. As the world continues to embrace technology’s advancement, people’s attitude changes and is continuing to change even more In order to fit and adapt to society’s adjustments. As it continues upgrading itself in association with its vigorous advancement, cases of pornography...
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Key Barriers Faced by NESB Students

The number of international students enrolled in Western English-speaking universities has significantly increased in the last 10 years, and is a trend expected to continue. There are 125, 392 international students studying in New Zealand, and New Zealand Education (2018) suggest a consistent growth of this number. In Australia, it is predicted that the number of international students will rise to over 800,000 by 2018, and will increase ‘sevenfold’ by 2025 (Ryan & Carroll, 2005). In Australia, 80% of international...
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Student Council Application Essay

As most of you know my name is Clark Kien Landau and today, I want to tell you something about me that you might not know. I`m not really student council material (though you guys already know this) but I want to help the school become a better place and enhance my skills and that`s why I decided to run for the student council secretary. From the time I was three years old or four maybe, I’ve learned to write....
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VLE and University Students’ Learning Experience

The growing adoption of modern information and communications technologies (ICT) in the dissemination of pertinent information through the Internet tools has occasioned significant improvements in both teaching and learning experiences among lecturers and students. Sneha & Nagaraja (2013) submitted that, one notable online platform for achieving enhanced quality educational outcomes are virtual learning environments (VLEs). Wikipedia (2020) defines a virtual learning environment (VLE) as “a web-based platform for the digital aspects of courses of study, usually within educational institutions”. The...
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Analysis of the Causes of University Students' Discontent in France in 1968

May 1968 saw some of the largest protests in contemporary French history witnessing a month of demonstrations, university buildings being taken over and economic standstill resulting in a snap legislative election. An article published in The Guardian on May 13th highlighted a number of reasons why these protests had broken out such as a lack of lecturers, the expansion of student numbers, authoritarian regulations and the loss of freedom suggesting that “France [had] only herself to blame…” for the unrest....
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Lack of Sleep and Its Impact on the Academic Performance of University Students

As human beings we all have basic needs that have to be met, understanding those needs will help us understand the factors that contribute to the drive to achieve certain goals. Students are preoccupied with many things: classes, work, home life, grades, and health, etc. When students are concerned about certain needs, their behaviors are easily centered on meeting those needs. Those concerns surpass learning and achievement. Physiological needs are the most important and when they are not met, they...
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Essay on Why Mental Health Should Be Taught in Schools

As stated by a popular television show, talking about what our generation is known for, “our one defining trait is a numbness to the world, an indifference to suffering”(American Horror Story). Because of the number of people that are in pain, mental health should be an excusable reason to take days off school. Universities and High schools should give students mental health days to deal with their issues. Depression: “a common and serious medical illness that negatively affects how you...
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Analytical Thinking of University Students against Conspiracy Beliefs

Conspiracy theories have been around for decades there will always be people who will believe in conspiracy ideation examples: assassination of John F. Kennedy, 9/11 terrorist attacks or government cover-ups of alien visitation. Aaronovitch (2009) describes conspiracy belief as “the unnecessary assumption of conspiracy when other explanations are more probable”. Does this mean that there is something wrong with believing in conspiracy theories? Believing in conspiracy theories from what has been researched and studied has negative social, health and civic...
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Essay on Qualities of a Good Student

Most people fail their exams even before they are set for a certain exam. This is because most people do not have confidence in themselves. You should try as much as possible to believe in yourself because this is the most vital thing. You should avoid discussing the subject matter a few minutes before the exam and also after the exam. This may discourage you and also make you nervous or even more confused. Building trust in yourself could help...
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Essay about White Rose

“The secret group that stood up to the Nazis” The White Rose was a student-based group in Germany, consisting of passive means of resistance. The students from the University of Munich, who would later form the White Rose group, spent years under Adolf Hitler’s dictatorship. Most of them participated in youth organizations that were made to spread Nazi idealism and loyalty. However, they became undeceived of Nazism. The White Rose began to read anti-nazism preaches and attended classes with Professor...
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Cultural Clashes between International Students at UCLan

The United Kingdom’s universities are the second most popular choice for higher education in the world for students from overseas. Furthermore, the interesting fact is that 15% of the student population in the United Kingdom, mostly in England are international students (Al-Quhen, KY, 2012). Purpose of this essay is to provide international students perceptions of their educational experiences at English university. University of Central Lancashire is well-known as a very friendly place for international students from all over the world....
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Stress among University Students

“Stress can be regarded as any internal or external factor, which makes adaption to environment difficult” (Pourrajab, Rabbani & Kasmaienezhadfard, 2014). Among the most affected by high levels of stress are university students. University is one of the most important parts in a student’s life and also one of the most memorable ones. It is the final preparatory step of students before reaching adulthood therefore it is accompanied with difficult tasks and duties, important to make them more capable in...
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Effects of Gluten-Free Diet on Food Intake of Second-Year Bachelor of Nutrition Science Students

In today’s world, diet has become an important part of one’s life. Food is related to a person’s well-being. High or low levels of specific macronutrients can lead to different types of problems. Different diets have different impacts on different bodies. Gluten is a part of protein family called prolamins (glutenin and gliadin) which are the storage parts of protein in the starchy endosperm of many grains like wheat, barley and rye. A gluten-free diet as the name suggests is...
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Stress and Its Impact on University Students

University is a drastic change for many students to handle. It is similar to being thrown into a new world and having to learn a new culture, which can be overwhelming. University students are often subjected to mass amounts of stress, impacting their mental and physical health. Stress can come from a student’s inability to: develop adequate coping skills, maintain a healthy sleeping schedule, and find a balance between social, vocational, and educational commitments. To reduce stress, students inevitably develop...
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Effects of Social Stigma on University Students

What exactly are the right characteristics, that one must have, in order for society to approve of them? Who is responsible for approving the wanted characteristics for the most part of their lives, when the youth struggle for individuality? Doing this, results in them subconsciously conforming to the social norms, set by pre-existing values and standards of society. Émile Durkheim was the first to explore stigma as a social factor in 1895. He and Ervin Goffman described people, who do...
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Alcohol Addiction Scenario among the Male Students of East-West University

The usage of substances is pretty common from the past till now. However, the alcohol use is quite popular among the young male students of East-West University (EWU). Moreover, students of different socioeconomic background have different preferences of the types of alcohol. However, the amount alcohol consumption varies from man to man in accordance with the mental state. As well as different people have different causes of taking alcohol, but almost all of the alcohol addicts face numerous consequences. As...
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Should Student Loans Be Forgiven: Essay

Decades ago, attending college was not a necessity, but rather an optional path an individual chooses to further their education. During these times a high school diploma was a sufficient qualification to receive a well-paying job. Although the push towards liberating student loans and their debt can get put into the cost of living for students and their books with slightly increasing taxes, it’ll benefit the economy. Today, college is a prerequisite for a baseline of profitability. With student debt...
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Essay on Student Freedom of Speech

Introduction Freedom of speech must be allowed in higher education institutions. The reason for this is that it is a core value in the democratic process, and it ensures that people can discuss exchange and debate ideas. The important thing is that it pursues knowledge and protects one’s dignity. Hyman. J (2008, p10) Freedom of speech is a key part of higher education institutions, which allows students to expand their way of thinking about specific topics. Each student has a...
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