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Essence and Development of Cultural Intelligence

Culture is characterized as the group mental programming of the human personality which recognizes one gathering of individuals from another. This programming impacts examples of reasoning which are reflected in the importance individuals append to different parts of life and which end up solidified in the foundations of general public. This does not infer that everybody in a given society is customized similarly; there are extensive contrasts between people. It likely could be that the distinctions among people in a...
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Decision Support And Business Intelligence

In April 1985, Coca Cola took biggest risk by changing its classic Coke’s formula and introduced new coke. Pepsi was in full demand at that time because of popular Pepsi challenge. The main turning point for the company was when people thought that new coke tastes like Pepsi and not Classic cola. The market value started declining and company received more calls than ever for bitter taste of new coke. Soon the company realized failure of the product though they...
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The Influence Of Gender On Perceptions Of Intelligence

Abstract Past research has found that males estimate their own intelligence higher than females, and that in general, individuals estimate their father’s intelligence to be higher than their mothers. This study aimed to examine these gender differences in the perception of intelligence through a methodologically similar survey to Hogan’s (1978) study on IQ estimations, and found that females consistently estimate their IQ lower than males, and both males and females estimate their mother’s IQ lower than their father. This could...
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How Individual Differences In Intelligence And Personality

Intelligence can be defined as the “inferred process that humans use to explain the different degrees of adaptive success in people’s behaviour” (Good, 2020). There are many types of intelligence, such as academic, social and emotional. Personality is defined as “the characteristics or blend of characteristics that make a person unique” (Weinberg and Gould, 1999). There are many individual differences in intelligence and personality, and this may be a result of differences in the cerebral cortex. The cerebral cortex is...
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Emotional Intelligence, Cultural Intelligence And Diversity

The higher purpose is the ultimate goal of any activity, the different that company want to make in the market. I want to make my career in the automobile service sector. The higher purpose of this business is to let people move with comfort and safety. The automobile industry is dedicated to paving the road for future mobility which will directly act as a compass, influencing key strategic decisions in branding, product innovation. (Mainwaring, 2018). There are different stakeholders, which...
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How Artificial Intelligence Trained To Analyze Causation

When something unexpected happens, it is our intuition to ask questions and try to understand why it has happened. If we can determine the reason of that unexpected event, it may be possible for us to prevent such an outcome next time. However, the ways we, humans try to understand, and reason things are sometimes superstitious, and we cannot explain what is really going on. Correlation which can only state that an event happened around the same time as another...
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The Peculiarities Of Cyber Threat Intelligence

Abstract Darknet has become a hub for piracy communities. It providing cyber criminals with the ability to freely discuss and sell unknown and emerging exploits. This paper focuses on studying the effectiveness of automated learning to provide information about threat intelligence from darknet penetration forums. Develop an effective system for extracting information from communities and applying automated learning methods to predict high threat elements. These potentially threatening actors include user generated contributions that may be intended to sell or discuss...
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Should Artificial Intelligence Replace Judges?

The introduction of artificial intelligence in the judicial systems can aid judges with the necessary resources needed to make their work easier but it will never replace the existence of Judges and their expertise. What is Artificial Intelligence? Artificial Intelligence is an advancing field of Computer Science that enables a machine to respond to its sorroundings independently while performing tasks that would normally require human intelligence and decision making process. Offers assistance to Judges It is indeed a debate all...
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Difference between Hard Work and Intelligence: Analytical Essay

Introduction When simply defined, intelligence refers to the ability of a human being to apply knowledge to the everyday workings of life. Whereas hard work refers to, in simple terms, a great deal of endurance or effort. However, hard work is a term that is truly applicable to everyone, because it is not inborn. Hard work can be developed unlike intelligence, so where intelligence can fail you, hard work never will. This essay is to clarify the difference between hard...
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Relationship between Intelligence and Creativity: Psychological Approach

From an extended time, creativity has been a neglected subject in psychological research. This can be chiefly as a result of its invariably been widely believed that it has mystical influences or a divine nature. Plato said that the writer is barely able to produce what the Muse dictates and most frequently than not, even these days, writers and inventors typically mention the presence of a spiritual nature that switches their perspective to a revelatory one. However, at the start...
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Relations between Intelligence, Logic and Creativity: Analytical Essay

