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Getting a Scholarship as a Great Opportunity to Follow My Passion for Math

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Currently I am a student at Diablo Valley College, and will continue to matriculate here until I am able to move on to a four-year university. My favorite subject is math. I’ve loved math since elementary school. In fact, I am considering mathematics as my chosen field. I am confident I will be successful in the future. I will focus and go the extra mile to be my best. One aspect of that success consists of the ability to reach out for assistance and instruction.

I know that asking for clarification and understanding from my professors is an essential part of a good education. I intend study assiduously for all of my classes. My desire is to be successful. Therefore, I’m determined to accomplish great work, no matter what my circumstances might be. Eventually, I will earn a math degree so I can become an expert in the field and have the ability to make an impact on others. I will also continue to work to improve my communication skills, and thus, increase my personal confidence.

I have continued to attain strong results in academics. For example, I earned an award for being the most improved math student in 11th grade. In addition, I have excelled in all my high school math classes, maintaining straight A’s in those classes. I have always had a passion for math, and I have been told by teachers that I have natural mathematical abilities. Ultimately, I was successful in high school with many A’s and a cumulative GPA of 3.7.

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However, I know that academic are not the entirety of a student’s life. Life requires an attitude of responsibility. I have cared for a neighbor’s child an average of three times a the last year. I also tutor my younger relatives with their math homework. My intention is to be a math tutor on campus to offset my living expenses. One other small contribution I make to a clean and healthy environment in my community is to recycle cans. But character consists, also, of understanding of the direction of your life.

That direction became clearer for me when I had a life-changing experience. I was in a Jet-ski accident. I fell off of the Jet-ski and was drowning. As you can probably imagine, it was quite a scary experience. I was forced to miss college for over a year to recover. Afterwards, my apartment and all of my belongings caught fire, making it impossible to pay for my education. So this is my goal, the education I have, and will seek. I really do want to go to college so that I can truly follow my passion of mathematics.

I am grateful for the opportunity to compete for your scholarship, and I am thankful you are making it possible for me to acquire a higher education. A scholarship would truly benefit me. I will work hard to make my patrons proud of their decision to invest in me. I know that all of my goals will remain dreams, and I intend to do all I can to attain those dream. Therefore, I will commit the time, attitude, and effort to make my educational life a success.

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