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Sports Training: Latest Trends In High Level Sports (Volleyball)

Introduction History Volleyball has been one of the top team sports for both men and women. It has been around since the 1895 when it first started in United states. It was first named “Mintonette” developed as a sport derived from tennis and handball. Mainly it was a new sports shaped as a less rough version of basketball for older people. Because the rules of the game consist of serves, hitting and volleying, the name “volleyball” was given to it...
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The Role Of Individual Techniques In Volleyball

While volleyball is classified as a team sport, individual technique is a vital component to a team’s success. Maddy’s game performance lacked in a particular basic technique known as the overhand serve. This was observed when the ball lacked power to reach the opponents defence. The serve poses a great purpose in a game; “No volleyball play can begin without a serve, and the serve is the only technique that is totally under your control” – Kerch Kiraly (Strength and...
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Effects Of Postures And Lower Limbs Fatigue Induced On Volleyball Digging Accuracy In Male University Players

Introduction Motor skill relies on the function of a human’s brain, bones, joints and nervous system. According to the familiarity of humans, we can perform a different degree of fine motor skills with higher agility. In volleyball, one of the basic skills is digging and it is widely used in competition. Players’ skills will make an influence on the game a lot and the movements of them is having great importance. (Sozen, 2012) In a game, there is at most...
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The Features Of Collegiate Volleyball Player

Volleyball is a sport played with two teams consisting of six players on each side of the court divided by a net. The players use their hands to hit the ball back and forth over the net until it cannot be hit by the opposing team and hits the floor or goes out of bounds. This report will be analyzing a freshman female athlete playing volleyball at the collegiate level. The athlete has been playing volleyball for seven years, consisting...
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Performance Improvement: Energy Profile For The Sport Of Volleyball

Energy System requirements for success in the game The energy systems are a type of energy that enable every cell, tissue and organ of our bodies to function properly and survive throughout the day. Without energy being supplied to the body through energy systems, our bodies would shut down and will not function properly . Our body works like a machine and like any machine it needs energy to power it in order for it to work. It is extremely...
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The Nature Of Volleyball Activity

Volleyball is a game played between two teams ranging between 2-6 players per side. The aim is to hit the volleyball over the net (2.43m for men and 2.24 m for women). Through this, both teams score points if the ball hits the ground on the opponent’s side of the court. Each team hits the ball only 3 times (Dig, set, and spike). The ball cannot be double touched. If this rule is not followed, the opponent team earns a...
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Optimization Of A Volleyball Serve

Rationale Volleyball is one of my favorite sports that I play although I only play two and that was the reason I decided to focus my mathematical exploration on this simple topic. When told I had to do this exploration, I instantly started searching for topics and/or things I could do but nothing interested me. After looking at the stimuli given to me and many other examples, I decided that I would stick to what I was known for: sports—volleyball...
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Development Of Physical Fitness By Continues Training And Pranayama Among Volleyball Players

Introduction In twenty first century, science and technology have been developed in terms of landmarks, space, protection, nuclear power, computer, internet, etc. We may gather knowledge from any part of the planet within a fraction of a second by means of the internet invention. Due to the advanced development of science and society’s technology and the pressure on undergraduate students for their education, the minimal body movements play an important role. Pranayama means breath management and power. Prana is a...
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Volleyball: History, Rules And Peculiarities

Volleyball is an old and historic sport that was created in the 19th century. It is a worldwide sport today with millions practicing it each day. In the past few years volleyball has become almost as popular as basketball and football. In fact it used to be called mintonette before its name was changed to volleyball. Volleyball is a respected sport all around the world, it is played in the Olympics and it has its own volleyball league called FIVB....
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Overviewing The Politics Inside Philippine Volleyball

“The best way to build confidence in court is by playing.” according to a Thai Secretary-General of Thailand Volleyball Association, Mr. Jaksuwan Tocharoen, “It’s best to go up against strong guys if you want to get stronger.”- Haikyuu!! Volleyball (A Japanese manga series). Another proof on the list is the journey of Brazil WVT, from just being a part of Olympic line up in the past, they managed to be the #1 team in world ranking for years! The year...
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The Physics Of Volleyball Playing

I have played volleyball my entire life, from playing with my brothers and sister, to playing throughout grade school and high school. It has always been the sport that I spend majority of my free time on and the sport my parents spent the most time watching because all of my siblings played. Even though I have spent so much time with this game, I never thought about the physics behind it. There are a lot of forces that act...
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