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Human Anatomy Essays

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The Extent Of The Organisation Of The Human Body

A cell is the principal unit of a living organism. Even bacteria, which are very small, singly-living creatures, have a cellular structure. Each bacterium is a single cell. All living structures of human anatomy carry cells, and almost all functions of human physiology are executed in cells or are started by cells. A human cell mostly comprises workable membranes that surround cytoplasm, a water-based cellular fluid hand in hand with a difference of tiny working units called organelles. A tissue...
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Anatomy: The Relationships Within The Organ System Of The Human Body

Introduction Anatomy focuses on the study of the structures that makes up the human body. My understanding and mentality about the human body have intensified and upgraded my knowledge. However, as I continue with the academic report of anatomy. I will be reflecting on what I have learned and studied during my science topics. The structural organization of the human body There are five levels that comprise the structural organization of the human body. Cells, tissue, organs, organ systems, and...
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Human Anatomy: Largest Organ Of The Body

Anatomy is the study of structures of the body. Physiology is the study of the body’s functions. Several techniques people use to study anatomy are dissection (the process of cutting something open), utilizing microscopes to analyze the smaller aspects of anatomy (cells and tissue), and using radiological equipment to view the internal anatomy of living beings (ultrasound, CT, MRI). Techniques used in physiology consist of a variety of methods including electroencephalography (a monitoring method to record the electrical activity of...
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Difference Between Anatomy And Physiology

A lot of times, one word is thought to be the same as the other, when in actual sense, they are not. They may have bits of similarities, but when it comes to their basic definitions, their differences become quite obvious. Two of such words that we would be discussing in this piece are anatomy vs physiology. They are often used when describing the parts of a biological component like the human body. To show how these two words differ...
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Human Anatomy Learning Systems Using Augmented Reality

The development of Augmented Reality (AR) technology in this era of modernization has made a huge impact in the education field specifically in the anatomy learning system of human organs. AR in education enables those professionals to have a short learning process as it helps users to explore objects in real terms of anatomy. The main goal of AR in the education field is to give better exposure and experience to users regarding anatomy by using virtual elements without losing...
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Science As A Human Endeavour Investigation: Stem Cells For Skin Grafts

Skin makes up 16% of every human’s body weight, which makes skin the largest organ, therefore, the most vulnerable to our environment and actions. It monitors and controls the body’s thermoregulation. This is important as the body temperature needs to be maintained between an average of 37°C to 37.8°C, to be able to function at its full potential. Once the skin is damaged it not much loses this ability to be able to monitor the body’s thermoregulation Stem cells start...
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The Impacts Of Computer Science

Abstract The article analyzes the different research in looking at the ways Computer science has changed and still deals with our education and the different careers it impacts. It focuses on the numerous education provided throughout Indiana and what each degree provides in this field. It also talks about the various jobs this schooling can get you including the pros and cons of each job provides, and the way it affects jobs not under computer science. Additionally, it provides research...
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The Physiology Of Emotions

What are EMOTIONS? Emotions are basically a complex experience of consciousness and they are strong impulses that demand immediate action. There is various definition of emotions. Aristotle defined emotions as: “Emotions are the things on account of which the ones altered differ with respect to their judgments, and are accompanied by pleasure and pain: such are anger, pity, fear, and all similar emotions and their contraries.” Hippocrates said: “Brain is the center of emotions.” Components of emotion: There are basically...
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Positive And Negative Effects Sports Have On The Human Body

In 776 B.C. the Greeks had the first ever Olympic Games, the games included chariot racing, jumping and wrestling, among other sports. This was the first introduction of formal sports to the world. Almost three hundred years later and we are still playing these games and people have added many others along the way. And although some sports have come and gone, rules have been changed and generations have passed, one important part of sports has not changed, and that...
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Professional Sport, Health And Sports Law

Sport is not only healthy but has both legal and economic aspects. News from the world of professional sports almost always have a legal background, and even mass sports, sports within sports clubs and sports in schools are increasingly confronted with legal issues. Sport and legal regulation are reflected in the deep linkage, as the most important and essential element of sport is its legal regulation. This applies in particular to the competition rules as well as to other supporting...
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The Relation Between Sports And Health: Football In Egypt

