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Striving for a Master's Degree in Bioinformatics and Systems Biology at Vrije University

This decision came naturally to me because of my innate inquisitiveness and passion for the subject and I was easily able to narrow down my choice to your prestigious university because of its international reputation for excellence. I reached out to your Student Ambassadors with my queries, and they helped me out immensely as well. My long term goal can be best described by the Winston Churchill quote, “We make a living by what we get, but we make a...
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Relationship between Academic Interest of Students and Their Achievements: The Problem and Its Background

Introduction Classroom has been the second homeroom of our students. It is a place where they stayed for more than 12 years of their lives, shared experiences, met new friends, and many others. Hence, it plays a significant part to who they will become in the future. In the same manner, it is a learning space in which students are being taught. It is room where they gain knowledge and understanding on the different aspects of life. This is where...
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My Academic Research in Critical Awareness of Issues Surrounding Current Research in HCI

Question 1: Critical awareness of issues surrounding current research in HCI My chosen paper Garbett, A., Chatting, D., Wilkinson, G., Lee, C. and Kharrufa, A. (2018). CHI ’18 Proceedings of the 2018 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems Paper No. 7. In: CHI ’18 Proceedings of the 2018 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems Paper No. 7. ThinkActive: Designing for Pseudonymous Activity Tracking in the Classroom [online] Montreal QC, Canada: ACM, p.13. Available at: [Accessed...
6 Pages 2787 Words

Aspiring to Be in the NICU

Growing up and realizing I had to pick a career that I was going to be stuck in for the rest of my life seemed very overwhelming. That put an immense amount of stress for a child who has their whole life to decide. I thought I had an endless amount of time to decide since I was only in middle school. My life changing experience made me realize that time was actually something I had to worry about. During...
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Personal Motivation to Study Geographic Information Science (GISci)

The prominence of GIS and Remote Sensing has gained immense importance over the past few years, especially for environmental management. My primary motive to study Geographic Information Sciences (GISci) at Central Michigan University (CMU) engenders from the massive advances in GIS and Remote Sensing Technology in the U.S., which I would like to replicate in India. Although India is making significant strides in that direction, we are not quite there yet. I believe education from the CMU would be the...
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My Master’s Degree in Media and Cultural Studies at Middle East Technical University: Reflection on Academic Interests

As a passionate teacher about teaching languages and experiencing different cultures, I am excited to apply for participation as a teaching assistant in the FLTA program that is funded by a prestigious and world-wide organization like Fulbright. I got my BA in American Culture and Literature at Ankara University and it allowed me to learn more about the history, culture and literature of the US with the help of specific lessons about prose, poetry and theatre. In addition to my...
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My Motivation for Scholarship at London School of Economics and Political Science

Currently I’m persuading my course in BSC Business and Management. I intend to pursue my further studies in marketing. My area of interest is on how people react and take action in aggressive and intense business environment. Choosing Bargaining and Negotiation as a course for my summer school at the London School of Economics and Political Sciences will help me in developing my area of interest and will increase my understanding in negotiations. People negotiate daily, often without considering it...
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Thinking about the Motivational Interest of Choosing Accounting and Finance

Choosing a subject might be intriguing or very irksome, so in the process of choosing a major academic subject we have to enlist our interest and skills in our mind. That’s what I did and found out that I was fascinated by an intimate thing: numbers. Numbers. A countless set of probabilities, just like life. The entire universe is just a series of statistics, neither more nor less. This world cannot run for a split of a second without numbers....
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Reflective Essay on Areas of My Possible Academic Interest

Tell us why you decided to apply to the University of Wisconsin-Madison. In addition, please include why you are interested in studying the major(s) you have selected. If you selected undecided please describe your areas of possible academic interest. (you may enter up to 650 words) Growing up in Wisconsin, visiting Madison, cheering for the Badgers, and attending multiple football games, I knew that the University of Wisconsin-Madison was the perfect school for me. But, school spirit is not the...
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Getting a Scholarship as a Great Opportunity to Follow My Passion for Math

Currently I am a student at Diablo Valley College, and will continue to matriculate here until I am able to move on to a four-year university. My favorite subject is math. I’ve loved math since elementary school. In fact, I am considering mathematics as my chosen field. I am confident I will be successful in the future. I will focus and go the extra mile to be my best. One aspect of that success consists of the ability to reach...
1 Page 528 Words

Preference for a Master's Degree in Biomedicine in Germany

I am currently studying Master of Science in Micro and Nano System in Technical University of Chemnitz. After completing my bachelors in Biomedical engineering, I started my career in healthcare industries, where I came across various diagnostic technologies like Point of Care (POC) Diagnoses for diseases. My work experience has provided me with a deeper realization of the importance of being competent in the Biomedical field. The innovation of scientific equipment made a considerable impact on me while choosing where...
1 Page 461 Words

Analysis of Academic Interest in Positionality and Politics with Regards to Gender

