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My Study Plan for Studies in China at Tongji Studies University

Study Plan Academic Background: I have completed my B.Sc. (4 Years) in Civil Engineering from Uttara University, Bangladesh with an outstanding result (CGPA 3.97 in a scale of 4). I was a diligent and studious student among others during my undergraduate studies, very often involved in many curricular and co-curricular activities like Mechanics Olympiad, Drafting Contest, Bazar Master, Math Olympiad, Poster presentation and so on. In fact, I was up to the mark and honored in the top first list...
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Proper Air Conditioning in the University Common Room

Common room is like a type of shared lounge for people. In university, common room is as shared lounge for student to rest or study. Regular features for this kind of room include couches, table, chair and sometimes has television. Common room may be known as other name depends on the location and the purpose of the room but the characteristic is the same. As example, there is some mental hospital that had this type of room such as the...
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My Study Plan for Pusan National University

Study Plan My name is Md Robel Akand, a marketing graduate of Chonbuk National University. I am keen to start my Ph.D. at Pusan National University. After completing my study, I will go back to Bangladesh and try to find a faculty position. I will also try to contribute to boosting our trading facilities among different nations such as South Korea, Japan, China, Vietnam, and others. My background I was born in Narsingdi, one of the most industrialized cities in...
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Are Studying at UK Universities Worth What We Pay?

University education is an important part of becoming a successful adult, it is a vital component of human development throughout the world. It offers not only the required high-level skills for each field, but also the essential education for educators, doctors, nurses, civil servants, technicians, humanists, businessmen, researchers, social scientists, and a multitude of other personnel. It is these trained people who develop the capacities and analytical skills which drive local economies, promote civil society, teach children, lead successful governments,...
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My Study Plan for Master Studies at University

Study Plan for Master Studies First of all I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to write a few words about my desired program and my future prospects. I am Rimsha Nazir, a senior Chemistry student of University of Gujrat, Pakistan. I am braving my graduation in Inorganic Chemistry by the end of this June. Introduction of my Academic Background: I have gained sound background knowledge of Chemistry from my matriculation (Grade 9 & 10) with...
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My Study Plan in University to Get Master of Global Management Program

Study Plan This is Md Nafees Sadeq from Bangladesh, highly interested to study at your university in Master of global Management program and that’s why I would like to pen down my study plan here. I completed my Secondary education in 2006 with GPA 3.5 out of 5.0 and Higher Secondary level education in 2008 with GPA 3.20. Next I completed my Bachelor of Business Administration program in 2014 from University of Asia Pacific with CGPA 2.84 out of 4.0....
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University Students Surrounded by Stress

Mostly everybody on the planet has or will experience stress at some time in their life. Driving to the grocery store, going to work, or transitioning from high school to university, stress is now finding new ways to surprise people every day. With this mounting stress that comes with a fast, technologically-advanced society, skills are needed to mitigate these effects, restore balance, and minimize future encounters with it. Starting university, which is undeniably a potent source of stress, can be...
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Alcohol Addiction Scenario among the Male Students of East-West University

The usage of substances is pretty common from the past till now. However, the alcohol use is quite popular among the young male students of East-West University (EWU). Moreover, students of different socioeconomic background have different preferences of the types of alcohol. However, the amount alcohol consumption varies from man to man in accordance with the mental state. As well as different people have different causes of taking alcohol, but almost all of the alcohol addicts face numerous consequences. As...
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Stress and Its Impact on University Students

University is a drastic change for many students to handle. It is similar to being thrown into a new world and having to learn a new culture, which can be overwhelming. University students are often subjected to mass amounts of stress, impacting their mental and physical health. Stress can come from a student’s inability to: develop adequate coping skills, maintain a healthy sleeping schedule, and find a balance between social, vocational, and educational commitments. To reduce stress, students inevitably develop...
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Stress among University Students

“Stress can be regarded as any internal or external factor, which makes adaption to environment difficult” (Pourrajab, Rabbani & Kasmaienezhadfard, 2014). Among the most affected by high levels of stress are university students. University is one of the most important parts in a student’s life and also one of the most memorable ones. It is the final preparatory step of students before reaching adulthood therefore it is accompanied with difficult tasks and duties, important to make them more capable in...
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Friendship of University Students: Qualitative Account Essay