Introduction Today progressively more individuals think about the need to take part in sport movement to have the option to lead a sound lifestyle. Everybody, particularly kids, in any case, by and large prefers sports it may hurt them in numerous ways. Kids can be effectively harmed and veered off from their considers. Be that as it may, kids adore going exterior and playing sports or recreations with their companions. On the off chance that we have a see at...
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Chemistry And Its Effects On The Health Of Humans

Chemistry plays a crucial role in keeping us healthy throughout our lifetime. Nowadays we ‘re living longer and healthier lives thanks to the large innovations primarily driven by the chemistry industry. The body luckily operates on its own due to the chemical reactions which are constantly occurring in our body, allowing for humans to only have the responsibility of sleeping and eating . Metabolic processing plants reuse the digestion products back into its simple building blocks, which then build our...
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The Role Of Chemicals To Human Structure And Function

Introduction In this research, it will discuss the role of chemicals to our human structure and function. It will be about the levels of chemical organization, chemical bonding, inorganic chemistry and organic chemistry. This research should be able you to define the terms atom, element, molecule, and compound. It will describe the structure of an atom, compare the contrast ionic and covalent types of chemical compounds bonding. It will let you distinguish between organic and inorganic chemical compounds. It will...
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The Peculiarities Of Human Anatomy And Genetics

Abstract This experiment was performed to determine the factors that influence the tas2r38 gene has on the PTC bitter taste receptor’s genotype was determined by electrophoresis using PCR and DNA extraction. The class data C allele frequency is slightly over 50% which matches with the map which shows similar frequency’s. Which suggests that there is a correlation between the SNPs and the bitter taster ability. Introduction The study of the variation in the ability to taste phenylthiocarbamide(PTC) was first discovered...
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Clinical Anatomy And Physiology Of Peripheral Nervous System

Introduction: Peripheral nerves lesions are common in clinical practice and can be caused by a wide variety of diseases like trauma, neoplasms, infections, metabolic disease and chemical toxins such as lead therefore it is of paramount importance for a physician to know the basic structure of peripheral nerves. The peripheral nervous system (PNS) is considered a relatively simple part of the nervous system, compared to the central nervous system (CNS). It is composed of afferent sensory fibers and of efferent...
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Smoking and Its Effect on Healthy Eyes

Introduction There are many lifestyle factors that can affect ocular health such as UV light, alcohol, diet, however smoking is one of the most important factors to control as it can lead to several eye problems. Most common eye problems associated with smoking include age related macular degeneration, cataracts, dry eye, optic neuritis, diabetic retinopathy and glaucoma. Effects of Smoking One problem that smoking can cause is dry eye which is when tears are not able to provide sufficient lubrication...
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Why Do Holistic Therapists Need To Study Anatomy And Physiology?

The above question is one that is often heard from students who simply wish to pursue their main subject of interest. To answer this let us first define what we mean by anatomy and physiology. Anatomy is the study of the structure and components of the human body. Physiology is the study of the processes which go on inside the living organism. Since a process is the method by which something is done, physiology is actually a study of how...
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Foundations In Human Anatomy & Physiology & Common Medical Condition

This essay is a cardiac case study for a patient ‘John Jones’ written for the bridging module of the Paramedic Science course. A case study aims to examine complex phenomena to increase understanding of them (Yin, 2003). With this in mind, this essay will explore the location, structure and function of the heart, describe the blood flow through the heart, and examine the complications when a disruption occurs in that blood flow. It will then analyze the risk factors associated...
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Anatomy Of The Adductor Group Muscles

Abstract Anatomy is a field concerned with description of the body structures of living things. Gross anatomy refers to the study of the body structures that are large enough to be examined without the assistance of magnifying devices (1), those structures are as the muscles of the body. One of the essential groups of these muscles is The Adductor Group Muscles, five muscles are responsible for the adduction of the thigh, although several have additional functions. This group is part...
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Review Of The Survivor: An Anatomy Of Life In The Death Camps

The book The Survivor: An Anatomy of Life in the Death Camps by Terrence Des Pres, tells the psychological story of those who lived in death camps, during the holocaust. Terrence Des Pres shows many literary depictions of how one survived through testimonials, other fictional work and scientific research. Des Pres discuss how being a survivor is similar yet different to those of martyrs or heroes, as a survivor has no choice in which way they die. To be a...
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How Smoking Kills Human Body

