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Low Proficiency In English Language As The Most Significant Barrier For Foreign Students

Language has profound effects on how a person perceives and process a piece of information. For learning purpose, it is indispensable to have the proper knowledge of the language in which one is pursuing a degree. Association of International Student Assimilation (AISA report, 2014) reported that most of the international students show poor academic results and low proficiency in English language is thought to be the biggest reason of their poor academic performance. It is considered that the international students...
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Academic Challenges Faced by Masters Students in Their Research: Analytical Essay

Abstract: Research is the systematic investigation into and study of materials and sources in order to establish facts and reach new conclusions. Our research is used to find out the problems faced by MUET students. Once their problems are identified, we can find ways and means to solve those problems as much as possible. Thus the students as primary group will be benefitted from the result of this study .our research comprises 13 students of different departments most of them...
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Social Psychology Summary on Students' Impulse Buying during Their Spring Break

The aim of this academic paper was to investigate students who shopped during their spring break, and how their impulse buying linked to their cognitive dissonance. In this paper the investigators used quantitate analysis of the levels of impulsiveness and cognitive dissonance in college students who participated in shopping trips whilst on their spring break. The investigators used students from a variety of different groups and backgrounds to get a more representative sample population. This included using different ethnic groups,...
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Reasons for Stress in Students in College Life: Analytical Essay

College life is not at all a bed of roses as many students tend to think even though it is a step forward to achieving their life goals. Many a student have a feeling that once they begin college, they are going to experience their greatest moments of life. They tend to think that college life will be fun, with new acquired freedom, meeting new friends with culture diversity, and new social life. But that is not entirely true as...
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The Effects Of Online Video Games Among The Students Of AMA Computer College

Playing is important because it is how people nowadays specially youths of todays’ generation to find leisure. According to the Anthropological studies done by Gosso, playing is a way for human to learn their world and culture. Through playing, youths do not learn only future adult skill but also gender identification courage, trust among friend and cooperation (Gosso 2005). Groos and Piaget say that humans use play to prepare their adult life (Groos 1908; Piaget & Inhelder 1969). Hall also...
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Effects Of Postures And Lower Limbs Fatigue Induced On Volleyball Digging Accuracy In Male University Players

Introduction Motor skill relies on the function of a human’s brain, bones, joints and nervous system. According to the familiarity of humans, we can perform a different degree of fine motor skills with higher agility. In volleyball, one of the basic skills is digging and it is widely used in competition. Players’ skills will make an influence on the game a lot and the movements of them is having great importance. (Sozen, 2012) In a game, there is at most...
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The Impact of Identity Cards on Student Life in Higher Education

There is plenty of research undertaken on the subject of public surveillance and that within the British education system. Lyon’s theory of the ‘card cartel’ focuses on the fundamental changes it creates for the definitions of ‘citizen’ and ‘state’ as well as the relationship between these two concepts. He uses Marxist theory to argue that identification gives the bourgeoisie, the middle- and upper-classes, power over the proletariat, the working class (2009). Using the example of a passport, he argues identification...
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How to Manage Your Money as a Student? Essay

As students, you are already having a few adult responsibilities. One of such is budget planning and management. A large percentage of students will not be living with their parents but are living alone or with a roommate or with roommates. How then can you ensure that you properly manage your finances? That is actually the whole essence of this conversation. Whether you are from the upper-class, lower-class or middle-class, we all need money management skills. In order not to...
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Should Students Get Limited Access to the Internet? Essay

Nowadays, with every passing day the Internet has become more essential for daily life activities. To get instant information or for any transaction’s the Internet became very useful and necessary. For students, the Internet has become more important because with the help of the Internet they will get their tasks done. However, a vital factor in every habit comes with some good and bad effects for the people who are habituated to it. Students are using the Internet so much...
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Essay on the Impact of Smartphones on Students

