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Conceived in 1870, Alfred Adler was an esteemed psychiatrist and philosopher responsible for developments in individual psychology. Adler had a difficult childhood mainly due to witnessing his brother’s death and experiencing health issues that motivated his interest to become a physician. His research focused on aspects of human existence including parent education, birth order impact, inferiority, mental health, and personality. After receiving his degree in 1985, Adler specialized in psychiatry and rallied behind Sigmund Freud and his ideologies on the...
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Abstract The debate over the relative contributions of nature versus nurture on personality development in children has always been an ongoing discussion. The purpose of this article was to explore the various factors that post an influential effect on shaping a child’s personality. The present study examined the direct associations between a child’s personality with social and environmental factors. In particular on birth order effects, parental behaviour and modelling. Direct association between a child’s personality and genetic factors was also...
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Annotated Bibliography Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm. “Bluebeard (1812).” The Golden Age of Folk and Fairy Tales: from the Brothers Grimm to Andrew Lang, edited by Jack Zipes, Hackett Publishing Company, 2013, pp. 636-637. Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm were two philologists and they eventually become two well known folklorists. They have collected translated and published stories of all social classes in order to preserve the traditions. The young maiden was given a key to the forbidden room that contained the bodies...
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Abstract Many important factors are taken into consideration while trying to understand an individual’s choices and attitudes. This is a study conducted to understand how attitude affects the decision-making styles of an individual and if there are any differences among first born and middle born students. The study has 2 main objectives: 1) to understand the role played by the attitudes one has towards himself in his decision-making process 2) to analyse if being a first born or middle born...
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Before I begin I would like to ask a question. Who here has siblings? Who has more than one sibling? Now, raise your hand if you are a middle child. My name is Layla and today I will be discussing birth order. What is birth order? Well, the definition has two parts. The first is ordinal position which refers to the actual order that siblings are born in. This is the idea of first-born children, middle children, youngest children, and...
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Annotated Bibliography Barclay, KJ 2018, 'The birth order paradox: Sibling differences in educational attainment', Research in Social Stratification and Mobility, vol. 54, pp. 56-65. Available from: [5 September 2019] This article explores the inverse relationship between the net effect of birth order and educational attainment. Later-born children were shown to spend longer in education and attain higher qualifications, however this was attributed to the educational expansion that took place in 20th century Sweden, in conjunction with longer average birth...
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“Androgyny is not trying to manage between the opposites; it is simply flowing between them”, says American analytical psychologist Dr June Singer. The past few years have been a period of dramatic changes in how people view others as well as themselves in terms of their respective gender roles. The preconceived notions regarding the traditional gender roles and the roles that each individual has to play in their own lives have been challenged, discussed and debated upon. The whole world...
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How can everyday life form one’s personality as a child? What makes an individual have a distinct personality compared to another? Personality is the way a particular person thinks, feels, and behaves. It forms unique character and impacts us on how we respond to actions in our environment. Personality is fully developed by the age of 7 and in most cases, it stays constant throughout life (Cherry). Many factors come into play in the development of personality, such as the...
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The argument of how an individual’s sexual orientation is determined is constantly up for debate. Some might argue that one is born gay while others may disagree and say that sexual orientation is a choice. A theory called “the older brother effect” may be used to argue that sexual orientation may be biological rather than social according to researchers in Toronto (LeVay, 2016, p. 135). They believe that on average gay men have more older brothers compared to straight men....
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