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Drive: - I am a very focused, goal-oriented, eager, progressive, and energetic person. I always make continuous efforts to achieve the highest peak of success (Stephen P. Robbins, 2017). I always show interest in taking the initiative to achieve the desired aim or goal. When I was in high school there was no volleyball team in our school. 5 students in our class had a great interest in volleyball. I took the initiative to talk with the principal from the group of five. In the beginning, the principal refused our request to make the volleyball team because we didn’t have the full team. I started to find those boys who were interested in this game. I built a team and again approached the principal and the management of the school. Finally, they convinced us to give them an opportunity, but they want great success in the first year to continue this game in the future. We did practice a lot and tried our best. Our team got the second position in the final match at the district level. They were satisfied with our success and made the volleyball game a part of the core games of the school.

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Self-Confidence: - I know my abilities very well and trust myself more than anyone else. My self-confidence convinces the people to follow me to achieve the right goal and motivates them to show trust and faith in me. During high school, there was a discussion going on in the class about who would be the class representative. There were three candidates including me. I delivered my convincing speech with full confidence and directly communicated my way to meet their expectations. From the class of 35, 24 students voted me as the class representative.

Emotional Intelligence: - I am an emotionally intelligent person. I recognize the mental state of the people from their facial reactions and I always take care of other emotions and control my own emotions while making important decisions and doing group work. In college, we qualified for the final match of volleyball at the national level. I was the captain of the team. In the first half of the match, one of our best players was not performing well. Instead of criticizing him, I talked to him very politely to find the reason for his distraction because I recognized that he was under mental stress. He told me that his father is hospitalized and in a very serious situation. Then I gave him motivation to play for his father by saying that If he wins then her father will be so happy. It’s a game of just a few minutes but makes your father proud. After that, he seemed very motivated and performed his best. We won the match and when he went to the hospital, his achievement brought a smile to his father's face.

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