On every street and on every corner you can see people focused on their phones. Because you can use it anytime, anywhere, the use of phones has skyrocketed as technology has improved. Speaking about the field of education and the impact of smartphones on students, it should be noted that this technical achievement has both advantages and disadvantages. This essay is devoted to this topic. For education, smartphones help students to learn information and have access to educational videos and...
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Essay on Adapting to Live in a New Country on the Example of International Students

Nowadays people must face the reality of globalization and its effect on their lives. It brings about phenomena such as the cross-cultural adaptation, which in other words would be the adaptation between cultures and people who are living abroad. There are many reasons why people choose to move to another country, but the one that it is going to be treated here is study. According to United Nations (2016), there were 244 million of people worldwide living in a foreign...
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Student Council Application Essay

As most of you know my name is Clark Kien Landau and today, I want to tell you something about me that you might not know. I`m not really student council material (though you guys already know this) but I want to help the school become a better place and enhance my skills and that`s why I decided to run for the student council secretary. From the time I was three years old or four maybe, I’ve learned to write....
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NCAA Student Athletes Being Paid

As the finish of highschool approaches, some student-athletes have the choice to play a sport within the NCAA. One question they will raise themselves would be, “Is it worthwhile to play a sport in college?”, considering all the time place into the game whereas having to take care of sensible grades and receive no pay. you’ve got to be a really arduous working man to be a NCAA school contestant because it is largely a regular job going between the...
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Student Athletes vs. Non-Athlete Student

Many people wonder how a 2.5 or lower GPA student athlete gets a full scholarship to college, while a 4.0 GPA student struggles to pay their tuition. Are all student athletes have a 2.5? Student athletes does not always have a 2.5 or lower but when they do have a low GPA they still manage to get a full scholarship and this is because student athletes have chance to help whatever college they go to. The thing is colleges look...
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Multitasking’s Role In The Learning Of Young Students

In this modern time in history, multitasking as many tasks as possible within a set time frame has become a necessary trait to be more efficient. Through the influence of technology, many believe multitasking is enhancing valuable skills that help with effective learning. However, in reality, multitasking is destructive to young students. Multitasking dilutes a person’s focus whilst trying to complete tasks simultaneously. This results in lower quality and greater time taken to complete all the tasks, making multitasking inefficient....
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Students Struggles With Work Ethic Due To Stress

Work ethic can be defined as the principle that hard work is intrinsically virtuous or worthy of reward. To have a good work ethic means to have a drive or desire to accomplish a goal. Stress in students can cause the development of poor work ethic as well as impactics students emotionally, physically and in some cases financially. The load of school work which students are given and how that student is able to handle it varies from student to...
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The Factors Of The Fear To Fail Among Students

“Regardless of age, ethnicity, academic background, educational goals, or the path to college, students reveal tremendous anxiety about their educational trajectories and ability to succeed in college” (Cox 20). Change in life can be scary, but it is something that everyone must face at a certain point. The transition from high school to college is a drastic change that brings forth more challenges but also more opportunities as well. Author Rebecca D. Cox highlights these points in her book titled...
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The Effects Of Failure On Students

“There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.’ — Paulo Coelho -. Student failure: is a process where a student slides farther and further behind his colleagues, and progressively goes away from the educational system. So what result from failure on a student? The final consequence of unsuccessful academic life is dropping out before finishing the study or finishing it with a low grade. Falling marks typically are results of emotional and...
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How Sleep Deprivation Affects Student’s Life

When it comes to school, especially college, every student has their own problems. Stress, living costs, food, etc. are always in the back of their minds. If we talk about the topic of college, culture, and health, there is no way that we can ignore the most common issue that all of the students have; it is sleep deprivation or the lack of sleep. Sleep deprivation happens to everyone and at the ages of teens or older. However, sleep deprivation...
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Altruistic Behavior and Life Values of Junior High School Students

Altruism is one aspect of what social psychologists refer to as prosocial behavior. It’s the principle and moral practice of an individual that concerns for happiness of other human beings or animals. It can be distinguished from feelings of loyalty but it doesn’t consider as relationships. The Field of Prosocial Behavior The prosocial behavior has been identified through series of experiment and based on the study; one of the great factors that affect pro-social behavior can be between genes and...
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Personal Goals From Teacher And Students' Points Of View

