Concussions In Modern Sports

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In Today's sports, concussions have become very serious and it is most definitely a topic parents should consider. Concussions tend to get more common each year, they have rose 60% within the last decade. This is because people aren't worried or even aware of them and may every think their harmless. Some of this may even fall back on how hard the child is being pushed to do good by the parent. If the child feels that they might disappoint their parents by telling them their hurt they might not even tell them. The arguments that will be discussed in this paper include the following, if the concussions that children get during their early lives affect them later in life, if the game should be changed to make it more safer, and if the parents need to be educated on this topic, and maybe even some more.

You may be thinking well what even is a concussion? A concussions is a traumatic blow to the head which causes the brain to move back and forth at rapid speeds hitting the inside on the skull. Sounds pretty bad right, well it is very bad. Some parents are even pulling their children from some of their most favorite sports because of these things. Especially the most contact ones like football, basketball, and soccer. Some may even be fighting the rules and regulations to get the games changed dues to this cause, but some tend to go against it saying that, that would make the game boring and nobody would want to watch. But concussions do affect many aspects of the brain and their is something that needs to be done. Young kids are the real issue hear because if they aren't educated on what a concussion is they may not even know and continue to live their normal lives without anyone even knowings. That's a scary thought.

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Children need to be educated on what a concussion is, if they aren't they will not tell you so it will never heal. They will continue to go to school, practice and even play in games if they don't know they have one. The child doesn't need to go to school and put stress on their mind, it may cause the concussion to turn very bad, and not to mention that their head would hurt very much. They will develop complications if this happens so that is why you and your child needs to be educated on what a concussion is and the measures you need to take if your child does happen to develop a concussion. If they do return without letting their brain heal completely, all it will do it make the concussion worse and for it never to be able to heal. Say a child has a concussions and continues to play the sport and continues to get hit in the head that would make it worse and worse. This is what will cause the child to develop problems in later life when their older. So this is why it is important that the child knows about the risk and the parent knows about the sign of the concussion because they are very serious.

A bad concussion can take an a emotional toll on the whole family. If you dont think this it true it is, and it also another reason you need to catch the concussion as it first develops so it doesn't get really bad. The level of the concussion is a serious matter also, the worse the concussion the more it will affect the family. The child could be sick for days and days and be hurting so much and you can't do anything about it, that would hurt your feelings right. Also if the concussion affects the child in later life this could very bad for the whole family. Memory problems are a very effective one and that used to be child that had a concussion is older now and can't even remember your name. Not to mention it could affect your 6 senses and even cause them to get depression. These concussions also can double the chances of suicide in the child and in later life. So next time your not thinking about how it could affect your whole family think about that because your family can be affect by just one persons concussion that you thought was harmless.

Some have argued over the sporting rule aspects and what is changing. If the concussions these kids are getting from these rough sports are causing them problems in their future life then something ought to be done for it. I’m assuming you want your kid safe but other fans that don't have children out their playing don't really care, they like the roughness of the sport and say if it's taken away it wouldn't be any fun to watch anymore. People have also argued that if they start changing the sport it would change the “culture” of the sport also. That in which I agree but I also don't think nothing should be done. Maybe just simply changing the age which the kids can start these rough sports.

A counter argument that was more popular a few years back but still a big deal today because nothing has been done would be the issue that concussions in a child's early life can affect them later in life. Some people believe that the concussions kids get in their early years does not have any effect of later life issues. As of now there is no scientific evidence that can relate these concussions to later in life, although it could be associated with a particular type of degenerative disease called chronic traumatic encephalopathy.

Therefore there are many different opinions and aspects on this topic and they all tend to be different. But the one that is most certain one is that concussions are a very serious matter and should be dealt appropriately.

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