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Should College Athletes Be Paid: Essay Outline

The sports culture is a very crucial element of the general college experience in most colleges. Several colleges attract students based on their academic reputations and capabilities but research shows that there is a good number of colleges that attract students due to their sports culture reputations. The University of Alabama and Oklahoma University possess strong sports cultures and evidence shows that they also hire talented athletes in the states starting from the high school level. Despite the fact that...
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Should College Students Athletes Be Paid?

Waking up every morning at four and improving in my craft every day in my sport, gives me the understanding and appreciation of college athletes, playing at such an elite level. NCAA College athletes use the time for their craft, dedication to their college sports, make their sport their top priority, and colleges make millions of dollars off these student-athletes through marketing, yet student-athletes aren’t given the equal opportunities as they deserve. This article gives a prime example, Zion Williamson...
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Analytical Essay on Diversity in College

Diversity in college is very important because our society is drastically changing, and our higher education organizations need to expand and reflect this diversity. According to Cambridge Dictionary, “Diversity is the mixture of races and religions that make up a group of people.” Moreover, we can infer that where we come from says a lot about ourselves and how we live day by day. Different cultures make us understand and learn about information we may not be aware off and...
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Connection of Substance Abuse with Juvenile Delinquency in Colleges

The most significant challenge impacting the juvenile justice system in the United States is substance abuse, specifically the use of hard drugs like cocaine, meth, and similar substances. In this essay I will focus mostly on the Luisa Cutting case from earlier this year. I will then compare it to Brenda Spencer’s case as in both cases the crimes were committed due to alcohol consumption and drug usage. Following that, I will use the Differential Association Theory, General Strain Theory,...
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Why College Athletes Should Not Be Paid Essay

When people hear the term “NCAA,” which means National Collegiate Athletic Association, they often think of basketball or football. While there are a variety of sports under the NCAA, these seem to be the most popular. The NCAA offers sports at three levels, Division I, II and III. In total, there are 492,000 student-athletes. How many of these athletes go pro? Only 2%. The NCAA was founded in 1910 with a membership of only 62 colleges and universities. During the...
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The Importance To Pay College Athletes

Just the college 231 NCAA Division in basketball makes over $9.15 billion during their financial year, and none of the income goes to the hard working athletes that make it possible. College athletes that dedicate their time, effort, sweat, and money just to get recognized for a spot on a college sport team, gets barely any recognition, no money, nor accomplishment for their relentless efforts. Over 90% of athletes don’t succeed in making the pro league where they will get...
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Student Loan Debt: Thesis Statement

Attention: Think about that time when you did not have enough cash on you when you were with your friend and they just covered for you. Not a big deal, right? You probably venmoed them back or paid for the next time. Now, what if you needed to pay tens of thousands of dollars? You would probably take out a loan and work hard to try to pay it off. (AA) Transition: Many college students are faced with this problem...
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Student Loan Debt Problem: Solution Essay

Student Loan Debt Earning a college degree is expected after a person graduates from high school. The higher the degree, the more money is earned. It is the goal of many to be a college graduate, however, the financial status of those seems to be a huge factor as to why many do not go to college or take out loans. Student loans can come from the federal government, private sources such as banks or financial institutions, or from other...
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Implementation of Title IX into Colleges: Analysis and History of Policies

Intro College is a place where students go to learn. However, for years many other things that are rarely publicized have come along with this experience. College is as much a place for big parties, binge drinking and sexual assault as it is for learning. Approximately 1 in 4 college women are sexually assaulted before they graduate, which is 7% higher than the national average for women in general (Hecht Schafran and Weinberger, 195). The statistic is even worse when...
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Discriminatory Impact of Title IX through its Implementation in U.S College Athletics: Analytical Essay

This Article is about how some may feel that title IX is the reason why schools are eliminating male sports programs. The author also talks about court cases that involved Title IX cases between an athlete and a school. He discusses a 3 hurtles dealing with Title IX. Title IX is an Act of the United States Congress that was passed in 1972. This Act prevents sex separation in schools and other instructive Programs that get government reserves. Title IX...
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Pros and Cons of College Attendance Policy