Previous research within this field have found discrepancies on what factors are truly important to university friendships. They have found proximity appears to be the most consistent factor contributing to friendships forming, however, in regard to emotional support and depth within friendships there has been inconsistent findings. The purpose of this study is to identify the key, important components of friendship among university students through thematic analysis of two semi-structured interviews. Analysis suggests that the ability to express your true...
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Effects of Social Stigma on University Students

What exactly are the right characteristics, that one must have, in order for society to approve of them? Who is responsible for approving the wanted characteristics for the most part of their lives, when the youth struggle for individuality? Doing this, results in them subconsciously conforming to the social norms, set by pre-existing values and standards of society. Émile Durkheim was the first to explore stigma as a social factor in 1895. He and Ervin Goffman described people, who do...
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Analytical Essay on Title IX: Quinnipiac University Case Study

Quinnipiac University is a suburban private university located in Hamden, Connecticut. The university is well-known for its degrees in the undergraduate, graduate, and professional levels. The institution has captured national attention over its student journalism with the universities’ control over student publications and students’ speech in 2007 and 2008 along with two Title IX cases that occurred in 2010 and 2016.These case studies will focus on Title IX issues that violated several acts including specific details that lead up to...
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The Main Reasons to Study Psychology Degree

The thing I love most about psychology is how much of an impact it has on our daily lives. This love truly came to fruition during my undergraduate course at Sunderland University. Learning the various ways psychological research can be applied to improve our lives was fascinating and graduating with first-class honours remains one of the proudest moments of my life. I chose to apply to Sunderland University due to my previous experience here as part of my undergraduate course....
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Opinion: Gun Violence, Campus Carry, and Solutions

After I formulated a thesis for this paper, there were two shootings within twenty four hours of each other. Previously, I was supportive of the gun ban, but now I am sure that banning firearms would not solve the true issues at the root of this pandemic. The Dallas and Dayton shootings spurred a fresh wave of conversation amonsgt my friends and I, and it allowed my perception to shift, oddly enough, towards an opposing perspective. Previously, my opinion was...
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Stoicism and Epicureanism as the Foundation of Modern University Education

Today, many people think that the way of study in the universities is quite different now from the idea that uses in, for example, epicurean or stoics schools. I believe that the background of today’s education was laid definitely at the time of Ancient Greece. Epicurus divides philosophy into three interconnected parts — canonic (theory of knowledge), physic (theory of nature), and ethic, while ethics is of paramount importance for the Epicurus. That is why we can say that epicureanism...
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Reflection on My University Years: Opinion Essay

I am writing to express my desire to pursue the programme Masters in International Management for the winter semester. I have completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce from T.M Jacob Memorial Government College, Kerala, INDIA. During my university years, I have always strived to have an impressive academic performance and scored 8.19 CCPA out of 10. At all times I have considered that academic knowledge alone would never make me complete. Therefore, I took part in various extra-curricular activities while...
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The Issue of University Fees in Australia

Within the next year, a majority of the people in this room will already owe roughly $20,300 in debt, a debt that will take roughly 9 years to pay off. How in the world can an eighteen-year-old accumulate this much in debt, you may ask? Well, the answer is – university fees. This debt, along with the cost of living increasing more and more by the minute, has left us young people option less in regards to our futures, having...
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Effects of University Relationships on Students

University education is an important milestone in the life of a person who has had the privilege of going through one. The purpose of university education is to train the mind to learn to think and develop virtues that will prepare you for life. University education is essentially the last step a person takes before venturing into their prospective careers. University education gives a person the necessary skills and knowledge so that he/she will be ready for employment or self-employment...
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Reflective Essay on Experience of My Study at University

My name is Tolagay. I am a student and study at EKSTU. I study in the faculty of Information Technologies.I will finish my studies in four years. I will be a certified computer science engineer, that is, a computer specialist. In addition, it is promising. I hope to find an interesting and well-paid job in the future. My university is a large and old university. It was founded in 1958. More than 12,000 full-time, part-time and evening students study at...
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Investigating Learning Challenges Faced by Students in Higher Education