This essay examines the contention that philosophy, not politics or positionality, drives geographers’ changing approaches to social difference. Through analyzing three social differences, namely gender, sexualities and children, this essay contends that philosophy, politics and positionality are all intrinsically intertwined and have all driven geographers’ changing approaches. However, this essay goes on to show that there exists the need to consider other drivers like the interaction between geography and other bodies of literature, in order to gain a fuller understanding...
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Personal Motivation for Getting a Ph.D Research in Cybersecurity

I am interested in doing a Ph.D. research in cybersecurity because I aspire to become a renowned cybersecurity expert and join the fight against cyber threats and attacks. I understand that there is an obvious shortage of professionals, especially women, in the field of cybersecurity. So, I aspire to reduce the dearth of experts and women in the field of cybersecurity and eventually mentor secondary school students in West Africa to take cybersecurity as a career. For my Ph.D. research,...
2 Pages 837 Words

My Academic Interest in Doctoral Program in Electrical Engineering: Personal Statement

“Where there is a will, there is a way”, a maxim I follow to achieve my goals. The spirit of innovation has allowed mankind to progress from sparse group of creatures to an extensive population that has dominated the globe. Growing up with an irrepressible likeness for innovation endeared my curiosity to creativity and thus my desire in improving current design and promoting new technological advances. It always reverberates in my mind to produce the kind of technologies read in...
2 Pages 789 Words

Expression of Interest in Pursuing a Master of Arts in Communication

I am writing to express my interest in pursuing the Master of Arts in Communication. I am excited by the prospect of performing research and broadening my knowledge of communication theory, political economy, policy, the study of culture and media, and technology, communication systems, media and practices, and data studies. I believe I would make an excellent master’s candidate. I decided to pursue my Master’s in Communication because during the course of my studies, I have had the opportunity to...
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Academic Interest in AI Application Areas: Analytical Essay

Over the last decade there has been a major resurgence of interest in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). In the public domain there have been many recent high-profile demonstrations of AI – with significant progress being made in fields as diverse as self-driving cars [1], game-playing machines [2,3,4] and virtual assistants [5]. Alongside these impressive and often high-profile successes, academic interest in AI has also undergone a significant surge over the last ten years. Since 2010, the number of...
1 Page 631 Words

Career Features in Medical Sociology

Sociology is a field that I find very interesting because it forces me to look at things from all sorts of perspectives, not just my own. I’m used to viewing the world through my particular biases and leanings that it is exciting to see the world in different ways as well as understand why those views (including my own) are held. Because I eventually intend to become a doctor, the field of sociology that most interests me is Medical Sociology....
1 Page 604 Words

Relationship between Family Socioeconomic Capabilities and Academic Interest on ABM Students: Analytical Essay

Background of the study The study focuses on the relative contribution of the Family Socioeconomic and Academic interest on ABM students. The consumption of a large amount of money on education, and to the social classes have focused on the educators and the problems of the understudies. Meanwhile, how students learning based on family SES are affected. The purpose of this study to examine the family income, family occupation, and the family population and ability of ABM students. This study...
3 Pages 1479 Words

Mathematics as a Major Academic Interest

Mathematics can be extremely complex at times, yet I love the satisfaction of ending the problem with the correct answer. The joy of completing a particularly hard question, or the sudden realisation of a particular topic making perfect sense, makes the challenge and the hard work worth all the frustration and dedication put into it. Studying maths at A-level has been the most enjoyable and fulfilling part of my sixth form years, and the logic and reasoning required for the...
1 Page 627 Words

The Main Reasons to Study Psychology Degree

The thing I love most about psychology is how much of an impact it has on our daily lives. This love truly came to fruition during my undergraduate course at Sunderland University. Learning the various ways psychological research can be applied to improve our lives was fascinating and graduating with first-class honours remains one of the proudest moments of my life. I chose to apply to Sunderland University due to my previous experience here as part of my undergraduate course....
1 Page 457 Words

My Ever-Growing Dream

Way back in 2012, when I started my senior secondary education, I chose biology as a major subject and slowly it became subject of core interest. By the time I completed my two years with I got fully mesmerized with biotechnology. It was no wonder for me that I scored highest in the subject. Pursuing biotechnology as a core subject of graduation was already seeded so getting one was like first dream come true. I enrolled myself in Banasthali University...
1 Page 600 Words

Statement of My Purpose to Join the Graduate Program

“All our dreams can come true – if we have the courage to pursue them”, -Walt Disney. My statement of purpose is actually my story, a simple and normal story of a young man in his mid-20’s, who has dreams and wants to fulfill them. I am not exceptional, outstanding, immensely talented, genius, natural leader or claim to be one; but an individual who is in pursuit of becoming a better human, son, student, professional day by day. A man...
2 Pages 753 Words

Passion for Engineering

The aspect I admire most about engineering is its problem-solving approach which combines physics and mathematics to face problems of increasing complexity. Engineering is both used to solve human problems as well as satisfy human curiosity. A great example is NASA’s rover Opportunity, which survived almost 15 years longer than expected against all odds. We can attribute opportunity’s success to the excellent engineering work done which enabled the rover to withstand the harsh conditions on Mars. For instance, its wheels...
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