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Why Dieting Is Not the Best Way: Argumentative Essay

Weight gain has, undoubtedly, been a problem in America. The widespread access to fast-food restaurants, buffets, and the lack of exercise has prevented many people from keeping a healthy lifestyle. Every year, one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions is to lose weight. Unfortunately, many people report having failed to reach this goal. About twenty-five percent of those who set resolutions lose their motivation to lose weight or achieve other goals (Ord, 2015). Losing weight is important not only...
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Vegetarian Diet Vs Meat Consumption: Discursive Essay

In the modern life, health eating tendencies become more and more important. There are two main tendencies, vegetarian diet and eating meat. Eating meat, a traditional eating tendency, eats animal flesh, commenced for thousands of years, from our ancestors to present. Vegetarians diet are known as low rate of cancers or diseases, good at controlling weight, etc. But some researches indicate that non-meat eaters have to cope with deficiency of nutrients. That leads to argue between many scientists about adopting...
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Vegetarian and Vegan Diets: Are They Healthy?

Opinions can differ on this topic, but I personally think vegetarian and vegan diets are extremely healthy. I’m a vegetarian and used to be a vegan so from personal experience I think it makes people healthier and happier. These diets, whether by choice or not are a very healthy way of living. It’s also great for the planet, environment, and for animals. Vegetarians are far less likely to get diabetes, osteoporosis, cancer, and heart disease. Biologically, humans are herbivorous, which...
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State of Oral Health of Population in Vietnam: Analytical Essay

Vietnam, capitol Hanoi, is a Southeast Asian country bordered by Cambodia, China, Laos and Malaysia with the Vietnamese dong as the national currency. The national language is Vietnamese with few confident English speakers despite learning it in school, but due to the history of one thousand years of Chinese occupation and French colonization in the late 19th to the early 20th century, minority languages spoken include both French and Chinese (Lonely planet, 2019). Japanese invasion and control of Hanoi in...
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Essay on Meaning of Diet

Picture this, you have eaten half a pepperoni pizza, chugged twelve ounces of soda, and realize that you probably should not have eaten that last brownie. In a moment of discomfort and guilt from your gluttonous act you proclaim, ‘Tomorrow I will be starting a diet!’ But wait, isn’t this already your diet? Or will you be changing your current diet for a different diet? What exactly is a diet? Well, it is funny you should ask. According to Merriam-Webster...
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Impact of Covid-19 Lockdown on Mental Health of Teenagers: Analytical Essay

Due to the growing number of deaths and cases of Covid-19, lockdown was issued by Boris Johnson on March 23rd 2020. The lockdown rules are reviewed every three weeks by the Prime Minister who would announce further plans to lift certain measures. Although, in between those 3 weeks, uncertainty was evident for all. The new lifestyle and rules everyone had to abide by was growing to be a real challenge. However, it seemed that teenagers were having it worse due...
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Impact of Dieting in Adolescence on Health and Well-Being

Dieting is commonly known as the intentional and sustained restriction of calorific intake for the purpose of reducing body weight or changing body shape. The prevalence of dieting in the younger generation is concerningly high with population-based studies concluding that 30% of adolescents consider themselves to be dieting. In this essay I will explore why more young people are dieting, how dieting can lead to psychological problems and how dieting behaviors can have a negative impact on health. I will...
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Effect of Vegetarian Diet on Reducing Risk of Cancer

The thought of the word cancer brings up so many emotions due to its negative connotation. Cancer has created this poor reputation by taking the lives of so many innocent people each day. Cancer is irregular cell growth which is due to the alterations of DNA caused by many lifestyle factors. During 1981 it was estimated that diet was responsible for 35% of cancers in the United States. This essay focuses on the impacts that a vegetarian diet can have...
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The Dark Side of Dieting: Discursive Essay

Some of the goals people make are unrealistic. We do not fully understand how diets work and have things twisted. When we look at others for inspiration, the things they do might not work for you. The reality is when we shift our focus on to someone else; it is valuable time wasted. A model might be a double 0, while you are a 6 in jeans. Just because you are different size doesn’t mean you’re unhealthy. We have to...
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Dangers of Fad Diets and Why They Should Be Avoided

“In 2007, researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), reviewed 31 long-term studies lasting between 2 to 5 years and concluded that at least one-third to two-thirds of people on diets regain more weight than they lost within four or five years, and the true number may well be significantly higher” (‘Why Don’t Fad Diets Work?’). Fad diets are popular eating plans that help many individuals rapidly lose weight. Some examples of these diets are the Atkins diet,...
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Controversy Surrounding Dieting in 'Why Diets Fail': Movie Review