Learning challenges faced by students in higher education is seen as a significant issue according to Chan Yuen Fook. The study indicates that undergraduates, postgraduates and instructors take a qualitative approach to gather information on the challenges faced in university. This paper summarizes the key challenges that students come across during their studies. Interviews, questionnaires and document analysis used to try to understand the key challenges faced. These challenges consisted of cognitive challenge, becoming an active learner, coping with reading...
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Personal Statement: My Goal to Study at Teachers College Columbia University

In this age of globalization and technological advancement, it is essential that every professional has a refined and a broad international stance. Teachers College Columbia University is a college that boasts of an outstanding cultural and educational atmosphere. For this reason, I hope to advance my food and nutrition knowledge and career in TC Nutrition Education program. I also want to learn from its outstanding educational and research facilities. Graduating from TC with a master’s degree in Nutrition Education is...
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Higher Education Is Overrated: Arguments For And Against

Introduction: So, most of you are thinking about applying to university after high school graduation. But have you ever thought about “Is it really worth this?” or “Do I really need to go to university?” I don’t think so. Actually, in my opinion, large amount of high-school students have thoughts in completely opposite way, like “I must go to university to have a highly paid job”. And these thoughts are wrong and bad for them, because it puts a lot...
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Comparative Analysis of Education in the Universities of the USA and Kazakhstan

Ivy League colleges are considering the most respected of all universities in the United States. These universities stand mainly placed in the Northeastern share of the country. Eight schools are considering the Ivy League. These colleges are Brown, Harvard, Cornell, Princeton, Dartmouth, Yale and Columbia universities the University of Pennsylvania. Of all higher education institutions, these elite schools are considering the greatest outstanding and popular in terms of admission and graduation. However, to date this League comprises eight universities that...
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Main Factors Affecting the Quality and Provision of Higher Education Services to Students

Education entails the process that instils skills, knowledge, and production capabilities in the labour force, and it is an important component which influences the pace and character of social, economic development of a nation. UNESCO (2005) stipulated that the educational status of individuals in a country tends to be a key indicator of its level of development. Globally, the provision of education is a basic human right. Additionally, education is globally considered as a form of investment in human capital...
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Reflective Essay on the Importance of University Education

Information is the oil of the 21st century, and analytics is the combustion engine” By Peter Sondergaard About Me My name is Muhammad Awais and I am empathic student. I was born and brought up in Lahore which is the capital of the province Punjab, Pakistan. I belong to a modest family. My father is my hero as my grandfather was not literate so after finishing Matric my father started a job and besides job he continue his studies as...
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Reflection on the Rest Zones inside My University: Opinion Essay

It is necessary to have rest zones in each educational institution, isn’t it? But is rest zones really consistent with its name in many universities of our country? The second year I am watching students of my university who can’t spend their leisure time between classes with pleasure. Nearly every day I have this problem too. Usually it happens when I wait for my classes for a long time. I am tired. I can have a rest only on the...
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Admission to North South University as a Step Forward to My Cherished Dream

Every human has some dreams, he or she wants to lead life by fulfilling his or her dreams. But somebody’s dreams come true, but some dreams never come true. Of course, all the dreams of all are not fulfilled. Some dreams become nightmares in human life. I had a dream to enroll in medical college. My aim in life was to become a doctor. But after taking part in the medical college admission test and failing to get the marks...
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Essay on Value of Education

The United State of America does not have free education for students, at least at the higher levels. Due to increasing levels of student debt, people are now suggesting that college education should be free. Free education would mean that the government would provide the funds for any student to attend college without concern of debt. This also means more taxes as well as shifting their funds. Although some people think college should be free, it is clear that it...
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Reasons Why the National University Can Be Proud of Me

I can make the National University proud of me after finishing my degree by letting them know that their vision and mission for students like me were effective. Their mission for students is to mold them into ethical, spiritual, and responsible citizens. Letting the NU community know as a graduate, I am already an ethical, spiritual, and responsible citizen. Another thing that I can make the National University proud of me after finishing my degree in college is by letting...
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