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Essay on My Grandfather's Mental Health

I believe that resilience is the ability to cope with change or certain situations in a way that is will not affect you too drastically in a negative way, to have resilience means that you can overcome and recover from tough situations. You can have resilience if your protective factors help you and your risk factors do not negatively affect you. The YDSA (Youth Development Strategy Aotearoa) is a good example of a group that helps with the building of...
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Book Summaries on 'The Peculiar Children': Jacob and His Grandfather

Chapter 1: In chapter one, we are introduced to the main character Jacob, or Yakob. Jacob is a teenager who is going through a time of struggle, stress, anger, etc. While Jacob is at work, which is a family business that he just so happens to hate, he gets a call from his grandfather who is slightly losing his mind due to his old age. He tells Jacob a bunch of weird things that are supposedly happening even though they...
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My Family History: Essay about My Grandfather

This essay is about two sides of my family; My fathers’ side and my mothers’ side. I have obtained information on my fathers’ site that dates back to the 1890s. My paternal great-grandfather moved from Afghanistan to India in 1895 as a child and later settled down and eventually having my paternal grandmother in 1939. My paternal grandfather’s family moved from the northern part of India during the 1890s as well due to economic reasons. After the partition between India...
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Culture Project Essay: My Grandfather's Way of Life

On a sunny fall day my grandfather, Venkateswara Rao Koneru, was born, on October, 26th, 1948. His family was a line of farmers. He had learned the most valuable of lessons in this family. Although the greatest lesson of all was to never take anything for granted because you can always lose it. He did many amazing things in his life, but the most inspirational was that he was able to get to another country, start a family, and had...
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Narrative Essay about My Grandfather

The Invisible One I sit dejectedly on the sofa counting the minutes until this painful ordeal is over. The tick of the grandfather clock is muffled by the sound of cheerful guests and talkative relatives, joyous laughter and corks popping, not to mention the blaring music. I sit resentfully wondering how my mother had convinced me to come to this party, or as she liked to call it, “family-gathering”. I sit on the other side of the room, distancing myself...
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Visit to the Hospital: My Time with My Grandfather

Beep… down the sterile lonesome hallway. Beep… a lapse of space and time. Beep… the final, last breath. Beeeeeeep. Now, laid down in my cozy, messy, bed. Enclosed by still moments of time, bringing back those ecstatic memories, like diving into a tranquil, serene bubbly hot tub, then back to realization. Alone. Defeated. Lost. But little did I know that tingle in your belly, that happy state of mind was never gone. Perhaps in retrospect, my grandfather, who I have...
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Essay on Alzheimer’s Disease: The Story of My Grandfather

Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is a mental health condition that associates with neurodegeneration and a decline in cognition making its victims lose memory, language capabilities, and praxis. With memory loss, AN individual loses THE ability to recall names, faces, and becomes out of touch with their emotional abilities. The condition affects individuals WHO ARE 65 years and above and with its widespread, the individual encounters personality alterations as well as increased and progressive loss of neurons with senile plaques becoming present....
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Portrayal of Grandfather in ‘A Handful of Dates’ by Tayeb Salih

‘A Handful of Dates’ by Tayeb Salih is a combination of both African and Arabic literature. It’s one of the best-acknowledged works of Tayeb Salih. The story is celebrated for its originality, literary features, and incorporation of aesthetic. The plot revolves around a child that witnesses the greed and ill nature of mankind. The image of idolization that the young boy has towards his grandfather is shattered when he realizes that his grandfather got his wealth by craftily observing a...
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My Project ‘Fusion’ Devoted to My Maternal Grandfather

The Twentieth Century has been one of the most eventful periods of Jewish History. Write a researched essay on the life of ONE member of your family showing how that person’s experiences relate to the overall history of the period. “Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything.” Plato I have chosen to write, compose and dedicate my Hans Kimmel project to my maternal grandfather, Stanley Marks. Now 84...
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Essay on Person Who Inspires Me: My Grandfather

In December and July, for the past 20 years, my grandfather ran one of Staten Island’s biggest blood drives which took place at my very own school, St. Clare’s. Ever since I was about four or five, my mother took me to the drive as I saw people walk in and out donating a pint or two of blood at a time. My grandfather limited my view of what was going on, but truly, I knew what was happening, I...
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Essay on My Relationship with Grandfather

For 11 years of my life, I woke up to the permeating smell of cinnamon tea and the vigorous flipping of comic book pages. Stumbling distraught into the living room, I would find my grandfather in his favorite armchair at the same time each morning, tea and countless editions of comic books in hand. Despite my family’s annoyance at his obsession with “childish” literature and witty morning remarks, there was never a time when anyone imagined it would all disappear....
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Essay on My Grandfather: The Exclusive and Memorable Clues for Life from A Rare Person

Here stands the man who is full of rich knowledge that is worth spreading as family history. I am so proud to have this man with me today. This man is named Saad Ghanem Al – Saraf. He is my grandfather. I am about to know more about his golden knowledge. My Grandfather had three incredible and unbelievable highlights in life which made all the difference. This was all about my grandfather’s childhood. Let’s start this adventure. These were the...
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Attitude to Newspapers among Different Generations: My Grandfather, My Mother and Me

Over the years, mass media has developed, and it is essential in one’s daily life. What is the mass media? By using mass communication, mass media indicates an array of media technologies that are used to target the public. Media can be classified into 4 groups which are print media, broadcast media, outdoor media, and the World Wide Web. In this assignment, I interviewed my grandfather, Yap Choon Yin, and my mother, Sophia Yap. The reason that I decided to...
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Analysis of Interview with My Grandfather

On Wednesday, May 29, 2019, I conducted an in-person interview with my 76-year-old grandfather. My grandfather suffers from Heart Disease, COPD, and Peripheral Artery Disease. My grandfather has been a smoker since he was twenty years old and used to be very active. Since his diagnosis, he had been able to remain fairly active, until last summer when he had to have a partial amputation of his right foot. The amputation was due to his peripheral artery disease. My grandfather...
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