Intelligence is a construct that encompasses many ways the mind processes and expands on information and stimuli. Intelligence utilises logic and creativity utilises change. Change can happen logically but that is not necessarily creativity as most logic can be replicated or has clear standing connections, but creativity is novel… sometimes utilising intelligence. Intelligence utilizing creativity may help to not only intake and understand new ideas but expand on them in abstract analytical ways. Already when we think of Intelligence like...
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Creativity Versus Intelligence: Critical Analysis

Since a long time, intelligence and creativity have been seen as two separate abilities and creativity has been an ignored subject in psychological research. But in life, creativity is been valued more than intelligence as it comprises individuals adapting to novel situations that would lead to either result in success or failure. According to Plato, a writer is barely able to produce a work that the muse directs and similarly these days the writers mention that there is a presence...
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Can Intelligence Be Measured?

The ever-evolving intelligence of mankind has assisted the human race in segregating themselves from other species by allowing us to make our environment adapt to us instead of vice versa. The article, What is Intelligence? What Do IQ Tests Really Measure? (Part 1) written by Futurism, claims that Dr. C. George Boeree described the general definition of intelligence as “a person’s ability to learn and understand information, apply that information to solve problems, and engage in abstract reasoning.” Psychologists have...
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The Effects Of Artificial Intelligence On Society

Artificial Intelligence, also known as AI, is amongst the latest trend in today’s world. AI is best defined as a simulation of processes that replicates human intelligence and these processes are generally performed by machines. As we leap into a future of technological advancement, AI is estimated to play a major role in almost every aspect of life. This project will discuss why AI is and can be an issue if not minimised some of its destructive potential and also,...
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General Overview of Business Analytics and Business Intelligence Tools

Introduction Many business entities in the world today are confronted with huge amount of data relating to their transactions. The capability of storing, retrieving, updating and analyzing such data determines the accuracy and efficiency of their internal decision-making process and also their level of aggressiveness to the market. The mechanisms of storing business data and retrieving it is critical in the survival of a modern business. There are many solutions that are available for processing business data. The choice and...
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Positioning Emotional Intelligence Aor Project Managers

When times are difficult, leaders are isolated and brought to prominence. A project manager’s push into prominence as a result of the change in the client requirements, the economy, technology, and so on. The above can apply to project environments. An important concept that any project manager or organization has to comprehend is that people’s needs have changed as they are expanding and evolving their perceptions of what is meant to be human in this dynamic global economy. It would...
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Artificial Intelligence In Health

ABSTRACT The complexity and height of data in healthcare means that artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly being used within the field. Artificial intelligence is an exciting robotics industry emerging in the current healthcare. The purpose of AI is to make computer-related health-related challenges more efficient. AIS simplifies the lives of patients, doctors, and hospital administrators by performing tasks that are normally performed by humans, but in short and at a fraction of the cost. There are countless applications in AI...
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Possible Limits Of Intelligence

Is there a limit to what we as humans are capable of understanding? Is our capacity for complex thought limitless? Are our brains well-enough equipped to understand all the truths of the universe? Good morning, my name is Madeline Briddell and today I’ll be sharing with you my thoughts about the limits of human intelligence. We live in an age of tremendous scientific success. We’ve mapped out grand schemes of how the physical world works on scales that range from...
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) And Future Of Work

Introduction “The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race” says Stephen Hawking, a significant figure in the field of Cosmology, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and theoretical physics (Cellan-Jones, 2014, para 1). But today in the modern AI world which is mostly known by many, as the fourth industrial revolution, the AI researchers refute and under-value Stephen Hawkings intimidating predictions. They keep themselves blind over the facts that AI brings forth more threats than benefits to...
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Analysis Of Operation Anaconda: How Bad Intelligence Started It All

Abstract Operation Anaconda was supposed to be a decisive 3-day assault by U.S. military and Afghan forces against enemy Taliban and al Qaeda resistant forces in the Shahi-Kot Valley that turned into a bitter drawn-out 17-day battle (Kugler, 2007). Although Anaconda was considered a success, in the end, its initial plan failed to survive contact with the enemy due to a cascading sequence of improbable events. Most, if not all, of the challenges Anaconda faced stemmed from a lack of...
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) And Machine Learning (ML)

