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Obesity is a growing health issue infecting everyday life in the United States and many other countries across the globe. Obesity affects people from all backgrounds rich and poor, from urban cities to the rural countryside. The first solution that comes to many people’s mind when first addressing obesity would be to exercise more or eat healthier foods. These assessments can help a person struggling with their weight tremendously, but weight loss is not always directly related to better nutrition and exercise. In rare cases involving obesity, genetics can become involved and change a person’s body beyond weight gain or loss.

Obesity is often an overlooked topic in the United States and around the world. A large majority of the United States is considered to be obese and this is on an upward trend of becoming the norm. This struggle for control over one’s weight has created an entire fitness industry many have had success from. Although there has been a lot of success in the fitness industry partnered with combating obesity, it is not always as simple as physical exercise. Other issues that come into play are situations like overeating, binge eating, eating at the wrong time, and most importantly, genetics. There has been research that indicates genetics play a huge part in the fat cells and DNA in one’s body. The way your metabolism can adapt and react to certain nutrients is directly attributed to the individual genetic makeup of a person.

Obesity ranges from children to the elderly and is not specific to any one gender. Childhood obesity around the world is a growing epidemic and many simply put the blame on technology and children becoming less active throughout recent years. Solutions are hard to come by, but when it comes down to the makeup of each person, the human body reacts to the environment that it is placed in. Over a period of time, while the body reacts, DNA can change when a person is consistently exercising and eating properly. Just like when a person is not eating right or exercising, their body can react negatively toward the consumption. When an athlete is not eating how they should, they are less susceptible to gaining weight than those who do not exercise.

Whether obesity is genetic comes into the conversation when one gene mutates (Monogenic Obesity) rather than when multiple genes mutate (Common Obesity). These cases are very rare since only one gene is being activated. In most of Monogenic cases, the patient has a disability or another health issue developed alongside obesity. Scientists are now able to find the specific genes that can be edited to see just how much of factor genetics have in this epidemic. They have also proven that healthier lifestyles can change the outcome of people who have gene-related risks to obesity.

According to the Obesity Medicine Association, Obesity is defined as, “a condition characterized by the excessive accumulation and storage of fat in the body.”. When a person develops a rare single-gene case or defect, they have very high levels of hunger or metabolism from an early age. The ability to test and find out if a person will have this rare single-gene disease is still not commonly practiced. The only valuable tests would be for the FTO gene, but every person alive has at least one FTO gene already among 20,00 others. There have now been more than fifty genes associated with obesity, causing genetics to have a larger association with the disease.

Our nutritional environment over the last half-century has become a rather large issue that most people unknowingly ignore. Psychologist Kelly D. Brownell has described this as a toxic environment. Referring to this new dietary atmosphere, she has explained it as exposure to food that is high in calories, cheap enough for most people, and very marketable. When you mix this ease of access to non-nutritional foods and lack of exercise, this is when you have a toxic dietary environment. With the rise of the fast food industry, all-you-can-eat buffets, and markets where companies produce unhealthy snacks targeted towards children, more people should know the impact of the foods they take in each day. Promoting health in these industries would decrease the likelihood of the majority of Americans becoming obese, even if they have a genetic tendency.

More so than just genetics, our society today has made it very easy for any person to become overweight. The way the world has modernized and made access to everything 10x easier, causes obesity rates to rise also. In the most common forms of obesity, the genes are mutated in large numbers instead of one or a handful. The current landscape revolving around obesity debunks the thought that it is genetic but even when it is, it is still very attainable to lose weight and live a normal life.

Gregor Mendel was the scientist who discovered the different types of traits that showed dominant and recessive expressions. Mendel has been named the Father of Genetics due to his extensive work and success in the field. He founded Mendel’s Laws of Heredity, The Law of Segregation, The Law of Independent Assortment, and The Law of Dominance. These laws explain that genes come in pairs and they show up in the offspring as dominant or recessive. Each trait in a person can be identified by a gene pair, the pair can then be separated into sex cells that only take one gene of the pair. The offspring then inherits one genetic allele from each parent when the sex cells form together.

