Mathematics as a Major Academic Interest

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Mathematics can be extremely complex at times, yet I love the satisfaction of ending the problem with the correct answer. The joy of completing a particularly hard question, or the sudden realisation of a particular topic making perfect sense, makes the challenge and the hard work worth all the frustration and dedication put into it. Studying maths at A-level has been the most enjoyable and fulfilling part of my sixth form years, and the logic and reasoning required for the subject keeps me interested. In maths lessons when I was younger I used to look at difficult algebra and think how could anyone work that out, but now I complete more advanced questions with ease due to the commitment of learning how to do so. By studying mathematics to degree standard, I hope to find more problems that I have to learn the workings of, in order to be able to finally say I can answer that. In particular, I am looking forward to exploring more in the field of pure maths. Pure maths has always been my favourite, as it provides a sturdy foundation to all other math that follows. My success and fascination in mathematics has given me the motivation to continue with my studies in mathematics. I hope to expand upon the mathematical knowledge I have already learnt, by further developing the skills and even applying them to harder and more challenging questions. Besides the possible reward of a degree in such a gratifying subject, I will gain greater understanding for maths and bettering my application and techniques will be a great opportunity. Due to these extra skills, my future would be more diverse; from having the opportunity to be a Maths Teacher to being a financial manager or an assurance assistant.

Alongside Maths, I also study Accounting and Business at A Level which proves helpful as they are inter-connected and have allowed me to develop many transferable skills. The maths involved with accounting and business is more on the financial side which includes workings for depreciation and calculating profitability ratios. My maths skills, which I have learnt from my A Level studies, is apparent in both of my other subjects which proves how important mathematics is for different businesses, financial advisors, and in accountancy.

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As a part time job alongside college, I work in a cafe in my city centre. Part of my work role involves contact with members of the public and this has helped me enhance both my communication and problem-solving skills. Also, working with pricing and money, I have been able to develop my finance and money management abilities. I consider myself a determined and studious individual with well-developed analytical, language and numerical skills. In addition, by dealing with a busy schedule of studying, work, and a social life, I have acquired time management skills that will prove vital to me during my degree. Being punctual has always been an important quality of mine and I believe being time conscious is an imperative quality in day to day life as well as in the transition to university life. Moreover, my job has helped me to demonstrate my mathematic capability when working on the till or working out suitable percentage depreciations if needed.

Hopefully, a degree in mathematics will be a fantastic experience, and I eagerly look forward to the fresh challenges it will bring, as well as the wide range of career options it will bring such as being able to work in the lines of finance, banking or even as a quantitative analyst -the opportunities are vast. I believe maths to be the best of subjects and the one most beneficial to daily life. I keenly await the transition to university, and I am excited about studying mathematics at a higher level.

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