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Analysis of Key Areas to Be Improved in Victorian Criminal Court System: Appointment of Judges, Due Process, Mandatory Sentencing

Chosen Topics: Appointment of Judges Due Process Mandatory Sentencing 1. Appointment of Judges The process of appointing heads of jurisdiction has been the topic of a public debate within recent years. The Judicial Conference (2015 pvi) outlines that the Executive government is responsible for such appointments, obligated by the parliament who is ultimately selected by the electorates. Affectively this would suggest that a generalised political view at the time decides which individual is appointed. It is the purpose of the...
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Should Judges Be Elected or Appointed: Essay

In North Carolina, a judge of the state Supreme Court was blamed for delivering a verdict that apparently sides with pedophiles. In a different case, Illinois witnessed a bizarre attempt by the plaintiff’s lawyers to use millions of dollars to topple a judge who was hearing a case that involves large sums of money. These and many other examples illustrate just how the process of selecting judges has been interfered with by politicians, has become polarized, and is now the...
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Role of Judge: Analytical Essay

The adversary system is the method of trial used within Australia’s legal system. Under this system, two sides come before an independent and impartial court to prove their allegations (Australian law, 2017). This process requires parties to prepare their own case and submit appropriate evidence to a certain standard to substantiate their claim (Year 12 Legal Studies, 2016). This system is utilised throughout all legal courts in Australia and was the system used for the Queensland case between JAA and...
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Reflection on Judge David Cook: Opinion Essay

During our Courts systems and practices class, professor Blake-Larson had assigned our class a reaction paper. I personally thought to myself that it would make me look crazy walking into the courthouse asking if they had any public cases some classmates and I could sit in on and gather interesting information on to help include into the paper. Entering the parking garage next to the Tim Curry Criminal Court building it was quite empty at 8 a.m. waiting until a...
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Should Artificial Intelligence Replace Judges?

The introduction of artificial intelligence in the judicial systems can aid judges with the necessary resources needed to make their work easier but it will never replace the existence of Judges and their expertise. What is Artificial Intelligence? Artificial Intelligence is an advancing field of Computer Science that enables a machine to respond to its sorroundings independently while performing tasks that would normally require human intelligence and decision making process. Offers assistance to Judges It is indeed a debate all...
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