Smoking is a bad habit that is usually done to reduce stress and anxiety. It is believed by most people that nicotine—a drug inside tobacco can help calm frustration, stress, and anxiety. When in reality, plenty of researches had shown that smoking increases stress and other unwanted symptoms. In this era, aside from reducing stress, smoking is considered a somewhat cool thing to do—mostly by teenagers who wanted to look trendy and cool without thinking about the consequences of such...
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Competency Level Based Anatomy Teaching: An Evolving Approach

Introduction Anatomy undoubtedly forms the basis of any medical curricula as well serves a strong component for good clinical practice. However, literature pertaining to anatomy education is increasingly reporting of a deterioration of anatomy knowledge not only among undergraduate students but also among clinical practitioners. Partly in response to these observations and due to changes in demands of medical professions, anatomy curricula have experienced a major paradigm shift from passive didactic and teacher centered approach to active, clinical based and...
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The Effects of Smoking on the Human Body

Smoking weed has many cons in the human body, as it is a preventable common health risk factor. Smoking weed can potentially lead to death, or this drug can cause severe damages in the body. When someone smokes, every smoke they inhale will flow throughout the entire anatomy body and will leave a trace behind. The respiratory system is the system that gets most affected, due to requiring access to inhale and exhale the smoke. When the drug is inhaled,...
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The Human Anatomy And Physiology

Introduction This essay centre will distinguish the various energy systems. This essay will likewise incorporate, portray and recognize how every system is utilized inside the body. Moreover, inside and out examination from every system connected with sporting examples to express how the numerous influence the body. There are three important distinct energy systems, and The ATP– PC system involves both adenosine triphosphate and phosphocreatine. This is the first to be utilized amid exercise. It is expeditious and swift to act...
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Da Vinci’s Role for Human Anatomy Study

In the words of Isaac Asimov, “Science can amuse and fascinate us all, but it is engineering that changes the world” (“Isaac Asimov Quote”, n.d.). Engineers have been world changers, by trade, throughout history. Contributions from the field of engineering have shaped the modern landscape, and have continuously improved the quality of life for humans on earth. Today, an engineer can be generally defined as: one who makes ethical, practical applications with the knowledge of sciences, as in the construction,...
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Essay on Human Anatomy: Applications of Mixed Reality in Medical Education

I. Abstract With the click of a button or a tap on the screen, we could have the entire world at our hands but now it is possible to have it in front of our eyes. Technology is gradually advancing to change hand-held devices to wearable devices. Medical Education has been in dire need of technologies that can replace the old school and expensive cadaver dissection but at the same time keep the precision intact. In this paper, we aim...
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Essay on Human Anatomy: Types of Simulation in Radiography

Abstract In the radiologic sciences program, radiation is a major factor that causes students to practice positions in another way. The technique is called simulation. Simulation allows the student to go through an experience without it being a real event but still lets the student get an idea how it would be if it was real. There are a few different types of simulations that can be used. The different types are 3-D printing, virtual simulation, motion tracking, interactive human...
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Essay on Virtual Human Anatomy

An autopsy is a traditional and classic technique of forensic medicine, but due to the need to destroy the body, the autopsy is sometimes resisted and rejected. Virtual anatomy provides a non-invasive test for forensic examination, which can objectively and accurately reflect fractures, soft tissue injuries, invasive diseases, organ damage, etc., providing intuitive and powerful evidence for forensic identification practice. “Virtual anatomy” is “virtopsy”, which is a combination of “virtual” and “autopsy”. It is mainly used to introduce modern imaging...
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Interpretation and Analysis of Medieval and Renaissance Human Anatomy

The Renaissance Humanism program was the age of recovery and emulation. This course examined the shift toward the interpretation and analysis of Medieval and Renaissance anatomy. In this essay, I will demonstrate Andreas Vesalius and William Harvey presented the goals and ideals of the Renaissance Humanist program. Furthermore, due to a shift towards a more humanist approach, aided by the anatomical expertise of Renaissance artists, knowledge of medicine improved as physicians gradually corrected the mistakes of the ancient authors Celsus...
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