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Key Principle of Classical Criminology and Its Influence on the Criminal Justice System

In this essay, I will explain what the key principle of classical criminology is and what influence it has on our criminal justice system. The main key principle of classicism is the Enlightenment thinkers who identified individuals or criminals to have rationality, hedonism, and punishment acting as a deterrent to crime. Rather than thinking about religion and what happens after death, Enlightenment thinkers sought to improve human circumstances on Earth. The reason, science, religious tolerance, and what they called ‘natural...
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Artificial Intelligence Technology and Existing Copyright Law

Developments to artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms have made the output of their work indistinguishable from human creations. Considering these technological advances, it has been increasingly difficult to determine who should receive copyright privileges for artwork generated by AI. This paper will attempt to educate the reader on current AI technology and existing copyright law for art. Additionally, it will critically discuss why AI generated art should be seen as ‘original’, whilst also substantiating the claim that AI is as a...
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Brief Review of Articles and Amendments of American Constitution

A constitution is the supreme norm that bases everything in the legal system of a country. This is what makes us like citizens with rights and duties. The constitution is the laws that should govern the people of a society, because if they did not exist people would do what they wanted. The constitution provides powers to the State’s servants so that the State can fulfill the functions that are legitimately expected of it. A constitution with a rights perspective...
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Comparison of American Constitution and Constitution of Zambia

The massive majority of modern constitutions pronounce the rudimentary ideologies of the state, the structures and procedures of government and the fundamental privileges of the people in a higher law that cannot be individually altered by a regular legislative act. This superior law is frequently denoted as a constitution. The content and nature of various constitutions and how it relates to various political and legal order is different from country to country. This has made it very difficult to have...
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Compatibility of Legal System in Ireland with EU Law System after Brexit: Constitutional, Statute And Common Law

Law and legal studies project In this essay I will be discussing the legal system in Ireland and will be including any observations and changes that I think should be made to this system. I will also be discussing how the Irish legal system will remain part of the European Union after Brexit happens. The legal system in Ireland is an advanced system that involves formal laws. This means the law is independently existing and neutral and is enforced by...
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Law of Armed Conflict: Analysis of Legal Background behind Killing of Osama Bin Laden

Operation Geronimo Operation Geronimo aimed to capture or kill Osama bin Laden, who was the most wanted man in the world then. They executed the operation by utilizing two teams of 12 Navy SEALS who had received orders by the United States president, then Barack Obama. The paper will discuss the legal ground president Obama had to order operation Geronimo and execute the Plan. The death of Osama bin Laden in the hands of the Navy SEALS raised a lot...
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Success Story of Quit Campaign: Analyzing Effect of Smoking Ban in Ireland

The topic I have chosen to discuss is the HSE (Irish Health Service Executive) Quit campaign, promoting the support which the HSE gives to those trying to quit smoking in Ireland. The initial advertising campaign was launched in 2011, when a series of three videos was broadcast. In my dissertation I will examine this contemporary Irish advertising campaign through its aims, visual strategies and effectiveness in communicating its message. I will also discuss how it relates to social values and...
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Analysing Article about History of Constitutional Convention in 1787 by Jeffrey Toobin

Those who kept up with the news would be no stranger to how dysfunctional the Congress were back in 2013, during Obama’s terms. In 2013, Jeffrey Toobin, a staff writer at The New Yorker and the senior legal analyst for CNN, wrote an impressive essay called “Our Broken Constitution”. Toobin went through the history of the Constitutional Convention in 1787, queried if there is any result of the Constitution and commented about the Constitution. I agree with him when he...
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Discussion about History of Alien and Sedition Acts in Broadway Musical

Hamilton “Alexander Hamilton as Immigrant, Musical Mythology Meets Federalist Reality” by Phillip W. Magness, sets out to identify and illustrate the point that the hit Broadway musical, Hamilton, by Lin-Manuel Miranda, has misinterpreted Hamilton’s agenda and characteristics. Magness believes that Miranda’s depiction “falls short of hagiography”, meaning it was almost as if writing about a saint, and that it was done in pursuit of art, as well as regarding Hamilton’s ongoing character rehabilitation. The musical emphasizes the immigrant status of...
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Pros and Cons of Tort Reform Compared to Current Legal System in US

You are visiting a local shopping mall when you slip on a puddle, and break your leg, this is considered a Tort. A tort is any wrongful act, or accident that leads to a legal liability. Torts can be broken into two categories: Intentional Torts, and Negligence. An example of intentional torts may be getting hit in the head by a bat with the intent to cause harm, if the victim was accidentally hit this would be considered negligence. Negligence...
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Environment-, Fire Security- And Health- Related Reasons to Ban Smoking at All Eateries in Malaysia