Among one of the episodes of the American documented television series ‘Explained’ is ‘Why Diets Fail’. The episode, which is dated 2018 is narrated by Maria Bello. The main idea of the film is body weight loss, which is believed to be related to dieting. For a long time, beauty standards have been set to make people believe that those who have a perfect body are the ‘thin’. The introduction of the film, with no doubt, makes mention of this....
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Benefits of Including Organic Foods in Ingestion Routine

When we eat natural products, our stock of energy increments in a matter of seconds; this is one of the prime advantages of organic products that we can use in our bustling timetables. This is the motivation behind why competitors frequently eat organic product during and after exercise and why diets for pregnant moms quite often include natural products. Heart Health Organic foods like apricot, apple, banana, melon, berries, grapefruit, and orange, are unimaginable for securing your heart as they’re...
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Benefits of Vegetarian Diet: Persuasive Essay

Why should humans decide on the future of innocent animals? They are not ours to use for food, clothing, entertainment, experimentation, or any other reason. By switching to a plant-based diet, human societies will be able to alleviate the needless suffering and deaths of countless animals, the irreversible damage done onto the earth like air and water pollution, waste of precious energy, and deforestation. Raising and eating meat leaves behind an environmental issue that future generations will be forced to...
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The Beatles and Drugs: Analytical Essay

What is it that makes people and more specifically musicians get into drugs? This question is to be kept in mind when we talk about the most ionic band in Britain and the United States known as the Beatles. For a band that was seen as the most popular and influential during the 60s and up until the 70s with relevance still talked about today, it’s hard to imagine the band members getting into something as serious as drugs. This...
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Essay on The Baker Act: The Florida's Mental Health Act

When you hear the Baker Act, what are your initial thoughts? One who is unfamiliar with the meaning may think the you’re referring to tasty baked goods. But that is far from what the Baker Act entails. The Baker Act is a Florida law, also known as the Florida Mental Health Act, which allows for involuntary evaluations for individuals who may need emergency mental health services and temporary detention up to 72 hours for those who may be impaired due...
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Analysis of Teenagers’ Depression: Basic Knowledge, Possible Causes, Effects, and Treatments

“Mental pain is less dramatic than physical pain, but it is more common and also harder to bear. The frequent attempt to conceal mental pain increases the burden: it is easier to say ‘My tooth is aching’, than to say ‘My heart is broken’” (C.S. Lewis, 1996). According to World Health Organization (WHO), the proportion of people from all ages suffering from depression is more than 300 million people and nearly 800 000 people commit suicide when being depressed every...
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Schizophrenia of John Forbes Nash Jr. in 'A Beautiful Mind'

I have chosen to psychoanalyze the character John Forbes Nash Jr. in the film ‘A Beautiful Mind’, within the schizophrenia spectrum. Schizophrenia is a disorder that functions to impair the emotional, behavioral, and cognitive areas of an individual’s life. ‘A Beautiful Mind’ is a biographical drama film depicting the real life of John Forbes Nash Jr. Nash was an extremely brilliant mathematician whose graduate career began at the Princeton University where he earned a doctorate by the age of 22...
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Essay on Public Health Issues in Vietnam

Located in Southeast Asia, Vietnam has become one of the fastest-growing economies and has plans on becoming a developed nation within the next decade. With a population of 96.1 million, Vietnam is a densely populated developing country that has been adjusting since 1986 from the rigors of a centrally planned, urban economy to a more industrial and market-based economy, and it has raised incomes significantly. While the government of Vietnam has made commendable efforts in improving the health of the...
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Plant-Based Dieting: Is It Really the Best Choice for Health

When you glance upon the newest issue of a magazine or log into your social media accounts, one of the first things you will notice is society’s newest craze: the vegan diet. Extreme diet trends are common in today’s popular culture which makes influencing younger people into plant-based diets simple. Your average 18-25 year old, who is up to date with the latest celebrity gossip, fashion, and health trends are likely to be enticed by the physical benefits of plant-based...
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Over-Dieting Is Dangerous: Argumentative Essay

Many people are concerned with their appearance these days and want to keep a healthy diet, but eating too healthy can be a sign of trouble. Over-dieting is faulty because it can cause a lot of harmful outcomes for insistence: mood swings, disordered eating, orthorexia nervosa, metabolism problems, and life-threatening medical conditions. Changes in attitude are an effect of dieting. According to the Journal of Health Psychology, there was an experiment where some females dieted and some did not. For...
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My Worldview and Opinion About Vaccination

