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Essay about My Favourite Sport, American Football

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The American game of football was invented on August 20th, 1920 in Ohio, Canton. The man who came up with the idea of football was non otherwise known as Walter Camp, he was known as the father of football and played as a halfback in the time he played football, he came up with the idea to play with a leather ball, and the positions there are today. In football, you are required to wear a helmet to protect your head from collisions with others. Helmets and pads have also transformed over the years to keep the players as safe as they can while playing the sport they love. Football also is a very dangerous sport, many concussions and head injuries come from the sport from bashing heads together and getting thrown everywhere. There are also many knee injuries and lower body problems among players, particularly due to low tackles from opposite players. The game of football is the most watched sport in America, the game is exciting and physical.

Football can bring people together, but why would the game of football be the most watched game in America, what is so cool about the sport that millions of people would want to watch? Football is watched from homes to bars to about anywhere. Football is not the only game being played while being watched many people bet money and play fantasy football to try to win and make money off the teams they pick. Football players can also make a living off the sport they play, many teams pay for players to come to play for their NFL team and sign them to a contract for a certain amount of money for a certain amount of years. Teams will pay from a million to a hundred million dollars depending on how good the player is and how he will benefit the team. When it comes to watching football, many friends and family gather together to watch their team play and watch it together on a Sunday or Saturday night.

Football can be a way for many people to excel in life. Many people who play football can get a scholarship to a college and get a full ride so they can also focus on school and sports. People are always looking for new people to recruit for their football team, many players can be very good this week but will play badly next week and will need a substitute player to play for them. Many people are practicing every day to try to be that player that makes it to the NFL league or college league, the game of football is a very competitive game to try to get into. Many people only focus on football and believe that is the only way for them to succeed in life since they aren't as good at school as they are in football, many rely on football to take them places and help them make money since they are good at what they do.

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People from all over the world watch football. It is proven that about 19.3 million people tune in to watch football every week. Every year there is a final tournament that has each team from the NFL play and tries to win, many know that the final game of the year is called the Super Bowl. Each year, the Super Bowl has around 99.9 million people tune in to watch the game from all around the world. Most people are watching from the United States, but many people are watching from the UK to China. People love the game and will tune in to watch a game that is not even played by their home team, they just love the game itself. Football will bring families and friends together, as I stated before, but football also has families competing against each other to watch their team beat the other team.

Football is a way of life for many players from the NFL to the college league. Many players wake up and play football all day every day because that's what they love to do. If someone is that devoted to football, they will excel in every way possible as a player and soon become a professional player. The NFL has many people playing, but only has the best of the best from the states to nations playing in the game, and is awesome to watch them go against each other and play the American game. The NFL has players who are 6' to 6'11, that's huge, they are also not skinny guys, they are huge muscled big men who are trained to take down other massive men who are trained to do what they need to do, so it is an awesome game to watch.

Some facts about football. The field of each football field is 100 yards long and 160 feet wide. There are also two 20-yard end zones on each end of the field but does not count as the actual 100-yard field. There are 4 quarters each game, counting halftime in between the four quarters. There are 32 NFL teams, all NFL teams are manufactured in Ohio, and all players are required to wear shoulder, knee, and back pads. Each NFL player during the rookie year makes around $420,000 a year, and finally, there are huddles before each play so the opposite team does not know what the offense is about to do.

Personally, I have been playing football for around 4 years. I loved each game. I play and love the game itself. I do believe that football is a very competitive and rough sport to play, I have been injured quite a bit from playing the sport, but that's what it's all about. Football is definitely my favorite sport. I really love this game. I love my teammates that I play with because if I didn't have one of them on the field we would be playing a whole different type of game, each position is a very important part of the game. I would suggest everyone try this sport at least once because this game can change your life. I love everything about it and can't wait to see where I will go in the future.

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