Significant Impact of Marcus High School Cheerleading on My Personal Growth

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As a senior looking back upon my four years apart of Marcus High School Cheerleading, I have grown immensely as a person. I have learned many qualities about myself, both positive and negative. This program has carved me into the person I am today and helped me to realize the person I ultimately strive to become. Throughout the years I have gained the insight of coping with stressful situations, managing my time wisely, faking it until you make it, and becoming a leader that all can depend on.

It is hard to believe I am approaching the end of my senior year in high school. Just yesterday I stumbled through the doors of the tryout room with fear instilled on my face not knowing what challenges I would endure. Both excitement and stress rushing through my veins, I turned the long silver handle, that was cold with touch. While opening the door, I stepped foot into a room buzzing with silence— the creaking of the old worn-down court echoing throughout the gym. Before I could blink, tryouts were over and I was in fourth period where I would soon realize, I found my home. This was my first encounter of encompassing the saying “fake it until you make it” and keeping my calm in stressful situations. No experience is quite like tryouts— self-consciously going into a room where three sets of eyes follow every move, motion, and sound you make. My arms trembling, my voice shaky, and pure adrenaline pumping from head to toe, I completed my first tryouts as if it were something I do every day. This has shaped my timid, soft-spoken, nervous freshman self into a more confident, optimistic, and outgoing woman.

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Coming into the program my freshman year I was unsure of exactly what was expected of me and how cheerleading could shape me into the person I would become. Going from having hours of free time and no extracurricular commitments to transitioning into devoting my time to attend any events I could to show support to any organization apart of Marcus High School. Time management was a key factor in being successful. Learning to arrive early to every event and balance my social life is not an easy task. After four years of being in the program managing my time wisely has made me a punctual and responsible person that will continue to help me throughout life. I know when it is appropriate to spend time with friends and loved ones, and when I need to be serious and complete the tasks I have at hand.

Last, leadership has become a valuable personal trait I have acquired throughout my years of being a Marcus cheerleader. Filling the role has a captain has made the greatest impact of who I am today. Throughout the season, I face difficult situations where I have to evaluate and decided with my other captain, what is the best option that will benefit our team. Being a captain I have not only improved in becoming an admirable leader, but, I have also excelled in communication skills, responsibility, and portraying an image for those younger to look up to.

I would not be the person I am today without this program. Every year I grow more and more into the person I strive to be with the help of Marcus Cheer and all involved in it. Each lesson and attribute I have obtained through cheerleading reflects me as a person and I will always cherish the experiences I have taken from the program.

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