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Essay on Marijuana Legalization

Even for whatever reason that marijuana’s first recorded use was five-thousand years ago, it in no way had much popularity till the last century with prohibition and anti-war movies. The legalization of marijuana has currently been an alternative debatable difficulty, although there must be no issue in any respect. Marijuana ought to be legalized. The legalization of marijuana in America has been a core problem for numerous years. There are many evaluations on this subject matter, but a few humans...
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Essay on Court Cases

Ethical concerns are very relevant when working with these different populations: nonviolent, violent, and trauma victims. Psychologists should remain aware of the relationships they have with their clients as well as make sure to stay competent in their work. When working in the prison setting, you will face many challenges due to the prison having its own culture, language, and formalities (Kupersanin, 2001). Some ethical concerns psychologists may face when treating nonviolent offenders within the legal system restrictions would be...
2 Pages 877 Words

Essay on Bill of Rights

The most distinguishing factor between a written and an unwritten constitution is that something holds greater precedence over the law, and this precedence manifests itself through text. The official introduction of US constitution was formally introduced on ‘June 21, 1788, when the Constitution became the official framework of the government of the United States of America’ (NCC, 2021). The constitution streamlined the country’s legal and social conduct, which was a significant stride forward for America’s democracy as issues such as...
1 Page 619 Words

Why Should the Drinking Age Stay at 21 Essay

The legal drinking age has been a hot topic in the United States for many years. On one hand, some people call for its reduction while others say that it should remain set at 21. This essay looks into why it is essential to keep the legal drinking age at 21, focusing mainly on protecting young people and society. When exploring this issue, we must consider the harmful effects of alcohol on youth, the role of the brain in decision-making,...
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Why I Want To Become A Lawyer Essay

I am driven by a passion for justice and a commitment to making a difference in society. From a young age, I have been fascinated by the law and its ability to promote fairness, equality, and social change. My academic studies and practical experiences have equipped me with the legal knowledge, critical thinking skills, and advocacy capabilities necessary to become an effective lawyer.  In this essay, I will explain why I want to pursue a career in law, explore the...
2 Pages 771 Words

Essay on Importance of Neuroscience in Courtrooms

As neuroscience begins to grow, it will soon be able to find the objective in the human brain and reveal to courtrooms the secrets hiding in a criminal’s mind. The first-time brain scans were used in a courtroom was in 2003. To understand the topic better, understanding how the brain works is something to discuss first. The human brain is one of the most complex organs in the human body. Weighing three pounds and made up of one hundred billion...
1 Page 596 Words

Has the Digital Age Made Copyright Obsolete: Argumentative Essay

Digitalization has enabled the transformation of intellectual property into electronic format. In this context, the importance of copyright becomes impossible to ignore. Copyright, as we know it, was creating during a time when digitalization had not happened. Thus, there are certain limitations that appeared with the coming of the digital era. Due to digitalization, copying art, of any form, has become easy, fast and cheap. Thus, the incentive of the artists that they used to get due to copyright has...
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Freebooting as Copyright Infringement

Today here, in our modern era world lies technology. According to, technology is an advanced set of tools used to make things easier and/or to resolve problems. An example of technology is computers, laptops, phone, tablet, TV, and many more. Another word for technology is ICT which stands for information and communications technology, this term mostly focuses for education as it works for giving information. Other than that, it is mostly has the same meaning as technology. Technology has...
5 Pages 2193 Words

Informative Essay on Disc Jockeys and Copyright

The term ‘disc jockey’, now commonly abbreviated as DJ, was coined in 1935 by the American radio commentator Walter Winchell. They were originally the operators of machines that played phonograph or gramophone records (now known as vinyl records), but, with the technological advancement in the modern era, DJs have largely shifted from vinyl discs to compact discs and now to computer media files which are more portable and accessible. Copyright, itself is an already complex topic, but for DJs who...
5 Pages 2118 Words

Essay on Copyright: Pros and Cons

To creative individuals and consumers alike, it remains difficult to completely understand the complexities of copyright and the legislation that simultaneously runs parallel. Many view it as a challenging and theoretically intricate subject, but also realize its importance to almost every facet of our social and cultural world. Essentially, only the expression of an idea is protected by copyright but not the idea itself. Despite the well-established control of copyright practices for intellectual property in regard to how it is...
4 Pages 1938 Words

