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Concussions In Sports: Social, Scientific And Economic Lens

Introduction: Through several decades the practice of contact sports has grown exponentially, especially the art of American football. The gridiron, tackling based competition fans watch has had its remarkable influence across the United States and has been prevalent worldwide. Though its dark side of the commonality of consequential injuries that can greatly affect a player’s body is evident, it is still beloved as that is the underlying basis of what makes the sport. Its roughness may take a heavy toll...
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The Problem Of Concussion In Football

Even though football players know the damage the game could bring them the still play and love the game. (Gibeaut, 2011) Especially in today’s game with how rough it can be it is very easy to injury yourself. (Gibeaut, 2011) Players are jumping, tackling, and throwing their bodies at one another with no doubts of hurting themselves and the most important part about being a football player is being and staying healthy. (Navia, 2012). One of the most frequently occurring...
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Technologies To Reduce Concussion In Sports

A concussion is known in the scientific world as an alteration of neurological function or a brain injury. People have known about concussions since the early 1900’s but have not understood the severity of these brain injuries until recently. Studies have shown that a concussion is most likely not caused from just one single hit but from a culmination of the hits throughout a season. The first headgear produced to protect a persons head from a blow likely to cause...
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Physical Activity As An Effective Method Of Concussion Recovery In High School Athletes

The human brain is a complex bundle of nerves and muscles that is the nucleus for all human functions. The ability to breathe, move, think, and live are direct results of the underlying function of the brain. Therefore, based upon the overall significance of the brain, it becomes imperative to protect it from all damage. A concussion, is an injury that at its simplest form is a contusion of the brain, is the main mechanism of injury to avoid. However,...
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Wearing Headgear Is An Effective Method Of Preventing Concussion In Boxing

Rationale Boxing is a very physical intense sport, the risks of serious injury is very high due to the aggressive physical damage that can happen to your brain if not wearing headgear, the most common injury that occurs to the brain is concussion. Concussion is when a wave through brain tissue causes discharge of damaging chemicals, the nerve cells can shear, and Microscopic damage can affect the anatomy and function of brain cells. The effects happens at the mild end...
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Concussions And High Impact Sports

When considering a topic for a literature review my attention was instantly drawn to something concerning sports. Along the lines of sport, I was most interested in injury, injury prevention and rehabilitation from those injuries. Throughout my time playing sports both recreationally and in an organized setting I saw my fair share of injuries ranging from dislocations of shoulders, broken bones, and quite frequently concussions. The sports that I played were quite high impact like hockey. The concussions caught my...
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Concussions As A Brain Teaser: Analytical Essay

Introduction A lot of people don’t exactly know what a concussion is, never mind the severity of this brain injury. Concussions are considered a mild brain injury because they are not usually life-threatening. This is correct. A concussion is usually not a life-threatening injury which is why people didn’t use to pay it much attention. However, the attitudes toward concussions have changed in the last few years because of the discoveries that medical research has uncovered. So after having said...
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The Issue Of Concussion And Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy Among Football Players

The issue floating around the NFL at this point is concussions, and CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy). This certain retired NFL player was only 59 when he had his brain scanned, and in about two years people around him began to notice some change, motor deficits like very simple tasks becoming very hard. Not being able to button his shirt properly, zip up his pants, tie his shoes all because of muscle twitching he developed and the decreased muscle mass in...
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Severity and Frequency of Concussions Can Cause Mental Health Illnesses

Mental health illness affects millions of people of all ages, sexes, races, and ethnicities each year and can arise from numerous issues with the most common being, social and genetic factors, however, a commonly misconceived notion is that physical trauma is not the cause of mental health. Brain injuries can lead to mental health issues while the brain is healing, but can permanently affect a person’s mental health for the rest of their lives. A concussion is a traumatic brain...
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Long-term Impacts Of Concussion On Players In National Football League

Throughout the past two decades there have been more than 20 National Football League (NFL) player suicides, like Terry Long, Dave Duerson and Junior Seau (See Appendix A). Finding a link between these suicides and playing pro football is the reason behind an ongoing joint study being done by the Department of Veterans Affairs and Boston University. The autopsy reports from 87 out of 91 former NFL players (96%) has revealed Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) in their brains (Breslow, 2015)....
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Concussion Or Mild Traumatic Brain Injury: Literature Review

Introduction Concussions or mild traumatic brain injury has gain more attention in the past 10 years. The center of disease control describes a concussion as a type of traumatic brain injury—or TBI—caused by a bump, blow, or jolt to the head or by a hit to the body that causes the head and brain to move rapidly back and forth. This sudden movement can cause the brain to bounce around or twist in the skull, creating chemical changes in the...
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Concussion In Sports

Attention Getter: Dribbling down the line she went, she makes a cross into the opponent’s 18-yard box. Her teammate going for a header, she heads it into the goal SCORE!! She falls instantly and isn’t moving. The coaches call the trainers, the trainers call the ambulance. Slowly she opens her eyes being blinded by the stadium lights, then stands up walking to the sideline, not remembering a thing. Audience Link: According to Julie Underwood in the Phi Delta Kappan magazine...
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Concussions In Modern Sports

In Today’s sports, concussions have become very serious and it is most definitely a topic parents should consider. Concussions tend to get more common each year, they have rose 60% within the last decade. This is because people aren’t worried or even aware of them and may every think their harmless. Some of this may even fall back on how hard the child is being pushed to do good by the parent. If the child feels that they might disappoint...
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