Throughout life, we often wonder how ideas can be related to another idea. As we grow older and become more aware, our worldview is highly affected by our culture. This is why we see life a certain way. ‘Developing a Worldview’ by Deanne Spears has the best definition of worldviews. Spears says that our worldview derives from those around us such as family members, teachers, and friends (Spears). There are many aspects that go into shaping one’s worldview which can...
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Misconceptions about the 1970s Vietnam Opioid Epidemic

From when President Eisenhower gave his ‘Domino Effect’ speech in 1954, to the fall of Saigon in 1975, the U.S. military had been inserted into Vietnam in order to fight off the communist forces at war with South Vietnam. Although the Vietnam conflict was never considered a real war, nearly 60,000 U.S. soldiers were killed in battle. America’s involvement went on for more than 20 years and oversaw leadership from: Dwight. D Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson, Richard...
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Media and People with Disabilities: Essay

Attitudes are defined as having positive or negative judgments of people, things and concepts. It is believed that attitudes are formed from affective, cognitive and conative components. Societal and cultural norms have a significant influence on many individuals’ attitudes. Societal and cultural norms of physical attributes, socioeconomic status, and health status are portrayed throughout the media. The media has a significant influence on society, as it is a part of our everyday life. However, the influence that the media holds...
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John Nash's Schizophrenia in 'A Beautiful Mind'

The 2001 film, ‘A Beautiful Mind’, tells the story of John Nash, a brilliant mathematical mind and Nobel prize winner in economics who has suffered from schizophrenia throughout his life. The film faithfully portrays the passages of his illness, from the onset to the stage in which he chooses to ignore the hallucinations that will continue to accompany him throughout his life. John Nash was diagnosed at about 30 years of age with paranoid delusional schizophrenia, a mental illness that...
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John Nash from the Movie ‘A Beautiful Mind’ and Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia, like many other disorders, is an invisible illness that affects about 1/100 people within society. The illness itself is cognitive and emotional dysfunctions, including delusions, and hallucinations, disorganized speech and behavior, and inappropriate emotions (Barlow, D. H., Durand, V. M., Lalumiere, M. L., & Hofmann, S. G., 2018).) Many individuals have mistaken schizophrenia as a ‘split personality’ which is also referred to as ‘multiple personality disorder’ in the DSM-5. While some symptoms of both illnesses may seem similar, such...
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Is Forrest Gump Mentally and Developmentally Disabled: Essay

Presently, there are several films that portrays a number men and women with intellectual and development disabilities that conjures up humans notwithstanding of their restrictions. It shows how special these exceptional adolescents are that have been undervalued and disregarded by using our society long time ago. Thus, the movie ‘Forrest Gump’, performed via Tom Hanks, tells about a ‘slow-witted’ character who by no means suppose any less of his incapabilities via his supportive mother. Despite of it, he grew to...
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Is Dieting Really Good for Us: Argumentative Essay

Within the food industry, there are many ‘taboo’ and secretive aspects, such as sly marketing, reducing serving size, and much more. One tactic commonly practiced, particularly within the world of dieting is the concept of illusion. These days with social media, and the Internet, unrealistic body proportions and expectations are portrayed, causing many to diet excessively, and do what is wrong for their body. Contrary to popular belief, many diets are ineffective. Though their purpose is to keep people fit,...
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Informative Essay about Healthy Dieting

There are multiple health risks involved with dieting. I’m going to show you the right way to diet as well as the requirements to improve your life. It’s going to involve a step-by-step process and different eating strategies that you can implement into your daily life. Inform you about the benefits of good nutrition and what it has to offer. A healthy diet can help improve your mood and energy by taking a balanced number of vitamins every day. Also,...
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Information Technology and Children with Learning Disabilities

Learning disability is “a form of delayed developments in one or more development areas such as speech, language, reading, writing arithmetic or other school subjects resulting from a psychological handicap caused by a possible cerebral dysfunction and/or emotional or behavioral disturbances” (Adam and Tatnall, n.d. p.2). While the word ‘special need’ is sometimes used to connote learning disability, however, Adam and Tatnall, (2007) suggest that special need is an umbrella term that inculcates both physical and mental needs and that...
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Extreme Dieting: A Failed Way to Lose Weight

Do you make a wish of losing weight at every beginning of the New Year? Having a good body is the wish of most people. In modern society, a good figure is not only a healthy state but also a kind of capital that makes people show off. Especially in countries with serious obesity problems, weight loss seems to be a big deal. Who doesn’t want to get rid of the swimming ring on his body? Who does not want...
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