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Picture this: I’ll get homework on a Friday, maybe some maths questions and a practice essay for English, doable, right? I won’t do it that Friday night because well plain and simple, I don’t want to. The next morning I’ll wake up and spend the whole Saturday doing things and ...

by the time I sit down it’s 6 pm and well it’s too late now so I push it to Sunday. Bad decision, fast forward to 10 pm Sunday, and I’m stuck on the thesis of my essay, so I automatically go into panic mode and I am instantly filled with feelings of regret and anger towards myself. I begin to hope that the teacher for some miraculous reason won’t collect them the next day and ill be fine, from experience this is never the case. This is what I like to call the art of procrastination.

An example. In the 5 weeks that I had to write this speech, I thought it smart to leave it until the last minute and write it 3 days before it was due placing immense stress on myself to get it done and have it memorized on time. Why ? because I’m really good at procrastinating, id even go as far as to say it’s one of my skills.

Procrastination is the action of delaying or postponing something, in other words baking a batch of cookies and binging a whole season of a show on Netflix all instead of writing that essay that’s due in 2 days simply because you believe you’ll get it done on time, spoiler alert, you probably won’t. The word procrastinate literally comes from the Latin word procrastinare, which directly translates to ‘put off until tomorrow.’ On very rare occasions I’ll start the assignment early or I’ll leave the assignment till the day before and stay up all night finishing it only to be filled with an instant feeling of regret asking myself why I hadn’t just used my time wisely.

We can look at procrastinating like this, our brain is divided into 2 characters, our future self, and our present self. We make goals for our future selves like learning a new language, starting that health kick, or finishing that book so we, therefore, get excited over long-term rewards, but when it comes down to it, our present self is the one that actually has to take the action so we can eventually get there. So because our present self wants instant rewards and our future self wants long-term rewards they don’t really blend well together. In a realistic scenario, the future self wants to go to the gym, whereas the present self wants to lay in bed and eat a Krispy Kreme donut. Or we’ll give our present self rewards that they don’t really deserve, for example thinking that because you’ve opened a new google document and written the title of your essay, you deserve a break to go on your phone for 2 hours.

Although there are many reasons why we procrastinate the main ones are a lack of time management, lack of desire, and lack of motivation. Someone like me, with horrible time management skills, often starts never-ending cycles of planning to do things, putting them off then instead spending hours scrolling through Tik Tok only to realize that it’s too late so I push it to tomorrow. It’s difficult to manage your time, and if you’re one of those strange people who can, then I’m jealous, but we need to learn how to because it’s the key to getting things done and getting them done effectively.

Another reason we often push things to do later is that we have formulated the idea that we need to be in a so-called ‘mood’ to complete mandatory things, which is why we often don’t do things since that ‘mood’ doesn’t show. As well as this, a lack of desire is what most commonly causes us to not do things because we may just simply not feel like doing it. This is understandable because I feel like everyone would rather spend their weekend outside having fun with their friends rather than writing their speech, unless they started it early and were smart, unlike me. Lastly, a lack of interest in the topic could cause you to procrastinate reading into it, which is often a situation I find myself falling into, because I mean, who really wants to write an essay on To Kill a Mockingbird? Even though this may be the case sometimes we are required to do things that we don’t particularly want to do despite how boring or mundane the subject is.

Mainly it’s just that huge tasks overwhelm us. We know that the task will be too big and time-consuming, so we push it to the back of our minds. There are three main ways to solve this problem. One is to break the time you spend on the assignment into small increments, for example, here is a possible schedule for a student who is told on February 1 that he has to hand in a scientific OEI paper by May 1: From February 1st to March 1st, we can think about the paper. From March 2nd to April 1st, we can think about it some more. Then April 30, the day before it’s due, we can pull an all-nighter, including all the research and writing.

Solution number 2, in my opinion, a much simpler alternative, is to just forget about doing the paper then shortly before it’s due go on one of those very trustworthy websites like to find a very original essay. Or if all else fails, you could always just drop out of school, I mean Bill Gates did and I’d say he’s doing pretty good for himself, but he did drop out of Harvard so I think he had to be just a bit smart to get in, so I don’t really recommend option number 3.

Yes, procrastinators put off doing work, and at times just staring at the wall for up to 30 mins that do not mean they are lazy. There is a stark difference between laziness and procrastination. Lazy people choose not to do anything and are fine with it, procrastinators are aware that they have things to get done but simply do not have the motivation to get started with them. Although we often look at procrastination as being a bad thing, because of the overwhelming stress it puts on us, I happen to think that it’s actually a good thing.