Should the college implement a mandatory attendance policy? The claim of fact: Will improve GPA Claim of value: Forcing college students to attend violates the choice of excellence Claim of policy: The college should mandate an attendance policy to hold students accountable for their actions. Introduction ‘ Can the policy be harmful to enrollment? ‘ College is the beginning of adult decisions and responsibilities. ‘ Claim of policy: The college should mandate an attendance policy to hold students accountable for...
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First Generation College Student Essay

Introduction As a first generation college student, I understand the importance of hard work and dedication. I am the first in my family to attend college, and I’m proud to be blazing the trail for future generations. My parents have encouraged me to take this opportunity to create a better future for myself and to set an example for my siblings. I am eager to learn and to explore new opportunities that will help me to reach my full potential....
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Senioritis Definition Essay

Senioritis is a term used to describe the waning motivation and effort of students in their final year of high school or college. It is often associated with the feeling of apathy, procrastination, and laziness that many students experience near the end of their academic careers. It is a serious issue that can affect a student’s academic performance and reputation. To understand senioritis, it is important to recognize the unique position that seniors are in. After years of hard work...
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Application Of Social Media Platforms In Higher Education

Abstract • Keywords: Information technology, Innovation, Social media. Introduction Modernisation is a trend of life these days. Gone are the days when one remained contented and satisfied with one’s lot, with one’s social status, manners, standard of living and so on and so forth. A change has become very common now. This is an age of information and technology. Education has to be revolutionised in accordance with the times and new aims of life with changed needs and requirements of...
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Public Relations Theory & Practice: Analysis Of College Admissions Bribery Scandal

This essay will discuss the 2019 College Admissions Bribery Scandal, also known as Operation Varsity Blues, in relation to two public relations theories: the framing theory used by media and public relations practitioners and the rhetoric theory to persuade the public. Within the essay, there will be assertions to where framing is used by public relations advisors to repair students’ reputations damaged by their involvement in the scandal. Further, the essay will draw on the utilisation of rhetoric theory used...
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High School vs College

High school and college is the base for many people on what they want to become after academics. There are many similarities between high school and college as well as a ton of differences. They both give you direction but as you start to transition from high school to college, things begin to change drastically. Although, they are similar in that it helps you advance your life in multiple ways academically and occupationally, a couple of differences out of many...
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College Students: College Involvement and Student Satisfaction

Abstract The researcher studied the correlation between the students’ level of participation on campus – which was measured based on the number of organizations students partook in – with their overall campus experience and satisfaction. The data was collected through a sample of several groups of college students, and the data output was measured through a Chi-Square test. The results indicated that there was no significance between the amount of clubs students partook in and their satisfaction. Introduction: Are Students...
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Should Education Be Free: Essay

In the present society, secondary instruction could mean the contrast between neediness and living comfortably. So, for what reason is there such an enormous number of individuals who don’t set off for college to get additional instruction? The answer is straightforward: they don’t have the money to pay for it. Countless individuals in the United States skip setting off for college and getting a degree because college tuition cost, just like other college expenses, is too expensive (Josephson). In addition...
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Mental Health in College Athletes Essay

Introduction While college is often one of the best times of a person’s life, it is also often one of the most challenging. College students are under immense pressure to succeed in all of their activities while still doing well in their classes and graduating within four years. This especially holds true for collegiate athletes. Student-athletes are under constant pressure to succeed in both the classroom as well as the athletic field. Balancing these challenges can be overwhelming for collegiate...
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What Does Attending an HBCU Mean to You: Opinion Essay

Throughout my high school career, my coaches and some of my teachers have pushed me to go towards an HBCU not only to get my education but to better myself and to become a young educated black man. My teachers and my coaches have stressed to me that being educated and knowledgeable is a source of power. They told me to work hard toward my career but be educated, knowledgeable, wise, poised, and smart about my decisions. They also told...
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Is College Worth It Essay

