What Does Dance Mean to Me: Personal Narrative Essay

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Seven years ago, I made the best decision of my life. When I was ten years old I decided to quit soccer, tumbling, cheer, and guitar lessons for the one sport that would change my life. Now that I am seventeen years old, I still pursue this sport and will continue to love it, as long as I am able to do it. Dance really means a lot to me. I’ve had many experiences in dance that have changed the way I see and perceive life.

Last year, I had a very eventful weekend in Davenport, Iowa at a dance competition. Me, my mom, and my mom’s boyfriend Matt drove all the way up to Davenport at two in the afternoon to meet my grandma, cousin, and aunt at a beautiful hotel. After the two-and-a-half-hour torturous drive of listening to my mom and her boyfriend sing horribly the whole way up, we made it to the hotel. When I got out of the car, I immediately had to stretch my legs and arms, as a dog would do from sitting for what seemed like days. When I got out of the car, it was hot and humid and very cloudy.

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The hotel was covered in purple glass windows and pleasing chandeliers in the lobby of the enormous hotel. On the inside, many of the workers were setting up black square tables for Mother's Day brunch for the next day. When my extremely sweet grandma and mom checked into our three hotel rooms, they handed me a purple Black Hawk key to our room on level eleven. After the long walk to our hotel room, I decided I should put on the pounds of makeup I have to wear to compete and get my hair ready in a slick tight bun so I could go down to the competition and hang out with my new friends I became close with last year. Once I walked down to the competition, I changed into my white and black shimmery costume in the very cold and musty dressing room and found one of my new best friends, named Bianca.

“We are running production already. You are late”, Bianca said. At a dance competition, you have to arrive exactly two hours early; however, I was a little late. I ran up the stairs, out of breath to the second floor, where eighty kids were running one of our very long and huge dances that is seven minutes long. After we ran it three times and our coaches gave us corrections on things to fix, we all sprinted back down the stairs quickly to go backstage. Backstage is a dark place where all of our nerves start to kick in while we watch the other terrific dances on stage. We waited backstage for what seemed like hours, but it was only twenty-five minutes. We finally got to dance on stage as a team again.

Being on stage as a company and dancing with my best friends is a kind of feeling most people will never get to feel in their life. Dancing on stage and doing something I love with the people I love is the greatest feeling in the world. When I was on stage with my whole company I could feel all their energy radiating into my body and making me dance bigger and better. It's a feeling most people will never understand.

After a long awards ceremony and winning first place, it was time for my solo. I practiced my solo with five other soloists on my team. We always have to compete against each other, but for whoever wins, we are always happy for them. I had butterflies in my stomach while I was walking backstage with five of my best friends. When we got backstage, our coach talked to us individually to wish us all luck. She told me, “Be beautiful. I know you will”. Two of my friends went on the hard, black, Marley floor before me. Marley floor is like hard tar. When I was backstage I started hyperventilating because I got so nervous and excited at the same time. Both my friends had finished dancing and it was my turn. The time went by so fast while I was on stage. It went by in seconds, however, it was the greatest seconds of my life. Once I was off stage and watched three more of my terrific teammates dance, the rest of our teammates came running backstage along with our coach. Their hair was dancing in the wind as they ran. We all had tears running down our faces, we were sitting in a circle backstage, hugging each other. I will always remember what my coach told us while we were sitting on that floor in a small circle in the dark backstage. “This is a moment to remember. This is why we dance and enjoy dancing together and watching each other dance. Most people in their life will never get to feel these moments that dancers feel when they dance or watch their best friends dance. It's a moment to remember why we are here today. Take a moment to realize why you love dancing and being with each other so much. I love you all so much”, my coach said. With tears running down her face, “I love you all so much”, one of my teammates said.

Dance is a sport I will always get to enjoy with my friends. It has taught me great lessons. It has also taught me to cherish every little event in life because sometimes they can become so great and terrific. Sitting behind the stage in a circle has reminded me again why I dance. It showed me how great the feeling is when you see your best friends on stage dancing and pouring their hearts out to the audience for everyone to see.

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