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Abortion: My Body, My Choice

Earlier this month, Alabama’s governor, Kay Ivey, signed into law the most restrictive abortion legislation in the United States. The legislation bans abortion in nearly all circumstances, including rape and incest; with the only exception to the ban being when a woman’s health is at serious risk. However, due to ongoing legal challenges, these bans have yet to be put into effect. It is imperative that women, men and civil rights groups continue to challenge this outrageous ban and to...
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Beauty Contest Setting up Non Achievable Beauty Standards In The Society

Beauty contests are the competitions that focus on the physical beauty of its contestants and are watched all over the world. It sets up the benchmark for beauty in the society. The most often watched contest is Miss World Competition. These contests have been accepted in most of the societies which lead to the emergence of many local, national and global contests. These contest do give self-belief to some and on the same time their self-esteem is being reduced by...
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What the Mind Can Conceive the Body Can Achieve

The complexity of mind body problem and its existence is difficult to interpret. Humans do exist and have both physical properties (height, weight, and etcetera) and mental properties such as beliefs, values, desires and etcetera. In his meditations, Descartes reaches to a conclusion that he exists because he is a ‘thinking thing.’ Later in his meditations, he takes the same idea forward to establish the mind-body dualism which contrasts the human mind with human body. The essay will brief the...
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Bad Effects of Alcohol on the Human Body

Alcohol is one of the most prevalently consumed resources in the world, used by thousands and thousands of human beings in the course of the United States on a normal basis. Alcohol consumption can have a pervasive influence on health and well-being and even light ingesting is associated with sure unfavorable effects. The greater alcohol a character consumes, the extra of an effect it has on their system. When one thinks about the effect that alcohol can have on a...
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Grey Wolf Organ System Vs the Human Organ System

The human body is the structure of the human being, and like the grey wolf it is composed of many different types of organ systems. Among all those organ systems the reproductive and respiratory system have very important roles. For example, the respiratory system is very important because it takes in carbon dioxide which converts into oxygen which helps us breath. The reproductive system role is to reproduce offspring and assure the survival of any species. The humans are considered...
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Video Games Effects on an Individual's Body

Video games have played a key part of entertainment in life for some people since October 1958. After then, people have remained ‘entertained’ even more so, that for a lot of individuals it has begun (or resumed) to seep into their everyday lives. Video games, in which nearly a third of the planet’s population plays, have started to affect people’s bodies and the way they function, in both good ways, and bad ways. In fact, they can improve vision-related senses/coordination,...
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Essay about Human Body

Would you believe me if I had told you that newborn babies actually have more bones than fully grown adults? Crazy, right? The human body and the many parts that make it up are extremely incredible. If one part or organ within the body fails it can also cause failure to many other parts within the body. Each part does what it needs, and works together with the other parts of the body to make a happy, healthy, human life....
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