I mean we have to start that assignment at one point or another, and yes it would’ve been smart to start it earlier but weirdly I find there’s something thrilling about starting it at the last minute, there’s almost a sudden rush of adrenaline because the pressure of having to do it finally builds up and that’s when all the ideas start to come and you end up working better in an emergency than what you would have done if you had started earlier. I like to justify my actions by simply reassuring myself that I will work faster and more efficiently if I wait till the last minute, which is sort of a fancy way of saying I don’t want to do it now so I’ll do it later.

After all, a quote that sums up my point perfectly is “Never put off till tomorrow what may be done daily.” I’ll have to look into who said that but not today though, I’ll do it tomorrow, or maybe next week.       

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Strategic Approach To Atychiphobia

Understand, accept, realize, and dwell with the fact that failure is not fatal. There is a way to correct most of the mistakes we make, and most of them have a second chance you can use to right your wrongs, so you don’t have to fear failure. Each time you try and fail, you’re left with the wisdom to learn from your mistakes, which gives you a step ahead of those who never tried. Nevertheless, never start a task with...
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How The Internal Activities Of The Brain Cause Individuals To Procrastinate

Background The question above is focusing on the study of the way our brains function that allows us to procrastinate causing us to postpone tasks that we have to get done and instead focusing on more satisfying activities. When we procrastinate we allow our bodies to focus on activities where our brains produce high amounts of dopamine. Procrastination isn’t just a lack of self-motivation and laziness but it’s mainly due to the internal activities your brain processes. There are several...
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Procrastination: Ways To Avoid Negative Effects

Abstract Procrastination is a universal issue among scholars that hinders their academic performance. Many have wondered if it is possible to completely avoid procrastination. It is virtually not possible because everyone procrastinates at some point in time. However, you can reduce how much of it is done. By rewarding yourself or receiving rewards and clarifying your goals, it can be reduced significantly. We are conducting an experiment of three groups of college students from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette...
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Informative Essay about Procrastination

Defined as unnecessarily delaying tasks that need to be completed, procrastination has been seen as an impediment to academic performance as it decreases the quality of learning while aggravating levels of stress and negatively affecting the lives of students. The contemporary challenge of procrastination and the lack of motivation faced by university students are often understood as wicked problems adversely impacting study habits. According to Jafari, Aghaei, and Khatony (2019), study habits are the most valuable predictor of academic performance,...
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The Fabulousness Of Structured Procrastination: Arguments For

Pro-Procrastination As always, there is an Absolutely Crucial task that you must complete. That task always fills you with utter dread. Anything but that Crucial, Crucial Work. Here I propose a step that resists the flood of normality: Do not start on that task. Let procrastination take hold. Whilst you skip the Crucial Work, Re-examine your Register of Work. No matter what there’s always something to do, whether it’s crucial or not, and you always need to get those tasks...
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The Pomodoro Technique In Time Management And Procrastination

Pomodoro Technique The Pomodoro Technique is a method that is designed to help with time management and procrastination. As modern life increases, more stress tends to build in every person’s life. As human beings, we tend to procrastinate from doing a task, because of many other distractions. The Pomodoro Technique keeps you focused on any task by eliminating all distractions for a certain time limit. (Young, 2019) This technique has been proven to help almost anyone that has trouble with...
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Findings In Academic Procrastination VS Personalities

Procrastination exists almost as long as humanity exists, which makes me wonder which characteristics in human that contribute to this long-lasting incurable ‘disease’. Based on my self-exploration and conversation with friends, I assumed there were two categories of reasons behind this symptom: personalities and tasks. Like the clear distinctions between the personalities of morning birds and night owls, there is a solid line between high procrastinators and others. People are more likely to find similarities in a group of people....
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Argumentative Essay on Procrastination

I am studying master at Electric Power Engineering Program in the second semester now. I am used to delays in my task including study and others household activities that are needed to complete on time. When someone ignores a task or delays completing it on time is called procrastination. Further, it can be said that when someone avoids doing the more important task and leave them for the future is called procrastination. It’s a common problem of human life which...
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Science Behind Procrastination

Have you ever promised yourself that you won’t procrastinate? That you will finish your home works and projects as soon as possible, but you always end up scrolling down on social media and lying down in your bed. You said that you will start reviewing for the exam ahead of time but you then end up with reviewing the night before the exam. This kind of situation makes you stressed and pressured, and it affects your health. So you can...
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A Literature Review Into Academic Procrastination Among University Students

Procrastination and college students seem to go hand in hand. At the beginning of a new semester, almost every student makes the goal of finishing academic work on time, doing their best, and aiming for good grades. In reality, most students put off their work until the very last minute (Feeney 2014). As stated by Student Procrastination (2014), despite this popular trend of delaying academic work, the majority of students regrets procrastinating later on. The main questions are: Why do...
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Essay on Procrastination

