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To many people, age ten is young. In the world of figure skating, however, age ten is seen as too late to begin a competitive figure skating career. Age five is ideal. At ten, I fell in love with a sport dominated by kids half my age. When I enrolled in Learn-to-Skate classes in the fifth grade, I found myself arriving early to watch the experienced skaters train. Wide-eyed and in astonishment, I watched them whiz around the rink and...
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The state change of water and melting of ice are among the foremost dramatic transitions of phase occurring nature. Melting ice accounts could be an event that one observes in his/her everyday lives during which the liquid layer created on ice chunks promote the transfer of mass and charge throughout collisions between them; frost heaving powerful enough to carry boulders from the bottom; and, of course, slippery surfaces. Introduction Day to day life expertise suggests why ice surfaces ought to...
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Synchronized Skating has been going on for approximately 60 years and has become a successful sport. Synchronized skating is now practiced around the world. It can be seen used as an act of performance in Disneyland, world synchronized championship, classes given in colleges and many more. Before synchronized was created, there was only figure skating which is also popular around the world. Figure skating is most popular in the Winter Olympic Games where figure skaters from around the world compete....
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Nothing beats the feeling when you finish your routine at a competition you have been working towards for months. You take a deep breath, you smile and suddenly all the pressure disappears. Your body fills with relief as you curtsey to the judges and step off the ice. The world of figure skating affects my life in many ways. It puts me through many emotions, has built me special relationships, disturbs my sleep pattern but most importantly it has helped...
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The cold air bites my skin as I shakingly glide on the center ice. I can feel eyes follow me as I come to a stop and assume my position, waiting for the music to start. Anticipation and adrenaline course through me and it seems as if an eternity passes before my number begins. I experience all types of nerves and contemplate why I thought that I could compete in a sport where I was mediocre at best. As if...
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As more individuals are becoming involved in the four disciplines of the sport of figure skating, singles, pairs, synchronized skating, and ice dance, there has been increased media exposure and popularity in the entire sport. Throughout the United States, there have been better training techniques to create stronger athletes in order to improve the ranking of the U.S. athletes compared to other nations that have dominated the sport. By becoming more of a presence on the world stage, U.S. Figure...
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One September afternoon four years ago, my mother made a decision that I will live with for the rest of my life. She had enrolled me into a skate club. There, at this cold indoor rink of a home, I would soon be indulged in this art and sport. Since I was in grade-school, I loved dance, and I also loved gymnastics. The idea of being able to move freely across the ice as the wind rubbed against my skin...
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