Ban smoking at all eateries. Nowadays smoking become more common in Malaysia, example on the streets, in the restaurants, everywhere have smokers around us. Although a lot of countries will publicize “Smoking is harmful for health”, is also because smoking ban in Malaysia is not strong. It cause more and more second hand smokers. At the point here, the policy of smoking ban in Malaysia has been improving and reforming. The past of Ministry Health, only listed the government buildings,...
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Redefining the American Government: Constitutional Convention in History and Today

Before the Constitutional Convention, America lived by a set of rules known as The Articles of Confederation. This was essentially the first “Constitution” but was a flawed one a best. The idea was that The Articles of Confederation would establish a national government that was equitable to all member states. The national government would be able to declare war, coin money, trade with tribes and they would have diplomacy. But like I said this was a flawed system at best...
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Principles of International Law in Finding Resolution to Kashmir Conflict

Definition International law is a set of principles or norms in the shape of treaties and agreements which countries accept as binding with respect to their dealings with other nations. It defines the ways in which nations would interact with other nations, people and organizations. Introduction International law is generally categorized into two classes, i.e. Public and Private law. Public international law governs dealings among states including laws of seas, economy, diplomacy, human rights and global conduct etc. It is...
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Court of Appeal: Case in Medical Services Sector

The court of appeal between Jimmy Brown (Appellant) and Galaxy General Hospital (Defendant). Notice of appeal I. The learned Trial Judge, Campbell J, erred in law in holding that Dr. Roberts was not negligent in performing the operation and that the procedure in question was a general and approved practice. II. The learned Trial Judge erred in law in failing to find that the operation in question did not contain inherent defects and was carried out with the appropriate standard...
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History of American Constitution and Contribution of John Marshall Harlan

The American Constitution is not just a certain period in history. It is multiple events happening over a period. It started in 1787, when the American Constitution was written, and the last change that happened was in 1992. However, what is going to be discussed is key playing Justices. The four Justices that are important to history are; John Marshall Harlan, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Louis Brandeis, and Antonin Scalia. These justices have many aspects that are similar and many that...
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Without Precedent: Report about Impact of John Marshall on US Constitution

Without Precedent: Chief Justice John Marshall And His Times educates readers about the life of John Marshall and explains his profound impact on the American Constitution. Marshall was able to establish the Constitution’s importance through his ability to form a fair consensus, uphold Constitutional laws, remain dedicated, and accommodate for future dynamics. Forming fair consensus was a significant contribution to the Constitution and Marshall demonstrated this in many cases including: Talbot v. Seeman, Marbury v Madison, and in the impeachment...
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Mechanism and Benefits of Common Law System in Canada

The common law system is recognized as an older; as well as proficient technique in quite a few countries helping making the system of law a better one. In Canada, common law is used and based on judges past decisions rather than written law (Department of Justice, 2017). The common law system takes past decisions made by judges and uses them in new situations that are similar to the original event – otherwise known as the term “stare decisis,” which...
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Co-development and Adaptation of Common Law and Tort Law in Ireland

As an instrument, common law has been in use in England since the Norman conquest in 1066. The Irish legal system is based on the English common law tradition. Its dominance was consolidated after Oliver Cromwell’s military campaign in Ireland between 1649 and 1652. Society has changed immeasurably since 1066. It is also vastly different in 2019 to how it was in 1652. It is vital that the law adapts to reflect these changes. This is possible with a common...
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Physiological Grounds and Cultural Barriers for Raising Legal Drinking Age to 25

Increase the legal drinking age to 21? Why stop there? When neuroscience tells us that young people don’t reach maturity until 25 — and when higher age limits are proven to decrease booze-related fatalities — go ahead and hike it from 18 to 25. There is fat chance of this happening — I can already hear the cries about a nanny state — but anyone serious about tackling Australia’s destructive relationship with grog knows that what is being done currently...
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Analysing Factors behind Juvenile Violence

For decades, school shootings have surfaced and spread worldwide. Research continues after each case with hopes for a determination of the reasoning why someone would be so callous. Many attorneys, state prosecutors, forensic psychologist professionals, and judges sit in courtrooms to review some of the most heinous acts in America. But what would qualify a juvenile to become bound over by the State’s laws? In the paper provided, there is a story of a young man by the name of...
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Challenges of Native Americans in History and Impact of John Marshall on Federal Indian Law

