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Action Research on Making Mettu Polytechnic College More Attractive Than High School

Abstract The purpose of this action research was to help the students to identify professions appropriate with their abilities, interests, and personality traits and to guide the students to technical and vocational training, especially at the primary and secondary levels with their own will. An action research strategy in which qualitative methods and quantitative methods were used was selected for this study. As a result of this action research, there was a promising difference in terms of the proportional change...
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Comparative Essay on High School Versus College

The main purpose of high school is to prepare students for further studies or if not pursuing college, then preparing them for life outside of school. Most students feel they are not using real-world life skills or learning them during their time in high school. Life skill courses should involve teaching students abilities that include social skills, money, and other skills like cooking, or driver’s ed. Though schools may offer certain courses about these skills in their curriculum, students often...
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Tips To Prepare For College Level Writing In High School

The thought of graduating from high school and getting admission to a college may excite you. Because what’s more fun than meeting new people and enjoying Greek life at college, right? Yet, little do you know that these four years are not less than the most stressful time of your adulthood. You’d be transitioning from being carefree to a responsible adult, there are several challenges you have to face and fears to overcome. One of them is the difference in...
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Virginia’s Northern Neck Yearly Recruiting Plan: College Versus High School

Successful recruiting for the Army National Guard can be achieved by knowing your territory, taking a “team” approach with the area schools and their leadership, and utilizing the skills and software shared through mentorship. Being persistent in reaching out to those prime candidates will exemplify the ideals of an Army National Guardsman. The purpose of this paper is to formulate a recruiting plan for the Northern Neck of Virginia. This area is the northernmost peninsula that separates Maryland and Virginia...
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Benefits Of A College Education: Essay

In the United States, the expansion of an individual’s education is highly significant for those who have the option. There are many benefits to having a college education. Many people go to college to be able to find a better paying job or because they want a better life for themselves. Many people go to college throughout the country to attain a better education after high school. Most times, the economic return of going to college will highly outweigh the...
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The Readiness Indicators Of High School-Leavers To College Performance Success

There is a significant lack of college readiness among high school students. There have been many identifiable causes for this lack of preparedness. One such cause is a lack of alignment between the high school curriculum and college level coursework. For my review, I searched for research instruments that look at academic performance in high school, as it relates to college preparedness. Keywords used were college readiness, curriculum alignment, high school GPA and college performance. Academic preparedness refers to academic...
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Essay on College Versus High School: Rookie of the Year Recruiting Plan

Hello, my name is SGT Connor Brave with the Illinois Army National Guard. I currently recruit out of Southern Illinois with November Company in Franklin County, White County, and the North Section of Saline County. Out of those three counties, I have control of ten high schools and one community college. The overall purpose of this paper is to explain the demographics of my area and schools, schools programs, a recruiting and sustainment plan, and to explain my efforts to...
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Importance Of Financial Literacy In High School In Relation To College

High school is said to be a time in your life that will forever be remembered. For seniors, college application deadlines are fast approaching and once accepted, they start looking for places to live in. Living far away from home is not easy as ABC. It requires a person to be responsible for their actions, make sound decisions and have good time management but most importantly, they need to manage their finances well. Youths have a long time ahead of...
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IQ, College Major And School Of Origin As Related To The Students Performance

Introduction Schools want their students to be superior in their academic performance. Efforts are done and resources are utilized by schools just to make sure that the students received the best education they deserved since best education will prepare them for better job. Study had shown that school factors affect job performance as manager. As the study of Howard (1986) discovered that performance of a person as a manager was accounted by some factors and among them is college major...
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High School Curricula and Collegiate Calculus: Comparative Essay

Introduction The transition from high school to college can be a turbulent time for many reasons: students moving out on their own, the state of being in a different environment for potentially the first time in many years, and a greater role in their lives coming with added responsibility all happen simultaneously at the start of a collegiate career. One common course for STEM majors to take in this stressful first semester is College Calculus, but there is a disagreement...
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