How Can A Student Avoid Procrastinating?

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Procrastinating is delaying, postponing, and deferring. It is the bane of every student’s existence. Student’s know what they should be doing; they just don’t want to do it. It easy to put off undesirable assignment until the very last minute. However, it is of immense important for students to take some steps to avoid maintaining and sustaining this attitude, as it is often quite harmful for their future. (Anderson, 2019)

The habit of procrastination develops when student think there is nothing wrong in leaving jobs until the last minute. It may be because students lack the motivation required to complete a task. To overcome this issue, student need to change their attitude. Student need to set a limit for completing a task like setting deadlines and finishing the task within the specified time. (Anderson, 2019)

Next, stop postponing things by creating a list of tasks in the order of priority and follow it. Things won’t get forgotten, and student won’t blame themselves. Learn managing time and completing goals. Write down the most important tasks. The main reason for creating a list is not to delay things. Stop looking for excuses. (Collins, 2017)

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After that, when achieving goals, treat yourself to something pleasant. Don’t confuse completed assignments and the ones that are still in progress. Any reward, whether it is a ticket to a cinema, a big portion of ice-cream, or a favorite video game is a motivation to finish what has been started. This makes your brain elicit positive emotions, leading to a realization that your efforts brought the desired result. This will stimulate you to repeat it and experience pride again. (Collins, 2017)

Another way to start doing assignments instead of procrastinating is joining a study group and getting motivated by other students. Studying alone in a room can feel boring, but when many students are working on tasks, it is effective. You can ask for help and assist other students, which feels rewarding. Group study has other benefits like learning faster, improving your attention, memory, getting new perspectives due to various opinions, as well as getting a feeling of being in “the real world” where you have to communicate and respect other’s views. Such a practice prepares for adult life. (Collins, 2017)

In my conclusion, procrastinating is harmful for student future and must be avoid. Once student become less of a procrastinator and more of a proactive person, tasks won’t seem so daunting. Student will feel more in control, they will have more free time, and they will inspire others along the way.


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