When obesity comes into the topic of being inherited it begins to be harder to define. It is a complicated trait that is influenced by genetics, epigenetics, metagenomics, and environmental factors. The dominance of urbanization has greatly affected the cases of obesity, relating it directly to the environment. But within another environment, the cases are more personal and not as closely related to where someone is living, but how they are living. Urbanization brought irregular eating and exercise routines to many people around the world. Most cases of obesity that have been closely followed are more focused on how the person lives rather than the type of environment they live in.

Each individual’s genetic background is very important to determine how much more likely they are to become obese and how scientists and doctors can better research for each case. Having relatives that are obese does increase a person’s risk of obesity, even if they are not direct family or have the same routines. Each obesity gene does not make a significant difference in body weight, but over time the collection of genes, it can determine how an individual responds to the factors of their environment, diet, and physical activity.


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The origin of the concept of obesity can be traced back to 30,000 years, to our prehistoric ancestors. In the Stone Age, in the Middle Ages, and in the 17th century overweight indicated prosperity, power, and fertility. Prehistoric statuettes, including the famous Venus of Willendorf, depicted abdominally obese women. Hippocrates (460 BC–370 BC) described the health for human body as a balance of four humors (fluids): blood, black bile, yellow bile, and phlegm, and any deficiencies or extras were considered...
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Although the available limited evidence suggested a protective role of APN on ovarian carcinogenesis, additional studies are necessary to elucidate its function in ovarian tumor onset and progression. Low APN blood levels were also associated with an increased risk and a worse prognosis of endometrial cancer. Additionally, a low expression of AdipoR1 in endometrial cancer cells is associated with advanced tumor stage [Tumminia et al., 2019]. The mechanism by which APN inhibits the growth of endometrial cancer cells is unknown....
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Fad Diets and Obesity: Problem or Cure?

Introduction Before we discuss whether fad diets cause problems or serve as the cure for obesity, we must clarify what fad diets and obesity are. According to Daniels (2014:4), a diet refers to the type of foods that you eat. However, a diet seems to mean something different to each individual. To some, a diet is just simply eating healthy food choices while keeping unhealthy choices to a minimum. This does not fall into what a lot would call dieting,...
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Obesity as a Global Issue

Obesity has become a global epidemic over the last 30 years affecting 40 million children, below the age of five. The implications of obesity not only affect the health of an individual but also their social lives, the society around them and the overall economics of a country. Today, obesity affects 25% of Australian children, making it the biggest threat to Australia’s public health (Bronwyn, 2016). Rates of obesity, over the last 25 years have risen globally(Overweight and Obesity,2019). This...
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Growing Rate of Obesity among the Younger Generation

Obesity is a medical condition where an excess amount of weight or body fat is stored in the an individual’s body and can affect his/her health( Yvette Brazier, 2018). The rate of children and adolescents affected by obesity have been constantly increasing and have been proven by a survey done by NCHF( National Center for health statistics) from 2000 to 2016( 13.9% in 2000 to 18.5% in 2016). Several factors can increase the risk of obesity in the younger generation:...
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The Aspects of Aboriginal Obesity

Health in our modern society is highly dependent upon occupation, income and wealth which determine socioeconomic position. Higher incomes support access to a wider variety of goods and services that are beneficial to an individual’s health, such as quality food and housing, greater health care options, and activities that promote health. Loss of income through illness, disability or injury can adversely affect individual socioeconomic position and health. The 2012-2013 Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health survey (AATSIHS) examined associations...
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The Current Obesity Epidemic in Australia

I am writing to express my concern in regard to eh growing rate of obesity in Australia among the young generation. training activities help promote the enthusiastic and physical wellbeing and prosperity all things considered and Australia’s population. I accept this issue is significant as corpulence is in charge of the appearance of numerous incessant sicknesses which are at present the reason for noteworthy expense to our wellbeing system.(1) The point of this suggestion paper is to draw out into...
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Understanding Obesity in America

The popular opinion on obesity is that children and their parents aren’t capable or willing of taking the time and effort of cutting down on their weight. However, US News reports that “doctors specializing in obesity and weight loss say certain scientific and societal factors — including genetics, the rise of processed foods that include soybean oil and national overconsumption of sugar-sweetened beverages — are more likely to blame for childhood obesity than lazy kids or indulgent parents. ‘Obesity is...
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