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Lockdown by Walter Dean Myers is a novel narrated by incarcerated teen, 14-year-old Maurice “Reese” Anderson. The novel begins with Reese detailing his experience in juvenile detention after 22 months of imprisonment, his sentence for stealing a prescription pad from a local doctor’s office, and selling them to his neighborhood drug dealer. However, Reese is comprised of more than the person his crimes suggest; he is smart, compassionate, and devoted to those he considers his family. This essay will summarize...
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Investigation For my research professional investigation project, I was able to interview a clinical counselor who owns her own private practice in Gilbert, Arizona. She was referred to me through my sister-in-law, as her mother had graduated high school with Dr. Wyman and has maintained a friendship with her over time. Ideally, I would have loved to buy Dr. Wyman a coffee and sit down and chat with her, however, due to circumstances such as her busy schedule and my...
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I started my professional career within the legal arena. I was a victim advocate for the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office and through my legal work, I realized that mental health and psychology are very much related to victim advocacy and other areas of law. After my work with the D.A.’s office, I sought out working in the mental health field due to the strong connection between the two. I worked in the mental health field in various positions and my...
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The connection of how the mind ties into behavior has been studied for centuries with the help of psychology, but new aspects of it have helped the world with delving into specific minds, ones of the incarcerated, and how psychology involves the justice system. Forensic psychology is defined as the combination of using psychological theories and the legal system to help people who have come into contact with the law. These types of psychologists do more than just the regular...
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Juries are made up of a variety of people from various backgrounds with differing beliefs. This in turn allows for a range of opinions to be expressed, which generally reflect community values and standards on the issues in any given case. An influential factor of jury decision-making examined closely in forensic psychology is expertise. Expertise, which typically takes the form of an expert witness or testimony in this context, has the benefit of either helping a jury better understand the...
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This is the final year of my psychology undergraduate program at the University of Roehampton. This course has given me the opportunity to expand my knowledge and delve deep into areas of psychology that require critical thinking and deep analysis. An example of an area in psychology that requires this is the forensic psychology module that I studied during my tenure at the university. This year-long module helped refine my skills as an aspiring psychologist giving me the ability to...
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Introduction Forensic psychology refers to the professional application of specialized knowledge in psychology to aid in solving legal problems. Since forensic psychology straddles two great fields- the study of human behaviors (psychology) and correctional measures that can deter wayward behaviors (law), its guide on ethics should be two-throng. Robert Wettstein agrees: Given the interdisciplinary work of forensic psychiatry, questions arise about what principles of ethics should guide forensic psychiatry and what theory of ethics should underlie those principles Discussion When...
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A jury contains twelve lay people who’ve been randomly selected and sworn to conduct an impartial verdict as to whether a defendant is guilty or not guilty beyond all reasonable doubt in a criminal trial. The purpose of the jury is to provide a fair and just outcome based on the facts to reach a verdict and this can’t be achieved by judges alone as the decision would be prejudicial and create unfairness. As juries are unaware of any details,...
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To understand what the differences are between Clinical Psychology and Forensic Psychology, one must first know exactly what they are. Clinical Psychology is when individuals complete research, and strategies for the treatment, diagnosis, or assessment of human behavior and functioning. Clinical Psychology they are considered to be very beneficial to the clients they serve. Forensic Psychology is defined as a department that relates to the law. Their primary role is to inquire about human behavior that and/or can be related...
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Devin M. Hanson is a staff psychologist at a medical center- a clinical psychologist who works in the psychology operant and does psychotherapy. Psychotherapy is the treatment of mental disorders by psychological rather than medical means. On September 20th, 2019 he agreed to let me interview him over the phone. I was interested in his work experience since he has worked in a forensic psychology setting which is where I ultimately want to end up. We were able to speak...
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