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Importance of Optimism in Hospitals

Optimism attempts to explore the concept and its relations with mental health, physical well-being, coping, quality of life and healthy lifestyle and risk perception. Optimistic behavior allows a human being to look at the world with the mirror of positivity. In this outline, hospitals are not only limited to providing treatment but also tend to give hope and faith to the people. In those cases, patients are needed to be treated with positive behavior, and this will create confidence among...
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The Peculiarities Of Hospital Pharmacist Job

Hospital pharmacist job is mainly is mainly concerned with deciding which medication work for each patient. This also involves other members of the medical teams like the doctors, nurses and health care professionals. Hospital pharmacists also detect the effect of the medicines they prescribe to their patients. They follow their patients’ health under the effect of the drug prescribed. Another important role for the hospital pharmacists is to suggest ways and dosages that will be effective with the patients and...
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Smith Hospital Incidence Response

Abstract In this research, we are going to evaluate the breach and the theft held with Smith hospital in Kentucky. We have identified the policy, evaluating the risk and figure out the solution to mitigate the risk. We have identified the severity of the breach and provided the preventive measure to minimize the damage caused by the breach. Introduction In this research paper, we will study the data breach and the theft-related policy which are been used by Smith Hospital...
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Role of Financial Management in Healthcare Organizations

It is significant that the health service chiefs make the most ideal utilization of the assets accessible to them. Whatever your zone management responsibility. Financial management abilities empower you to utilize financial data to guarantee that you do as such. For many people, financial management may seem a complicated and overwhelming job that is best offered to the finance department. Which is best given to the finance department. Over the last few decades, however, it has interacted with financial management...
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Document Analysis Essay: Photo of Fort William Indian Hospital

When looking into and exploring Canada’s history, most Canadians have come to believe that it is a history mostly characterized by that of peace, with the country achieving its independence from Britain peacefully. This not accurate, however, when looking into the significant dark history associated with the poor treatment of Canada’s Aboriginal Peoples by the Canadian white settlers and government. The purpose of this document analysis was to analyze an aspect of this history in Ontario and how it holds...
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Patient Care And Management In The Pre-Hospital Environment

The global problem of Myocardial Infarction more commonly known as a “heart attack” is well documented within the world health organisation; they have completed numerous studies within this sector to indicate areas for improvement in the of quality care in a prehospital setting. This case study evaluates the management of care approiate to scope of practise for paramedics on treating such conditions and their roles in meeting “the standards of proficiency that are relevant to their scope of practice” in...
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OSHA: Health And Safety Measures In Hospitals And School Lab

Health and Safety The scientific organisation that I will be evaluating is a school laboratory. In this laboratory there are a number of health and safety risks and these risks can be prevented by the use of preventative measures. The laboratory must follow the legislation set out by COSHH as they produce chemicals and waste products when carrying out practicals. There are legislations that the lab have to observe, In addition to the general duties of COSHH, there are additional...
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Major Types of Hospitals: Descriptive Essay

Hospitals A recent definition of the hospital is an “institution where sick or injured are given medical or surgical care” (Niles, 2018). Hospitals are categorized in many ways. A public hospital is owned by the government, community hospitals are privately owned and are not for profit, a propriety hospital is also privately owned but are called a for-profit business (Niles, 2018). Public Hospital Public hospitals are the oldest type of hospital. They are owned by the federal, state, or local...
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A Study on Impact of Organizational Factors on Job Satisfaction among Doctors of Teaching Hospitals

Abstract Job satisfaction has different perspectives. Considering the point of view of an employee, it reveals the benefits people might be looking for while taking the job. And these benefits are agreed by the employer considering their own strategies, benefits and profits. Moreover organizational factors that affect their satisfaction articulate employees’ aspiration to utilize their potential to make a valuable and meaningful contribution towards fulfilling their individual goals. From an organization’s point of view, they take up people to perform...
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Hospital Finder Application Peculiarities

Abstract Technological advancements which have shown a substantial growth concerned with each and every field of humanity, the rapid development that has occurred in smart phones has become a very significant factor in achieving our daily tasks. During medical emergencies, common people always face problems in deciding which hospital they should visit for required treatment. The wander from hospital to another in search of medical facility, medicines, blood supply etc. Hospital finder will solve this problem by allowing people to...
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First Impressions Of Community Service At Lion’s Eye Hospital

BACKGROUND INFORMATION As I am a fourth-year student, I am entitled to do community service as a course through United States International University (USIU-A). It was a very easy pick for me when I obtained the list of places you could do the community service, I immediately decided that I would be doing it at Lion’s Sight first Eye Hospital (LSEH). The hospital holds a unique place in the community because it is one of the very few hospitals which...
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Comparative Study of Service Quality Gap in Hospital Industry

Research methodology describes the action of how to proceed, identify, select and analyze information about the topic. Marketing study has depicted all the activities that allow an organization to hold off the institution needed. The methodology section answers two main important questions: How was the data analyzed? How was the data generated or collected? Research design The present study is descriptive in character. The data is available in primary as well as secondary sources of information. Data collection technique 1....
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Profile Of Hospital Social Workers

Introduction Demographic profile of the respondents denotes the characteristics or socio-economic background of study population such as age, sex, education, caste, employment, income etc. When designing a research, the researcher needs to assess who to study and how to breakdown overall response data obtained from the study into meaningful groups of respondents. Both assessments are based on demographic considerations. Social and economic factors play a vital role in the growth and development of an individual. These factors also have impact...
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Analytical Essay on Effectiveness of Hospital Disaster Preparedness

General Field of Research: Mass casualty incidents (MCI) caused by both natural and man-made factors are on an increasing pattern. Therefore, emergency preparedness is required by any health system to minimize the loss of life and maximize patient recovery by ensuring its functionality. Nepal is a high-risk country in terms of a number of hazards and disasters. However, hospitals of Nepal are not well-prepared for disaster as a seismic vulnerability assessment of 19 major hospitals showed that 80% of hospitals...
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Hospital Errors: Types And Causes

One of the most asked questions is what the leading cause of death in hospitals is. John Hopkins study claims more than 250,000 people in the United States die every year from hospital errors, making it the third leading cause of death after heart disease and cancer. By studying mistakes in the hospital, learning how to prevent them, and respond to them correctly is the key to changing the standard of care. Hospital errors are defined as mistakes done by...
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Analysis of Hospital Waste Management in Quetta City

Introduction: Hospital waste is a type of waste that is produced in small amounts but transports a great potential of pollution and damage. Insufficient and improper management of hospital waste may have serious public health moments and a significant effect on the environment (Rasheed S et al., 2005). The management of hospital waste is an essential process that need to be distributed with carefully. Hazardous waste management requires specific awareness and procedures and it must be supported by authorities in...
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Conflict Management In Hospital Setting

The purpose of this essay is to depict the management of resolving a conflict in a typical hospital ward setting between two nurses. The aim is to resolve a conflict which strengthens the relationship of a team and create a harmony working environment which ensures patient care is delivered. There’s a post Cholecystectomy patient who is due for his wound dressing and it was his Day 2 in the ward. A moment later, the post-operative patient rang the bell and...
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Adult Nursing In Acute Hospital Setting

Nursing is such a rewarding career and a noble profession where you can have the real chance to make a difference in people’s lives. This chosen topic considers the intricate role of nurses in the care of adult patients with acute and chronic illness in hospital setting emphasising the importance of providing a safe and effective care. According to (Royal college of Nursing 2019) adult nursing looks after patients age 18 and over. (Barton and Le May 2012) states that...
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