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Emotional Rehabilitation From Sports Injuries

Introduction Importance of Mental Health Athletes work and train all their lives to become the greatest version of themselves in their field of sports. Oftentimes, athletes who are talented in the sport they perform in, become heavily reliant on their performance in relation to their self-worth. When they become injured and can no longer train, whether it be as an adolescence, college, or elite-level (professional) athlete, more focus is put on the physical recovery rather than the emotional adversities that...
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Anoxic Brain Injury: Factors, Anatomy And Pathophysiology

Anoxic brain injury, sometimes confused as traumatic brain injury, occurs when the brain becomes deprived of oxygen for a prolonged period of time. The brain, just like every organ, requires a continuous flow of oxygen to function normally. Roughly after six minutes, neural cells begin to die, and normal brain function will begin to cease. The severity of harm and consequences are dependent on the damaged areas of the brain. According to Ramiro and Kumar (2015), “Anoxic brain injury is...
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Sports Nutrition To Prevent Or Help Heal Injuries

Abstract For a professional athlete, the risk of getting injured is a liability that comes with the job, and most will sustain at least one performance haltering injury in their athletic career. Given the high risk of injury that comes with being a professional athlete it is understandable the huge amount of interest in factors that have the ability to reduce the risk, as well as faster recovery time, nutrition being one of them. This literature review examines the different...
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Injuries as The Factor For Avoiding Sports

Why do you think kids are not doing sports? Sports need more safety guidelines, and they need to see how it can affect kids. Most kids aren’t doing sports because they are worried about getting severely hurt, they are worried about the long term effects about sports and if you get injured, and some schools or clubs have lousy equipment that can hurt somebody. First, some people are getting severely hurt when they are playing sports. Adrian Rotunno is a...
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Historical Aspects Of Traumatic Brain Injury

Over the past years, human being have encountered various life experiences that can drastically affect the people’s life. One of the major discussed life experiences that are faced by the human being is trauma. As such, trauma is a condition whereby people experiences both mental and physical anguish that can result in some severe changes within an individual’s life. These experiences can affect any human being regardless of his/her age. Mostly, the group of people which is affected by traumatic...
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Sport Injuries And Risk Factors

With respect to hindrance continued in disconnected occasions, ‘sports damage’ signifies the loss of substantial capacity or structure that is the object of perceptions in clinical assessments; ‘sports injury’ is characterized as a prompt impression of agony, inconvenience or loss of working that is simply the object of competitor assessments; and ‘sports inadequacy’ is the sidelining of a competitor in light of a wellbeing assessment made by an authentic games specialist that is the object of time misfortune perceptions.Correspondingly, sports...
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Sports Injuries: Causes And Preventions

Injuries in sports occur a lot more often than imagined. I chose to take this class because I wanted to learn more about the causes of these injuries, and how to prevent them for myself on the lacrosse field. When it comes to sports injuries, there are several ways to prevent them and make them heal faster, they are not just random. A belief of mine is if you take the right care of yourself and know what you’re doing,...
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Most Common Injuries In Sports Medicine

Strains A strain is a tear that occurs in a muscle, and is commonly referred to as a “pulled” muscle by athletes. This soft tissue injury can be caused by internal force, poor technique, or overuse. For instance, a hamstring strain can occur from an athlete sprinting repetitively in AFL resulting as an overuse injury. Muscle Strains can cause discomfort, and bleeding may show discolouration surrounding the injury. Other indicators of strains on the muscle can vary from limited range...
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Significance Of Personal Injury Compensation

Injuries of any sorts are a painful ordeal. In the event that you or somebody near you has gotten injuries in view of the blame of others you will normally be upset and irritated. On the off chance that the injury is the immediate consequence of an incident that you had met in light of somebody’s carelessness you will normally feel furious. Anyway feeling furious won’t remove your torment and personal injury, so you should stay concentrated on what to...
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Personal Injury Compensation In The United Kingdom

Are you a victim of a personal injury? If yes, you would certainly need to gather as much information you could in order to be well aware of it. In case you are a subject to personal injury, you certainly might be experiencing some serious commotions both in your professional and personal life. If you are engaged in a road accident which was not your fault, you certainly will be worthy for receiving a compensation for it. In this post,...
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Restitution For Your Motorcycle Injury

Motorcycle riders are unfortunately prone to road accidents as compared to other road users because they are limited when it comes to protecting themselves. These accidents are becoming more rampant over the years and it is advisable that you take extreme measures to protect yourself as a motorcyclist. Injuries that are sustained during a motorcycle accident can be very fatal and can also lead to death. When you suffer a motorcycle injury then you need to hire a Motorcycle Accident...
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Athletic Training And Sport Medicine: Prevention And Rehabilitation For The ACL Injury

The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is one of the most common, yet heartbreaking injuries of the knee. The ACL controls the rotational stability of the knee. This injury is most often caused when the knee comes in contact with the ground and is still twisting. This means it is possible when basketball players or soccer players pivot while running or a gymnast is twisting in the air and doesn’t quite make it completely around. It is also common to injure...
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Penetrating Head Injury: Epidemiology, Treatment And Care