From a teacher’s perspective, one of the single and probably most fundamental goals is to so equip students with an arsenal of skill to develop strategic methodologies to solve problems, to irritate the thought process through discussion relating to teaching and learning as well as to uphold and encourage teaching that will alleviate hurdles to the learning process and hope to contribute to shaping student to become productive members of a developing and changing society. Nonetheless, from the student point...
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Student Council Essay

For the past few years, I have been involved in Student Council as the class treasurer, in Boy Scouts as the Patrol Leader, in an extracurricular speech club as a team captain, and in tennis as a captain. Being on Student Council has greatly improved my presentation and leadership skills. Speaking to a group of over 50 peers and superiors on a weekly basis have made me a more proficient and concise public speaker. In addition, my experience in Student...
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Perception Of The Students Towards Their Classmates Close To Their Teacher

INTRODUCTION A.Background of the Study Each individual has their own implicit and explicit opinions towards any certain issue. These perceptions sort out from the positive and negative things. This is not just the concern of the student itself but it has something to do with the teacher also. There are advantage and disadvantage that came out from this kind of relationship. Teacher- student relationship can have a significant effect on the peer acceptance of the students. Teachers interactions with students...
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Why I Want to Run for Student Council: Essay

Good morning everyone. How are you? My name is Pradyumn Jha and I stand before you today as a candidate for a position as your Student Council representative. I assure you I will work hard on your behalf, listen to your ideas and do everything in my power to make this school the best that it can be. I believe that with your cooperation and collaboration we together can create an environment that focuses on our common goals. Why me...
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Essay on Student Ambassador

Am writing to express my interest to acquire a position as a Student Ambassador at your organization following the advertisement on your website on November 9, 2018. After joining the university in the year 2016, I have been able to acquire significant experience in both learning and university experience. The experience has shaped me to become a hardworking individual with excellent communication skills. Strong communication skills will enable me to share exposure with other students during the admission process effectively....
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College Tuition And Financial Aid For Students

As the consultant to evaluate the best course of action to improve college enrollment, I will analyze the validity of the Admissions Director, for a President of liberal arts and college. I will also review the pattern and results of other colleges that have modified their tuition assistance and financial aid. According to Brickley, Smith and Zimmerman, (2016), there was a college that lowered their tuition fee by 22% which resulted in a decline in students’ enrollments (pg. 138). In...
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Students And Control

No rules, no homework, no curriculum: is this an ideal learning environment or a detrimental one? Students often find school boring or unnecessary, especially when learning about topics that don’t interest them. When students are taught subjects which they enjoy, they’re more engaged, and more eager to learn. In order for students to receive the rich benefits of true learning, teachers should allow students to have more influence over their education. One way teachers could do this, is to set...
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University Students’ Understandings Of And Attitudes Towards Human Rights

Due to the subjective nature of the topic, there will be a plethora of student perspectives towards human rights. Each individuals life experience will shift and alter how they determine their attitudes towards the subject as will the research methodology used. Human rights are ever-present within society and can be presented in many different ways. Social work is one field in which human rights play a very crucial role. Students who study social work will be able to further develop...
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Should Student Athletes Be Paid?

While college football and basketball make billions of dollars every year, none of it goes to the people who generate this money – the players. Added on to their regular schoolwork, hard enough for many students, players must dedicate their life to the sport. This raises one of the most discussed question in college sports – should student athletes be paid? There are two sides to this argument, both with different points. Zion Williamson, one victim to the NCAA’s robbery...
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How Can A Student Avoid Procrastinating?

Procrastinating is delaying, postponing, and deferring. It is the bane of every student’s existence. Student’s know what they should be doing; they just don’t want to do it. It easy to put off undesirable assignment until the very last minute. However, it is of immense important for students to take some steps to avoid maintaining and sustaining this attitude, as it is often quite harmful for their future. (Anderson, 2019) The habit of procrastination develops when student think there is...
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