The Peculiarities Of Sports Medicine Physician

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A typical day in the life of sports medicine physician is recording medical information athletes. Coordinate and creating workouts for the athlete. I would also talk with other specialist and coordinate certain activities for the athlete or whoever and supervise the rehabilitation process. I would do a lot of treating and diagnosing injuries relating to the musculoskeletal system.

I would also attend games and evaluate the athlete to see whether I need to set restrictions. When I go to the games, I would also make sure no player is hurt or if there was a hurt player in the game, I would check on him, see what his injury was, and see what the best thing I could do for the athlete. What happens a lot though to would be seeing younger kids that usually have broken bones or something along that line, that happens every day. ​The average annual salary of a sports medicine physician is $227,158. But as far as benefits they are dental, medical, long term and short-term disability, life and vision insurance.

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For vacation time, three personal days then 6 national days and sick days. Also, I do get to get to travel with whatever team or company I am employed by. I would work 40 to 60 hours a week and the average age of retirement is 63. ​Well one of the best colleges to go to become a sports medicine physician is University of North Carolina. Then while I’m at college to get more experience I could be assistant for a sports medicine physician at a random company. Then as I get more experience as an assistant and move farther through college I could began to do more and more as an assistant or intern. So, for all the time I was at college I'll already have had these mini side jobs that would look good on a resume. ​For my college I would go to North Carolina, which is one of the best colleges to go to become a sports medicine physician.

To become a sports medicine physician, you need a bachelor's degree including a medical degree which usually takes four years to get and eight years all together. I would also need to take pre-med classes such as biology, anatomy, and chemistry. Then depending on my specialty three to seven years in internships and residency programs. My specialty will be in sports medicine so I will be in residency for about seven years getting specialized training to become a sports medicine physician.​Diagnose, treat, and help prevent injuries related to sports or any physical activities including looking for any mental illness. Also create programs to help the athlete recover properly and sometimes restrict players from games. I would also help rehabilitate athletes and work with other doctors such as a physical therapist. Prescribe medical equipment, create medical solutions and determine a patient needs and set treatment goals. So basically, I would be helping and assisting others on pretty much any level, mental and physical.​

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