Essays on Illnesses

Management Of Autistic Child In Dental Clinic: Case Study

Introduction: Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) defined as neurodevelopmental condition that has affect on 3 main domains: (1)Language delay, (2)social interaction and impairment communication, (3) repetitive actions (1). Also, autistic mostly associated with intellectual disability, gastrointestinal disorders, epilepsy and immune disorders. The word “autism” was first...
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Preventing The Spread Of HIV In The Philippines

Introduction Sexually transmitted illnesses (STDs) are infections that spread person to person through intimate contact, STDs have an effect on everyone even babies, teenagers, healthy people, prosperous or the poor. According to WebMD (2019), it produces bacteria, parasites and viruses that have an effect on...
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Influence Of Diabetes Mellitus Type 1 On Sleep Architecture

Introduction Diabetes Mellitus type 1 (DM1) is one of the most common chronic health conditions in youth, with over 18,000 new cases diagnosed each year, and the prevalence is increasing. (Hamman et al, 2014) The recommended treatment regimen is complex and demanding, including frequent blood...
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Edgar Allan Poe: Theories Of Death

Edgar Allan Poe is a famous writer but has mysteriously died. Edgar was a famous poet and his stories were dark and. He was 40 years old when died. Born 1809 January 19 died 1849 October 7. What was Edgar Allan Poe’s death its mysterious...
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Concussions As A Brain Teaser: Analytical Essay

Introduction A lot of people don’t exactly know what a concussion is, never mind the severity of this brain injury. Concussions are considered a mild brain injury because they are not usually life-threatening. This is correct. A concussion is usually not a life-threatening injury which...
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