Introduction Penetrating traumatic brain injury (pTBI) remains one of the most devastating and lethal forms of trauma. Prognosis is generally poor and, for those who survive long enough to make it to the hospital, the management of penetrating brain injury presents complex challenges to medical and surgical providers in the civilian sector. Recent experiences in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom have provided opportunities to study and refine the surgical and medical management of pTBIs that may impact civilian...
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The Peculiarities Of Crush Injury

Crush injury is the damage of muscles, blood vessels, and other internal structures resulting from excessive pressure to an area causing local ischemia. Vehicular collisions, industrial incidents, natural disasters, particularly earthquakes or where buildings have collapsed due to bombing are among some of the typical cases in crush injuries. Crush syndrome, also known as traumatic rhabdomyolysis is a systemic manifestation of crush injury. It involves the liberation of components, damaged proteins, ions from skeletal muscle into the circulation. The syndrome...
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The Psychological Challenges Of Rehabilitation For Injured Athletes

As a result of many athletes spending hours engaging in rigorous training programmes and competitions, the prevalence of sporting injuries has increased (Kraus & Conroy, 1984). Regardless of their level of involvement, a vast majority of athletes will experience an injury that will keep them away from their sport for an unwanted period of time, it is an evitable risk associated within partaking in sport. A general notion amongst most athletes suggests returning to sport sooner than later is the...
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Injury Prevention And Safe Practice In Dance And Theatre Performers

Injury prevention and Safe practice are two vital instruments dancers and musical theatre performers should prioritise in their daily lives as they have direct benefits to the longevity of a dancers career, without these two tools their careers could end before they reach their 30’s or even mid 20’s. Injury prevention has two essential categories: internal and external. Internal injury prevention focuses on injuries generated because of risk factors such as, lack of technical knowledge, fatigue, lack of sleep, rest,...
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The Injures And Visual Problems Of Construction Workers

Abstract High exposure to hazards and unsafe behaviors are the most important factors contributing to ocular injuries and visual problems at the workplace. Evidence show high prevalence of ocular injuries in Asian countries. However, in Malaysia, very little is known about the ocular injuries and visual problems of workers in construction industries. A cross-sectional study was conducted on 385 workers (770 eyes, 378 males and 7 females). A comprehensive ocular assessment was done by using Reichert Portable Slit Lamp and...
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Do Each Of The Different Skating Disciplines Cause Unique Injuries?

As more individuals are becoming involved in the four disciplines of the sport of figure skating, singles, pairs, synchronized skating, and ice dance, there has been increased media exposure and popularity in the entire sport. Throughout the United States, there have been better training techniques to create stronger athletes in order to improve the ranking of the U.S. athletes compared to other nations that have dominated the sport. By becoming more of a presence on the world stage, U.S. Figure...
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The Progression Of Popularity Of Rock Climbing And The Re-Occurring Injuries From Literature

History of Rock Climbing Indoor and outdoor bouldering has become a widespread popular sport, which deservedly has been recognised as a suitable sporting event for the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games (Jones and Johnson, 2016). Indoor and outdoor bouldering is known now as a well-known sporting activity. The location of this sport usually are indoor climbing facilities with artificial holds, boulders, slabs, and volumes, where as outdoor bouldering uses the environment such as, rock surfaces, rock boulders, or even slabs...
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Most Common Injuries In Soccer

Abstract Soccer involves many physical interactions that can result in many severe injuries. Soccer injuries is not a reason not to play soccer. People can get injuries without playing soccer. Players just needs to know how to prevent from getting these risky injuries. This essay is targeting the footballers inform them how to prevent risky injuries. Soccer is a great way to build endurance, improve speed, and promote fitness, all while enjoying the camaraderie of a team sport. Soccer is...
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Are Genetics Related To The Fact That Females Are More Prone To Knee Injuries Than Males?

For my inquiry, I wanted to determine whether genetics are related to the fact that women are more prone to knee injuries than men. Specifically, Anterior Cruciate Ligament tears (ACL) in athletes. Through numerous articles I discovered a lot of information relating genetics to ACLs. Recent studies have hypothesized that genetics do in fact have relations to a higher probability in an ACL tear. More specifically, people with “weaker knees” meaning less muscle mass and weaker ligaments due to collagen...
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Injuries to the Hamstring Muscle amongst the Track and Field Athletes: Analytical Essay

Introduction Injuries are the part and parcel of any sport, whether it is played on court, pitch, mat or field. Where hamstring injuries are being commonest concern of the athletes (Burkett, 1970). Several studies (Malliaropoulos et al., 2011; Junge et al., 2009) suggest that injuries to the hamstring muscle are popular amongst the track and field athletes. Recent evidence in sport highlight that hamstring strain injuries occurs in a non-contact sport especially while sprinting, jumping and kicking and men are...
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