Most people want to get a good job and have a future out of high school but don’t know if it’s worth it to proceed to college because of its high cost. Every year millions of students attend college to have a chance at a better life by receiving a college degree. Every single student has to pay an immense amount of cash out of pocket to receive this diploma, which is the downside of attending universities. So Is it...
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My Philosophy Of Bible College Teaching

Introduction The lecture of college teaching is very significant for me. I got the great idea and knowledge in my life through studying this. I believe that will be useful and effective in my ministry. There are many ways of teaching but bible college teaching is most important than the secular teaching because of the God’s ministry. It’s a hard work to teach others to understand and to reach God’s purpose. Today Christian education is in the midst of challenges....
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The Phenomenon Of Hazing In College Life

College is a big part of any person’s life. It will be the most toughest years of your life. For as long we can remember in school teachers are always saying what you do now starting from elementary school till you graduate high school will have an impact on your life for the next few years. From tv shows to movies they depict college has the most fun you will ever have and the friends that you make will be...
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Why I Want to Go to College Essay

I realized that there was no limit to what I could do in 2016 during the election when Hillary Clinton was running for office; up until the election whenever I thought of the president my mind always thought about men, so I was very surprised and excited when I saw her running for office. I was a little upset when she didn’t win but still hopeful about my future. I thought she was so brave and strong to run for...
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Why Community Service Is So Important For College Admission?

There are high chances of losing an opportunity to join the college of your dreams due to many reasons out of which, community service is one. It is considered that there are many students who will be wanting to join the same college as you, thus making the competition too high. Are you wondering why community service is so important and what is the impact it causes on your college admission? Then here is an article for you guys to...
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Covid College Essay Example

Psychosocial is defined as pertaining to the influence of social factors on an individual’s mind or behavior, and to the interrelation of behavioral and social factors’ (Oxford English Dictionary, 2012). Psychosocial factors, in the context of health research, can be defined as the mediation of the effects of social structural factors on individual health, conditioned and modified by the social structures contexts in which they exist (Martikainen, Bartley, & Lahelma, 2002). Psychosocial students’ mental health in State Universities has been...
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Honors College Essay

Honors College is usually observed as the place where all the smart kids are, however, I see far beyond that. When I think of UIC’s Honors College program, I automatically think of community. In high school, my group of friends and I saw education as an opportunity. Since we shared that mindset, it encouraged and helped us to strive harder and to achieve more. Although I could have achieved as much as I did without those friends, I feel that...
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College As An Important Life Experience

College is all about different experiences and life lessons and goals. Living with questions of what if is no way to live at all. I met a woman at a protest this weekend in Downtown Atlanta- She is twenty- two years old and she has had the experience of being Miss Freshman and Miss Grambling State University at her school in Grambling, Louisiana, where she also graduated this Spring 2020. If we may, we will call her Queen. It was...
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College Convocation Essay

On October 17, 2019, Jackson State University celebrated its 142nd Founders’ Day Convocation. The auditorium was filled with professors, deans, chairpersons, students of Jackson State University, and all people that supported it. The convocation was started by the prelude presented by the Jackson State University Orchestra under the direction of Dr. Darryl E. Harris. After the prelude, the Jackson State University Orchestra continued and presented the processional. Watching and hearing the orchestra at that time was something special for me...
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The Effects Of Hazing Incidents In The Colleges

A twitching, vomiting and ice-cold 19-year-old was lying on the ground. Groaning. His struggles were ridiculed and recorded for snapchat, he was kicked in the stomach and slapped in the face as members of the Beta Theta Pi fraternity at Pennsylvania State University horrifyingly attempted to rouse a teenager they killed, rather than alert authorities. Timothy Piazza’s 2017 death was a result of hazing rituals. The ‘Gauntlet’, as they call it is a game in which potential new members or...
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