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Ultimately, the SCOTUS held in this case that the minimum wage law was constitutional because it sensibly controlled contracts to protect both the health and well being of the workers. Justices Hughes, McReynolds, Stone, Brandeis, and Cardozo held the majority opinion. These SCOTUS justices arrived at this decision with agreement as delivered by Justice Hughes by the main reasoning that the freedom of contract is not directly mentioned in the Constitution. However, the Constitution does directly specify the right of...
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Comprehensive Literature Review Abstract In the following paper I attempt to discuss the impact of diversity in administration, and how diversity plays a major role in the criminal justice system. I explain that managing diversity is also a key characteristic of having diversity in an organization. While further exploring the qualities of a leader and different leadership styles within an organization, and how these different leaderships adversely affect the different models of the criminal justice system. My paper concludes with...
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Chosen Topics: Appointment of Judges Due Process Mandatory Sentencing 1. Appointment of Judges The process of appointing heads of jurisdiction has been the topic of a public debate within recent years. The Judicial Conference (2015 pvi) outlines that the Executive government is responsible for such appointments, obligated by the parliament who is ultimately selected by the electorates. Affectively this would suggest that a generalised political view at the time decides which individual is appointed. It is the purpose of the...
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A pendulum is when there is this thing, such as a line, moving left and right. It is seen everywhere, whether it is a super simple concept like the grandfather clock or a complex one that has to do with the crime control and due process models. The crime control model “refers to a theory of criminal justice which places emphasis on reducing the crime in society through increased police and prosecutorial powers.”(“USLegal,” n.d. Par. 1). The due process model...
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Question I I. Introduction Entitlements are central concepts throughout jurisprudence in the United States. They are the basic legal form utilized in the range areas of law such as contracts and torts. They are created by human actors who make moral decisions about who is deserving or undeserving within a chosen economic structure. In 1935 the rise of social welfare entitlements began under the Social Security Act. The Social Security Act enacted OASDI, a retirement income supplement, Unemployment Insurance, a...
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Introduction: Models of punishment vary according to the severity and type of offence. Retribution (punishment), rehabilitation, deterrence (crime prevention) and incapacitation (i.e. imprisonment) are all models of punishments that are represented within criminal justice policies. These different models of punishment assist in the operation of the criminal justice systems (CJS) and its policies such as ‘due process’ and ‘crime control’ that ensure that the CJS proceeds in a fair, equitable and public way. An offender should be given a fair...
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What is Due Process and where did it come from? Essentially, due process of law is the legal requirement that a government must respect all of an individual's lawful rights before taking from them. It prohibits a state from depriving an individual or group of individuals of their privileges by establishing procedural safeguards. Specific elements of due process include the right to a notice of the charges against you, the opportunity to be heard, and the opportunity to defend yourself....
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Part 1: Compare and contrast the due process and power models of criminal justice. Illustrate your answer with examples and evidence from the module materials. Word Count: This essay will explore two models of criminal justice, the due process and power; explaining the similarities and differences between them. The due process is a model that prioritizes the individual suspect, it is a requirement that legal matters should be a fair application of the law before a conviction is to be...
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The case I will be talking about is the Jodi Aries case and what happens If I was the judge in the retrial, and whether or not the outcome will be the same. Jodi Arias was born in 1980 in Salinas, California to parents Bill and Sandy Arias. She has one older half-sister, plus one younger sister and two younger brothers. Arias dropped out of high school, later obtaining her GED, and moved around often as a young adult. The...
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