Essay Example #1 Procrastination is a behavior that can have far-reaching consequences, both in our personal and professional lives. It can lead to feelings of guilt and anxiety, while also limiting our ability to achieve our goals. But what causes procrastination and how can we overcome it? In this essay, I will explore the psychological and emotional factors driving procrastination, exploring strategies that can help us break the cycle of delay. I will examine the cost of procrastination and discuss...
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Self Regulation And Academic Procrastination

ACADEMIC PROCRASTINATION According to researchers Procrastination or suspending may be a inherent tendency of human bieng.This habit is ascertained in many of us.According to Milgram(1998) procrastination may be a activity feature,or defect that is nominative as delaying a task or call.It is our tendency to procrastinate in several cases and it’s expressed in an exceedingly style of conditions influenced by the culture.Academic procrastination is one in all the common style of procrastination.Academic procrastination may be outlined because the tendency prevailed...
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Behavior Modification on Procrastinating

As a first-generation college student my ultimate goal is succession within my education, in order to obtain an ultimate future that was unfortunately not accomplished by my family. Therefore, coming from this background holds a major impact in the way one conducts many tasks. However, as any student barriers are encountered, personally one has always been a self-driven individual throughout previous school years due the ambition to become a better version of myself. As a current sophomore, procrastination has recently...
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Positive And Negative Views On Procrastination

When someone struggles with procrastination but has strong perseverance to put forth the efforts they can chuck it forward and succeed! I also feel that it is still possible to have good writing even if one procrastinates until the last minute. It adds more stress and higher anxiety and I have firsthand experienced this but it is achievable. So to get the answer to these questions and accurately attain this, I have done the research and I truly believe that...
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A Different View On Procrastination

Procrastination if usually seen as a negative habit, but sometimes it can actually be beneficial. The Cambridge Dictionary defined procrastination as “To keep delaying something that must be done, often because it is unpleasant or boring” (Cambridge University Press 2019). Procrastination is considered a bad habit that we all do at some point, in fact I’m doing it right now while I’m writing this essay. Procrastination means leaving everything for the last moment, and although this can cause stress and...
1 Page 525 Words

The Psychological Factors That Influence Procrastinating Behaviours

Ancient Egyptians had two verbs which had the translation of procrastination. The two meanings denoted are: valuable habit of avoiding unnecessary work, or negative habits of laziness in finishing jobs or tasks (Ferrari et al 1995), which in simpler terms could be identified as passive and active procrastination. In this essay I will explore some identified factors which affect procrastinating behaviours such as self-efficacy, motivation and self-esteem. One factor that affects procrastinating behaviour is perception. Procrastination is most likely to...
3 Pages 1197 Words

How To Win The Battle Against Procrastination

Procrastination is an issue that confronts millions of people every day. While it may not be affirmed to be in the lives of every student, it is certainly prevalent in the lives of many. Procrastination, like many things, has a cause-and-effect mechanism. Luckily, there are resources on and off-campus. Some of these resources are simply available, and others were made to specifically cater to students. Procrastination is an issue that has different resources to assist in overcoming it, and different...
4 Pages 1647 Words

The Relationship Between Procrastination And Wellbeing

It might be hard to believe, but procrastination did not rise because of the Internet. It started during ancient civilizations where people have struggled with habitual hesitation. Around 800 B.C., the Greek Poet Hesiod wrote the following: “Do not put off your work until tomorrow and the day after. For the sluggish worker does not fill his barn, nor the one who puts off his work; industry aids work, but the man who puts off work always wrestles with disaster”....
3 Pages 1213 Words

How Is Wellbeing Influenced By Time Pressure, Appraisals, Work Engagement And Procrastination

Worker’s wellbeing is a crucial aspect of maintaining an organisations long-term efficiency. The main reason for deteriorating work performance amongst employees is typically due to stress. Stress has been defined as a psychological state that affects a person when they do not have the adequate resources or coping mechanisms to deal with a specific situation (Michie, 2002). Recently, employers have been held accountable for employee stress and therefore, many have developed procedures to help an individual adjust to stressful work...
3 Pages 1327 Words

Workplace Procrastination And Its Relation To Time Pressure

Procrastination is considered a business killer that had gone unnoticed until recently. Procrastination is defined as the deliberate act to postpone needlessly the necessary work that one aims to achieve regardless of expectedly negative consequences (Steel, 2007). Procrastination can take various forms from cleaning desks to using the Internet for non-related work. These seemingly harmless behaviors are found to cover a quarter of most employees’ working days and costing employers around 10,000 per employee annually (D’Abate & Eddy, 2007). Therefore,...
2 Pages 751 Words

