Why College Should Not Be Free: Argumentative Essay

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College education has become very important in modern life. Over time, education actually becomes a key factor in the growth of the economy of any country. As the world is dominated by information, technology, and further education, young people need access to college education, free or not. Higher education is indeed the ticket to individual job security and higher income for people exclusively in the knowledge age. But what if such an education is unaffordable, how then can young people get it in order to participate more widely as citizens and specifically in solving the problems of each generation? Will free college education solve the problem?

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While most support the idea that college education should be free in order to create a strong and capable workforce that can contribute to economic growth and reduce unemployment-related crime and violence, I hold the opposite view. From my point of view, college education should not be made free, first of all, because the government will have to spend a lot of money and at the same take risks by paying for students who might not even graduate. Moreover, the large sums of money spent on free college education will drain the economy of the country. The government will be responsible for paying for maintenance, equipment, student needs, such as food, as well as staff wages. With all these burdens upon the government, the country will have to fork out large amounts of money to cover all those costs. And of course, if college education is made free, obviously the government will have to finance the tuition fees, which will lead to the government having to limit the number of colleges and universities since its budget is not limitless and it will produce many problems such as unemployment for staffs at the colleges and universities that may shut down. As Tuyeimo H. (2016) aptly noted on this issue, “Government does not have unlimited resources, we should not just say government should do this every time. We as citizens should have a responsibility”.

In conclusion, this issue has in fact two sides: the positive side, such as providing all students who cannot and can afford an equal opportunity, as well as the negative side, such as the government having to provide for all college education learning expenses. It’s important to make students understand they have responsibilities to care for and it’s wrong to place the burdens of others onto the general population. The best idea one would suggest is to make colleges free for those who are economically backward, but why forget about our government loans offered to everyone who cannot afford tuition fees? It is, therefore, crystal clear that colleges should not be free.


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