Copyright Is Becoming Obsolete: Argumentative Essay

While we used to pay for certain media products such as songs, films or newspapers. Nowadays, it is available to us for free thanks to the work of the Internet ‘pirates’. In today’s Internet age, sharing content is one of the most favorable parts of the World Wide Web. The computer-aided communication technologies such as e-mail and Internet have added altogether a new dimension to today’s communication process by making it more speedy, informative and economical. While all these have...
3 Pages 1436 Words

Copyright and Royalties in the Music Industry

I have been asked to create this essay in which I have to provide an account for how copyrights and royalties work in the music industry and to show my understanding of the importance of collections societies. I have thoroughly researched these topics and have gained full understanding on each matter. Copyright There are many issues surrounding the downloading side of today’s music industry. And one of these issues to mention is illegal downloading. With music now being so easy...
3 Pages 1480 Words

Essay on Copyright and Its Regulation

Defined by the Oxford English Dictionary, copyright is an exclusive law, which protects the creative works of an individual for a fixed amount of time. Copyright laws have been implemented worldwide to limit the use of copies of an existing work without making compensation to the creative originator for their ‘intellectual labor’. However, copyright does not protect an idea but the form of expression. Nowadays, the regulation of copyright material has become increasingly difficult with the introduction of multimedia. Which...
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Essay on Copyright and Its Protection

Copyright legislation is said to be part of the wider body of law known as intellectual property. In ancient period authors wrote for fame and recognition and it was not their bread and so the question of copyright never arose. The need for copyright protection arose after the introduction of printing as it enabled reproduction of books in large quantities. It came to be regarded as a property right and hence required protection. Copyright in a given country is regulated...
2 Pages 857 Words

Artificial Intelligence Creativity in the Context of Copyright

“At all events my own essays and dissertations about love and its endless pain and perpetual pleasure will be known and understood by all of you who read this and talk or sing or chant about it to your worried friends or nervous enemies. Love is the question and the subject of this essay. We will commence with a question: does steak love lettuce? This question is implacably hard and inevitably difficult to answer. Here is a question: does an...
6 Pages 2825 Words

Essay on Artificial Intelligence and Copyright

The concept of artificial intelligence (AI), where an object is capable of human thinking, has been around for centuries, where classical philosophers have attempted to describe human thinking as a mechanical manipulation of symbols and numbers. However, in the present era, AI can be understood as a computer system that can perform tasks that normally require human intelligence. Today’s AI software is capable of producing works that were never been created by computers before such as artistic works like producing...
5 Pages 2336 Words

What Does Justice Mean to You: Opinion Essay

In my opinion, justice is an act of giving freedom to an individual through the means of proper rules and regulations and promoting equality. It aims to provide equal rights, opportunities, and facilities to an individual and society in a fair way. However, according to Merriam 2018, “justice means securing and protecting of rights of all in a fair way. It stands for harmony among all the people, orderly living, and securing of rights of all in a just and...
3 Pages 1151 Words

War on Drugs and Mass Incarceration: Essay

The American dream has always applied to the superior race. Historically speaking white people have proven superiority through various practices. Throughout history, black people were never meant to benefit from what America has to offer it was quite evident that we did not meet the criteria of equal treatment. As history progressed it has come to a realization that African Americans do not have to try twice as hard to maintain a decent living and even come close to what...
7 Pages 3139 Words

Using Laws to Save Us from Ourselves: Essay

Injustice faced by people around the world has always driven my desire to try and help others in both my immediate vicinity and on a broader scale. For example, the three hundred days without charge that Jagtar Singh Johal faced when he was abducted by the Indian authorities in 2017 on fabricated accusations moved me deeply as a travesty of justice. Despite a thousand-page charge sheet filed no conviction has yet been given. Societal perceptions of right or wrong are...
1 Page 671 Words

Essay on Underage Drinking

The consequences of underage drinking can range from short-term and acute like accidental injury, to long-term addiction and damage to the brain, heart, liver, and stomach (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 2017). Drinking habits in youth can be modeled and predicted by Albert Bandura’s Social Cognitive Theory (SCT) (Connor, 2005). SCT suggests, an individual’s behavior is explained by triadic reciprocity of dynamic, cognitive, behavioral, and environmental factors, which perpetually influence each other (McLeod, 2016). Consequently, an individual’s relationship...
2 Pages 993 Words

