Essay on My Professionalism as a University Student

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As pharmacy students, we learn that the quality of patient care we provide is linked to the quality of our professionalism. Professionalism begins as a university student, to build ourselves to be professional practitioners. Professionalism is not only the act of having to make judgments on uncertainties that we face, professionalism can be the way one carries themselves. According to (Tipton, 2014) professionalism is built upon an individual’s core values, centralized on the willingness to serve a patient's best interest at all times, fulfilling society’s health needs, commitment towards improving oneself, attitudes inclusive of accountability, compassion, empathy alongside social respect for society will be portrayed by individuals, which are commitments to high standards of behaviors such as paying attention to appearance and being courteous of others through being punctual. Professionalism is not an act, instead, it should be habitual. Professionalism is therefore a continuous process of learning and improving.

In university, pharmacy students are introduced to professionalism through the values and attitudes, and behaviors of pharmacy. Demonstrated through academic integrity, which is necessary for pharmacy students to exhibit professionalism in university studies. Academic integrity helps to foster the important concepts of core values. Which are caring, honor, integrity, and duty. (Hammer et al., 2003). Academic integrity maintains the ethical and responsible aspect during the use and communication of information that is not our own. Irresponsible use of others’ information involves plagiarism, collusion, cheating, and contract cheating. Academic integrity upholds the rules of giving others due credit for their work, by properly acknowledging them through citing and referencing, this requires one to present information or thoughts in one’s own words. (Monash University, 2021). Academic integrity being practiced through my course ensure I produce original work and give acknowledgment to the sources I have used, it allows me to hone my ability to complete individual tasks, without seeking help to avoid collusion or cheating. This will allow me to build the core values I need for future work as a practicing pharmacist.

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Religion can be used as a comparison to professionalism. There are certain codes of conduct and hierarchy in religion that relate to professionalism. Just as how when a person enters a new job, they receive information on a profession's customs, dos and don’ts, and how to conduct themselves overall to coincide with the rest of the team. (Tipton, 2014). Values and behaviors will not be facilitated overnight, it comes with experience such as learning to empathize and handle situations under immense pressure. Hence the commitment to self-improvement is considerable for building the core values. Certain behaviors might be simpler than some, such as punctuality, paying attention to appearance, being attentive to patient's concerns, and acting courteously. (Hammer et al., 2003). I display my respect to lecturers and others through punctuality to classes, as well as dressing appropriately to avoid others from feeling uncomfortable. I have learned to improve on accountability during workshop classes, whereby everyone has a role with tasks delegated, to collaborate and contribute during discussions. As well as being responsible for mistakes made, owning up to them, and learning from them.

In conclusion, my professionalism as a university student is regarded through my ability to adhere to the core values and attitudes of a professional. This includes the competency of myself to account for my responsibilities, mistakes, and priorities. The academic integrity module will continue to assist me in my learning period regarding the importance of professionalism as a pharmacy student.

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