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are related, often present in the same context and sometimes used interchangeably. From just being a figment of someone’s imagination in sci-fi movies and novels, they have come a long way to augmenting human potential in doing tasks faster, more accurate and with greater precision each time, driven by technology, automation and innovation. The father of artificial intelligence, John McCarthy, in the 1990s, defined the term as “artificial intelligence is the science and engineering of...
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Artificial Intelligence & Taxation In India

Abstract Can India take the big step by combining artificial intelligence with taxation? The major source of revenue for the Government is through taxes. So, can we move towards a system wherein AI will help taxation system to be clear, easy and more compliant? Extensive use of AI & ML will definitely help our tax authorities to be vigilant about the defaulters and create a more comprehensive and transparent system. Can India move towards a taxation system where AI/ML is...
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Intelligence And Resilience

Intelligence and resilience are great tools to define and allocate a person’s strength. Many types of assessments were produced to assess personal identity and explore various aspects of intelligence. It also will help to clearly show the limitation of self and open a window to discover yourself more and find the correct path to train the skills about intelligence and resilience to reach self-actualized. I have done six different categories of personal assessment and each one of them is examining...
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Artificial Intelligence May Not Equal Human Experts

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a branch of computer science which deals with building machines that are smart and capable of performing tasks that require human-like intelligence. Most AI systems rely heavily on machine learning, deep learning, and natural language processing (NLP). John McCarthy coined the term artificial intelligence in 1956. AI has become more popular today because of advanced algorithms and improvements in computing power, storage, and availability of large volumes of data to train and test the algorithms. The...
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Using Artificial Intelligence: Robotic Process Automation Opportunity In Cyber Security

Indeed, so great is the chance to improve efficiency in the public sector that the federal government is now mandating that agencies adopt technologies such as RPA. In addition to enabling employees to shift more valuable activities from routine tasks to more complex tasks such as data analysis, data collection and analytics, R PA also uses artificial intelligence elements to process workflows, enabling more efficient use of time and resources and greater efficiency. Automation also enables the automation of possible...
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Impacts And Benefits Of Artificial Intelligence In Today’s World

Artificial intelligence — it’s in just about all the technology we use today. It’s in your phone, television, on your laptop, your tablet — it can even be in your refrigerator! But as AI continues to advance and grow, people have started to question its capabilities in both positive and threatening lights. The hypothetical threat artificial intelligence (AI) imposes on today’s society should not be menacing and only creates new opportunities that push our society towards a positive, more efficient...
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Content Marketing In The Age Of Artificial Intelligence Assistants

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Assistants are redefining the field of marketing and impacting content marketers in an unprecedented manner. As Artificial Intelligence becomes more prevalent in the marketing field, it is vital for marketers to acquire necessary skills needed to implement and manage AI technology. The rise of AI assistants accompanies fundamental changes in the way marketers comprehend customers. Thus, content marketers ought to adopt certain skills required in the workplace to capture value from customers using modern tactics and tools....
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The Effect Of Emotional Intelligence And Spiritual Intelligence On Employee

As one of the countries with the largest Muslim population in the world, nowadays Umrah services are increasingly in demand by the people of Indonesia, along with the increasing length of the existing Hajj waiting list. This high public interest can be seen from the number of umroh departures which from year to year continue to increase. For the year 2017 alone the departure rate of Umrah pilgrims from Indonesia reached 875,958 people, up about 20% compared to the previous...
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Disagreements On The Correct Definition Of Intelligence

Human intelligence, in a sense, is what humans possess and something being shared in common. It differentiates us from other animals and species alike and has made Homo sapiens the most successful beings on the planet. It involves language and it gives us the ability to transmit culture, to think and reason out, test reasonable assumptions, and understand regulatory instructions and more. But talking about individuality, people are different from one another, whether it is a physical or mental state....
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Emotional Intelligence And Leadership

To be able to properly define the leadership styles and their application, it is important to look at the theory of emotional intelligence (EI). Although there are differences in the various EI models proposed and the method used by researchers to determine it (Cherniss, 2010), the fundamental concept of emotional intelligence is based on three principles: first that emotions are important in people lives, second that people differ in how they perceive, understand and manage emotions, third that individuals are...
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