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Hospital Finder Application Peculiarities

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Technological advancements which have shown a substantial growth concerned with each and every field of humanity, the rapid development that has occurred in smart phones has become a very significant factor in achieving our daily tasks. During medical emergencies, common people always face problems in deciding which hospital they should visit for required treatment. The wander from hospital to another in search of medical facility, medicines, blood supply etc. Hospital finder will solve this problem by allowing people to search for nearby hospitals on the basis of medical treatment, specialist doctors, medicine/blood availability, etc. Some of the applications mainly rely on Google maps which has lack of information on many health care units. This thesis aims to make an android application to search the nearest hospital with the specialty in the city.



There are many different application categories available for download from the online Google play store. Everyday thousands of new apps are uploaded in the play-store. The no.of applications related to health care are more available in the medical category which are helpful in diagnosis of vital sign parameters, vaccinations schedule, medicine reminder. These kinds of applications lies in mobile-health technology. Many of the applications determine the location of clinics and city hospitals. To search the nearest hospital with the specialization is the unique idea of this application.


The latest Smart-phones made dramatic breakthroughs in processing power, higher random access memory, and secondary storage along with the number of extra features like internet access have opened doors to a broad range of application development. An Android operating system which are commonly used by Smart-phone manufactures because it is an open source operating system which is based on the Linux kernel and designed primarily for touch screen mobile devices such as Smart-phones and tablet computers. The internal hardware of Smart-phones specially sensors like proximity and gyroscope sensors are used by some applications to respond to additional user actions.


The initial step is to collect authentic information about hospitals that would be used in the application database. For this purpose an informative paper based survey is conducted in hospitals in Hyderabad with the aim of acquiring valid information such as a hospital name, hospital contact numbers and web addresses. From these hospitals, 10 categories of doctors were generated in accordance with their experience in each division like General Physician, Cardiologists, Dermatologists, Gynaecologists, Child Specialists, ENT Specialist, Neurologist, Ophthalmologists, Dialectologists and Dentists. The main objective of the “Hospital Finder” is to develop an application that locates the nearest hospital with the desired specialization.Thenearest position of hospitals is found with a feature of Global Positioning System in Smart Phones and finds the route from their current location through Google Map). With the help of this application, the patient can find the nearest hospital according to specialization provided by the hospital. An attracting profile of hospital is available in this application including the website, mailing addresses and contact numbers.

The user interface of this application is simple and understandable. All common people can easily understand the functionality of this application. The icons which are selected in this application is in such a way that the user can easily understand the output information. The interfaces are designed in XML and the basic logic was written in Java. The web service is used to connect the android device with Google Libraries in PHP.

Problem statement

Existing System

User need to go to the pharmacy shop and purchase the medicines and sell which takes a lot of time and money. And there are many applications where we can order the medicines and get home delivery of the medicines but can’t sell them back. Also there are many online pharmacies, Internet pharmacies, or mail-order pharmacies is a pharmacy that operates over the Internet and sends the orders to customers through the mail or shipping companies.

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Proposed System

In this paper, we propose an application where the user must register and login to the application to buy or sell the medicine. And the pharmacist also registers into the application to display the details of the pharmacy to the user. Once the user confirms the order the pharmacist should accept the order by checking the details of the medicines specified by the user like expiry date and quantity.


In this module, there are ‘n’ number of users are present. Firstly, user should register before doing some operations. After a successful registration they can login by using valid username and password. After a successful login user can do some operations like view profile details, search and view the results and then perform some operations on the fetched data.


Administrator has to login with his valid username and password. After login successful he can do some operations such as view all user, their details, add documents with details, add images with details, List All documents and images uploaded, List all users search history ,view similar group data, view similar user searched keywords in cluster, view keyword and query details and fetched ratio, view ratio results for keywords, generate r* tree for searched keyword ( keyword as root and fetched results are sub roots), find IR tree for both images and documents( image or document category and its titles).


The conclusion states that a basic and up-to-date medical category application is designed to help the patients and caregivers to determine the nearest hospital with a specific specialization field. The hospital names along with their address and route are determined by Smart-phone GPS receiver. With the help of Google Map, the distance and route to each of the hospital is displayed for the user.

Specialized list of doctors in each hospital in a single application is also useful for later appointments. The future scope of this application is to develop the availability of specialist doctor on a real-time basis near patient’s location. This development will also give an opportunity to book online appointment which facilitates the patients by saving their time.

The current working health-care applications are used by hospital management. Thus it can be concluded that the proposed application effectively provides the solution to current working method and this application can be used by both hospital management and public also.


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