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On September 7, 1987, in Frankfurt Germany, a star was born. Destinee Hooker, the Olympic silver medalist, is a hard-working, determined, courageous athlete. In Destinee’s hometown, San Antonio, Texas, she was cut from her volleyball team when she was 13 years old. Some of her coaches told her that she would never get any better, and never be able to play for a club. This didn't stop Destinee, now she has accomplished training with the U.S. Women's National Team and received an Olympic silver medal. Destinee is an amazing volleyball player but she didn't just get good out of nowhere she practiced a lot, during high school and in her early years.

Growing up Destinee’s parents, Ricky and Marvietta Hooker, always encourages sports. At Southwest's High School Destinee starred in Basketball, track, field, and volleyball. Destinee always tended to do whatever her sister, Marshevet Hooker did. So when Marshevet decided to drop all of her other sports for volleyball, it was a no-brainer for Destinee. This is when Destinee got into volleyball. When Destinee went to college at the University of Texas she participated in track during the offseason of volleyball, Destinee claims that track helped her stay strong for the volleyball season.

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Destinee Hookers’ family also plays sports, her sister Marshevet, placed 5th in the 200m dash at the 2008 Olympics. In 1893 Destinees dad, Ricky Hooker earned a spot in the St. Marys's's hall of Fame for basketball. In early childhood, Destinee’s dad always encouraged sports but Destinee’s mom highly encouraged school, so while Destinee was growing up her parents had high expectations. Destinee said that this gave her a lot of pressure but she was glad she went for a sports career instead of the education route because she has been provided with so many amazing opportunities. Destinee’s family has left a huge impact of Destinee on how she had succeeded, she has said that without her family she would have never made it anywhere without their love and support. Throughout Destinee’s career, she has had so many astounding opportunities, and she took all of them. For example, in 2008 she trained with the U.S. Women's National Team. Destinee has said training with such amazing athletes has opened so many new doors for her that it has been a dream come true. About a year later in Destinee’s career, she had decided to get back into track and she won her third NCAA outdoor title. If Destinee is determined enough she can achieve anything “When I was little, there was a time when I quit; I said don’t want to do this anymore,” she said, wiping away tears. “This is a huge turnaround. I’m glad I never gave up.” This quote from Destinee is an example of how she is a determined athlete. It shows how Destinee wanted to give up and drop everything to quit, but instead, she picked herself up and did what she had to do to get where she wanted to be.

In 2011 Destinee Hooker had to leave her Italian Club team in the middle of the season due to her knee injury, a torn ACL, which required surgery. One of Destinee’s major roadblocks in her career was her injury. Destinee didn't let that stop her. She was determined to get back out on the court. Her recovery took about 8 months and she was itching to get back out onto the court. To make up for all of the lost time she was on the court day and night, doing what she loved. Destinee has had so many amazing opportunities but it goes beyond practicing with special teams, or winning tournaments she made a big event happen for herself by working very hard and learning from her mistakes.

“To have performances like that, back to back, is what you have to do in that tournament,” said McCutcheon, who coached the U.S. men to the Olympic gold medal in 2008. “You play 11 matches in 14 days. You have to string 'em together. (Destinee) was great at that. She was consistent. She just competed like crazy and just kept fighting and scrapping. This is a quote from the 2012 Olympics. Destinee Hookers team took silver for the U.S. Destinee had said after the event that it was such a relief to be done, that it was a weight on her shoulders, but now she feels accomplished and proud of herself. “The thought of being an Olympian has always crossed my mind,” Hooker said. “There's no other way to describe it. You see others before you represent your country and I, too, wanted that ‘golden' opportunity. When (coach) Hugh (McCutcheon) told me I was officially an Olympian, I didn't know what to say. For the first time in my life, I believe, I was speechless. It truly is a blessing.”

Destinee has said that while she was growing up her childhood role model was Logan Tom. In 2012, she had the chance to be on the same team as her. ESPN has stated, “Olympic rookie Destinee Hooker and four-time Olympian Logan Tom both had 14 points for the United States” (ESPN). This quote implies that Destinee is very hard-working because even though she has had less experience in the Olympics she has done just as well as a four-time Olympian and her childhood role model.

Even though she was cut from her 13-year-old volleyball team Destinee Hooker is still a hard-working amazing athlete with the courage and determination to go to the Olympics. She has only done one Olympics in her volleyball career but all of her fans are expecting more to come from this talented amazing athlete.

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