US Constitution Essay

When the shift began, a Republican-dominated state from the early ’50s to the late ’80s. Various counties had shared both the Democratic label and the Republican label. Whereas, the electorate had power starting from the Democrats in the early ’40s to ’50s to the early ’50s to the ’80s dominated by the republicans. Since then, the heavy influx of Latino and Asian immigrants had gone back to the state. The difference between the Californian constitution is how the fundamentals can...
4 Pages 1600 Words

Should the Redskins Change Their Name: Argumentative Essay

These mascots are symbols meant to honor a culture or a tradition. But people In the United States people are going away from having Indians as mascots because of racism. People think It was said that it was against the First Amendment to refuse to change the nickname. More than 50% of people said it was not a bother and they did not find it racist or disrespectful. The long history of the mascot makes it especially hard to make...
3 Pages 1420 Words

Should the Driving Age Be Raised to 18: Argumentative Essay

1. Introduction Alcohol has been readily and easily available since the earliest of times of our childhood for the use of celebrations and gatherings. Over recent years, there has been evidence of an increase in alcohol consumption by the youth in developed countries. This is because of the change in consumption patterns and alcohol percentage from old and traditional use with limited alcohol percentage to increased percentages in these beverages used for recreational purposes sold commercially. As a result, has...
1 Page 619 Words

Should the Drinking Age Be Lowered: Essay

Around the world, different countries have different drinking ages. The lowest drinking age in the world is in Cambodia where there is no limit on the drinking age. The highest legal drinking age in the world is 21 (excluding countries like Afghanistan where alcohol is banned).In the legal drinking age is 18, in the USA it`s 21 and in Italy, it`s 16. In the Uk, there is much debate on whether the age to purchase alcohol should be lowered or...
3 Pages 1482 Words

Should Judges Be Elected or Appointed: Essay

In North Carolina, a judge of the state Supreme Court was blamed for delivering a verdict that apparently sides with pedophiles. In a different case, Illinois witnessed a bizarre attempt by the plaintiff’s lawyers to use millions of dollars to topple a judge who was hearing a case that involves large sums of money. These and many other examples illustrate just how the process of selecting judges has been interfered with by politicians, has become polarized, and is now the...
3 Pages 1584 Words

Essay about the Rule of Law

The rule of law is one of three important constitutional pillars that form the constitution. As has an uncodified constitution, rule of law asserts the supremacy of law and aims to prevent arbitrary use of power as well as to protect citizens’ lives and property. It is difficult to define as the difficulty stems from the fact that the rule of law means different things to different people. Different legal theorists contend with different conceptions. Joseph Raz purports a formal...
4 Pages 1599 Words

Representation of Flawed Justice System in ‘12 Angry Men’

I often wonder what it would be like to live in a world where racism, violence, and injustice don’t exist. A world where everyone, no matter the race, can live in harmony without war, bombings, murder, or any other form of prejudice. I firmly cling to the belief that we are all equal beings. Beings who desire to love and be loved, dream and hope about the future, and want to feel safe and wanted. What if racial integration could...
2 Pages 781 Words

DBQ Essay on Prohibition

Following the conclusion of World War I, Americans assimilated into a nation that was greatly transformed. At the time, The United States of America was at a peak of its global leadership, a flourishing economy, and worldwide guidance, but only after having experienced a period of substantial economic changes. In the Great Depression of the 1930s, Americans encountered the vastest economic crisis in the history of the U.S., and as a result, more than ¼ of the nationwide workforce became...
2 Pages 1093 Words

Essay on US Constitution

The U.S. Constitution: From Past to Present The U.S. Constitution contains 4,400 words and is 17 pages long, or 4 parchments. Some people will say those 4,400 words are outdated for today’s modern society. When you look back in history, people such as Samual Adams and Patrick Henry were against the constitution. They were known as anti-federalists. Other people like John Adams and Benjamin Franklin supported the U.S. Constitution. They were known as federalists. The U.S. Constitution has been in...
2 Pages 844 Words

Essay on Plato Theory of Justice

Plato’s ‘Nature of Justice: A Critical Analysis This essay is a culmination of personal opinions along with reference to several other works on a similar topic all of which have been cited duly. Abstract There are several takes on the nature and theories of justice. However, Plato in his Republic provides some very famous arguments for what justice means and what it is to be a just individual living in a just state. He has criticized the already existing theories...
6 Pages 2548 Words
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