Social Media And Procrastination

As of January 2019, around 42% of the world’s population uses social media actively, and it is predicted that this number increases by 13% every year (Kemp, 2018). Society nowadays is no stranger to social media. Social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook are prominent in this technology-saturated society due to it being a cost-free resource that enables individuals to stay connected through both long-distance and short-distance communication; creates an advantage in business marketing as advertisements reach a wider...
4 Pages 1915 Words

Faulty Scholar, Faulty School

Throughout a student’s academic career, the path they take to progress from youthful and yearning to wisened and learned will be one featuring many ups and downs. The student will experience anger and anguish, moments of brashness and boredom, spurs of claustrophobia and bouts of captivity – and those are only the alliterations. However, while many of these toils can be accredited to the student himself, such as procrastination or a lack of self-improvement, several others can often be inflicted...
5 Pages 2048 Words

The Relationship Of Self-Control To Procrastination

The general attitude towards procrastination is usually negative, and often viewed as a bad habit by society however, the idea of procrastination is not so shallow. Angela Chu and Jin Choi introduced the idea of Active Procrastination to the world in 2005 in an effort to encourage scientists to look deeper into procrastination and realize that there are differences between those who procrastinate passively and those who procrastinate in a calculated and purposeful way, (Chu & Choi, 2005). The idea...
4 Pages 1889 Words

Why Are Students Procrastinating?

Student age is an important period in a person’s life, during which a person determines his professional choice, acquires feelings of maturity and identity, plans for the future. Educational and professional achievements that firmly believe in themselves and their abilities for productive activities, and at the same time lay the foundation for successful self-realization in the future. However, a barrier to such achievements may be procrastination in which a person postpones other relevant issues and tasks that are most important...
2 Pages 943 Words

The Aspects Of Academic Procrastination

Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalytic theory of personality defined the pride principle because the habitual in search of of instantaneous delight (gratification) and heading off of ache (Snyder & Lopez, 2007). The reason for procrastionation behaviour can also, however, now not be this simple. Procrastination is an emotionally rooted, multifaceted construct (Abramowski, 2014), described via Scher and Osterman (2002, p. 385) as “a substantial hindrance to academic success”. Rothblum, Solomon and Rumakami (1986) described educational procrastination as the tendency to dispose of...
2 Pages 851 Words

The Hidden Benefits Of Procrastinating

I am a procrastinator myself, I have no doubt saying that you all are a procrastinator too. When I procrastinate, I tend to draw random stuff on all my homework, textbooks, and even my desk while I’m trying to finish my assignment. However, the most common way of me procrastinating is binging YouTube videos, then realize I’ve wasted an hour watching videos without doing or learning everything. I procrastinate on all my assignments and task on a daily basis. In...
1 Page 662 Words

Why Procrastination Is Considered To Be The Foundation Of All Disasters

Introduction Procrastination in time management is no stranger to the modern society. Statistics by Beswick, Rothblum & Mann, 1988; Gallagher, 1992; Rothblum, Solomon & Murakami, 1986 estimated that 40 percent to over 50 percent of students were procrastinating. ‘Procrastination arises from the Latin ‘pro,’ indicating ‘ahead, forward, either for,’ as well as ‘crastinus,’ meaning ‘future” (Klein, 1971). On that basis, procrastination actually means the postponement of a task by practice. ‘Postponing by itself is certainly not enough, since procrastination is...
4 Pages 1614 Words

Procrastination, Stress And Peer Influence Interrelation

The phrase “Time and tide wait for none” is very well known, and the future of an individual depends on the correct use of time, hence time should always be valued. But there are a few people who like to do things on its latest possible time and like to indulge in more pleasurable things than to complete the intended task in a scheduled manner, such people are known to be “Procrastinators”. Procrastinators are those people who like to procrastinate...
1 Page 453 Words

Fluctuating Power Of Challenge Stressors: Good And Bad Of Time Pressure On The Working Life

For a period of time, abundance of stress literature has attested to the negative influences of stress on employee’s behaviour and performance (Rodell & Judge, 2009; Stroud, 2008). They predominately concentrated on the causes of stress (noted as stressors) with the supposition that minimising them will improve physical and psychological well-being (Searle & Auton, 2015; Widmer et al., 2011). However, the nature of stress became obscure as multiple empirical studies displayed little or no direct association between stress and negative...
3 Pages 1181 Words

A Brief Intervention To Reduce Procrastination Among College Students

Research has revealed that the caused of procrastination are neglecting of doing particular task that has to be reminded, fear of failure and salience of the assignment. Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) conceptualizes these variables as indices of psychological inflexibility and provides a new as well as encouraging strategy to therapy by developing embracement of ideas even unacceptable ones. Moreover, having the potential to adapt whenever the situation is occurred. Furthermore, to have the ability to recognize the character and...
1 Page 529 Words
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