Reflective Essay about High School and College Life

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Do I really want to go to college? Would I even make it? If I do go what would I study? These are all questions that cross my mind every time a teacher or a family member asks me about my plan after high school. I’m not special. My parents, my older brother, my aunts, my uncles, and most of my older cousins have gone to college. This means college in my family is a must, and I think because of that I started doubting myself, last year I stopped trying in school because there was no point in me getting good grades. College stopped meaning something it was just another mandatory requirement to make my family happy. I wanted to be a little rebel and not be like everyone else, Which now that I think back I have no idea what I was thinking being like everyone else in my family wouldn’t be so bad they all have good jobs and stable happy life. Well “happy”.

However, most of them studied something their parents wanted them to study. Some didn’t get the choice. My mom, she wants me to be a doctor but the truth is I don’t want to be a doctor. I just don’t see myself being a doctor, that’s not something I want. So I’ve decided to make college about me, and about what I want. I want to go to college and find out what I’m really interested in. I know for sure I want something like a cop or a detective maybe criminology maybe even a lawyer. I‘ve always done everything in my power to keep my family happy and did everything they’ve told me to do, I want college to be about me and my decisions. I‘m confident that college will impact my life in a good way.

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One day I want to be able to tell my “success” story. I want to be able to inspire others who don’t really know if they can overcome where they come from and grow up in all the possible ways. I want to leave a part of me behind I think college is the way to do it I need to prepare myself so that it can change me and I can make a change people say that college is not for everyone and sometimes I think that too. Especially for me, a little Mexican girl who is still learning how to do her math and how to read and comprehend what she’s reading. However, I do believe I can do it, but it’s gonna take double the effort. Honestly, College is supposed to help us mature and prepare us for our career paths.

In conclusion, you can’t have a better tomorrow if you’re still thinking about yesterday. I want to move forward and maybe one day tell my story to others how a kid that didn’t exactly know what she wanted to do but still made a change. I want to go to college. But I want it to be my choice what I’m going to do and study I do know that there is no elevator to success, you’ll always have to take the stairs. I believe College will give me the strength, knowledge, values, and skills to be able to walk those stairs and not only make my family happy but to make a better person out of myself. No matter how many times I’ve failed and lost my motivation but about the times I’ve chosen to pick myself up and tried to do something to better myself and that’s how I think college will impact my life.

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