Eleanor Glewwe portrays the circumstances and consequences of government mistreatment through the novel “Wildings.” She depicts governmental power though the Society, which is in charge of not only the entire social system regarding the Halan and Kasir divide but also the political and economic systems. Similar to the governmental power in “Wildings,” the United States government is in charge of the divide between Indigenous peoples and Americans. The simple natives, people who were generous, took what they needed from the...
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Analysing Effects of Smoking Ban on Flavored Vaping Products in Canada

Should the Canadian Federal Government impose a minimum six-month ban on all flavored vaping products, with the exception of tobacco and menthol flavors, in order to give Health Canada and experts time to determine if the flavorings are a health risk to users? Such a drastic measure could result in even more serious, unintended consequences. Habitual vape users could potentially turn to unsafe alternatives to current flavors designed for e-cigarettes. Former smokers, who have developed a taste for flavored e-cigarettes,...
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American Revolution, Alien and Sedition Acts and Other Factors Which Detrimented John Adam's Election

John Adam’s unpopularity was the reason for Thomas Jefferson’s election success in 1800 to a minor extent. There were various other factors that attributed to Jefferson’s election success. George Washington resigning in 1797 and his death in 1799 was paramount to Jefferson’s confidence. America winning their revolutionary war and gaining independence in 1776 was vital for Jefferson’s national American supporters. Moreover, the flaws in the American voting system and the actions of Alexander Hamilton aided Jefferson to be favored as...
4 Pages 1911 Words

Foundation of US Constitution: Constitutional Convention of 1787 Sets Three Branches of Government

America Divided: The Impeachment of the 45th President of the United States Zero transparency and/or accountability, claims of being above the law, not working with the other co-equal branches of government, evidence of illicit behaviors and actions, and the slippage of democracy. These are all things our founding fathers feared to happen in our great nation. The Constitutional Convention of 1787 was an event to set up this countries government, and the goal was to be a non-monarch style rule...
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Social Culture and Alcohol Drinking: Challenges of Raising Legal Drinking Age to 21 Years

More passings and mishaps because of a more youthful and less capable psyche – whose cerebrums are as yet defenseless against the poisonousness of liquor at 18. Liquor causes almost 6,000 Australian passings in a single year, a third from malignant growth. Drink driving stays a significant supporter of fatalities and wounds on Australian streets, despite the fact that an Unlawful Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) limit has been set up for more than 25 years. In 2015, the Queensland Police...
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Limitations of International Law Principles in Achieving Global Environmental Commitments

International law does not effectively protect the global environment and therefore needs to be strengthened in many ways. The first reason as to why it is ineffective, is due to the fact that there are no official authority there to uphold the laws and therefore there are no consequences to those who do not follow. The policies that are put in place will theoretically work, but only if all countries agree to the conditions and targets and do their part...
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Social and Physiological Consequences af Underage Drinking

Promoting Healthy Drinking Behaviors The chosen population who is at Risk of Alcohol-related Harms: Teenagers. The teenage population is one of the noticeable developments and advancement that are loaded up with vitality, energy and new encounters. All teenagers exhibit diverse characteristics and experience their high school life more differently in a unique unpredictable way, making guardians or parents occupy a hard time to counter them. Parental and social impacts influence a teenager’s improvement in various ways. In any case, every...
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Principles of International Law in Practice: Examples from Different Countries

Why has international law found it difficult to find a resolution to the Syrian conflict? In 2018, Russian and Iran supported Syrian government to recapture areas in eastern Ghouta in Damascus countryside and Daraa governorate. Syrian government used different methods to make anti-groups in these areas to surrender. In Syrian conflict for a particular time chemical attacks were taken place, the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons (OPCW) was authorized to attribute responsibility for those attacks. ISIS and AL...
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Unintentional Tort or Negligence: Description of a Court Case in Canada

Summary Mr. Mustapha lawsuit against Culligan of Canada Ltd. was the case captured media attention in 2005. According to Mr. Mustapha, when his wife was opening a new bottle of water which they purchased from Culligan of Canada Ltd., she discovered a dead fly floating in it. After that, the couple claimed they had been vomited and Mr. Mustapha developed into an extreme psychiatric reaction characterized by server depression, anxiety and phobia. The mental illness caused him to lose revenue...
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Practical Case Describing Appeal to The Supreme Court Of Florida

Petitioner appeals his conviction by the lower court at trial of one count of first-degree arson, in violation of Florida statue 806.01(1). Constitutional and Policy Provisions Involved. Florida Statue (insert weird thingy) Florida statue 806.01 provides in pertinent part: Any person who willfully and unlawfully, or while in the commission of any felony, by fire or explosion, damages or causes to be damaged: Any dwelling, whether occupied or not, or its contents; Any structure, or contents thereof, where persons are...
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