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Affirmative Action Essays

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Use of Affirmative Action Policies within the Configuration of Admissions Decisions

Introduction As much as a campus is built with the brick and mortar of physical structures and buildings, it is also built through the composition of its student body. Admission decisions have a critical and distinctive role in establishing diversity and inclusion on college campuses (Winkle-Wagner & Locks, 2014). For this reason, it is imperative that the University establish use of affirmative action policies within the configuration of admissions decisions. This is not to suggest that qualified applicants be rejected...
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Affirmative Action: For And Against

Today, it would be racists who use the tags “minority” and “intellectually impaired” together. However, it is that precise attitude that is promoted by the defenders of affirmative action, a system that is firmly entrenched in the mindset that minorities would be unable to succeed on a level playing field. Based on historical precedence, the legal basis for affirmative action is not well supported. It attempts to protect equality and promote diversity, but it does exactly the opposite. It goes...
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Essay on Impacts and Outcomes of Affirmative Actions

Affirmative Action has various positive impacts on an individual basis. For instance, Evan Apfelbaum of MIT and other professionals in the field would state there is a direct link between an employee’s representation of their minority group in the workplace. They say groups that are characterized more in a workplace or school environment tend to have fewer concerns about their personal reflection on their group (Apfelbaum, Reagans, & Stephens, 2016). This relationship shows that an employee’s individual performance can be...
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Argumentative Essay on Whether Affirmative Action Is Good

Imagine growing up as a child with the mindset that you want to become a successful engineer. You study hard, get into college, and graduated at the top of your class. Suddenly, you are gifted the opportunity of a lifetime when a top-tier company has a vacant position in your area of expertise. After applying for the position, sending in your resume, and outshining all the other people that applied, you don’t get the position. Why? Because you’re a woman....
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Affirmative Action: Alternatives For Systems Of Equality

Fairness is based on what? Fairness is an impartial and just treatment or behavior without favoritism or discrimination. I am a firm believer in this concept, and I believe a man, or a woman is free to choose a path in their life that is both challenging and fulfilling. These paths that each of us choose can be achieved through hard work and determination. We all want a chance to achieve a goal or a dream and an equal chance...
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Affirmative Action Policies Are Outdated

In the landmark case of Grutter v. Bollinger, Justice Sandra Day O’ Connor wrote in her majority opinion that the “Court expects that 25 years from now, the use of racial preferences will no longer be necessary to further the interest approved today.” Originally, affirmative action policies were meant to support historically disadvantaged groups, like the discriminated Blacks and Hispanics, in employment. Not long after that, several universities would start implementing affirmative action policies by using race as a factor...
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The Negative Aspects Of Affirmative Action In The USA

Picture yourself being picked for PE kickball teams back in elementary school. The kid that ran the fastest and kicked the hardest would be chosen first, and then the lesser athletic kids would be chosen last. This is the same principal when being selected for a college or job. However this process has been altered with the addition of affirmative action into our society. It reinforces and strengthens the stereotypes of racial groups, makes the playing field not equal for...
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Analytical Essay on the Issues of Affirmative Actions

The industrial and economic development of the Industrial Revolution has made a significant change to the world, and human capital is vital to this success and has been playing a crucial role as far back as the start of the Industrial Revolution in the seventeenth century. As the global economy continues to expand and so as the abuse and discrimination against minority groups grow in the workplace and education institutions and that creates the need to tackle discrimination through an...
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Affirmative Action In Employment

Abstract Using research references written by Dawn D. Bennett-Alexander, Laura P. Hartman, Raina Kelley, Brian Lilley and Jonathan Stempel, I examined the results of their findings in relation to my project. Based on their information, I determined affirmative action is still an instrumental tool in balancing the work force in the United States. There are still jobs that are out of reach for certain minority groups. As long as this imbalance exists so does the need for affirmative action. Do...
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Analysis of Affirmative Action Policies in Public Universities: Literature Review

Overview: My research question was originally on hate crimes and domestic American policies combating it. However, after my literature review, I decided to narrow it. Specifically, I decided to focus on federal American government policies rather than examining regions or states. Moreover, I aimed to address educational government policies that target racial groups and their potential for racial discrimination and outcomes of educational equity. Specifically, I aimed to examine the analysis of affirmative action policies in public universities and public...
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The Importance Of Affirmative Action

Should a person who never had a head start in life be afforded the same opportunities as someone who has? Should everyone be on an even playing field when it comes to hiring, education and diversity? Yes everyone should be afforded the same opportunities on the same playing field so we can all essentially have the same starting point. Nobody should not be afforded an opportunity off the strength of something they cannot control. Due to many individuals careers being...
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The Recommendations for Effective Affirmative Action

Affirmative action is legally required and needed in order to assure the diversity of student bodies, workforces, and organizations. It also helps insure that selection procedures and decisions are fair. However as noted previously, poorly constructed affirmative action programs can cause real harm and AAPs have been put into negative light recently by suspicion of putting race in front of merit. Paying attention to proper implementation is important. Therefore, we have few recommendations that include weak preferential treatment affirmative action...
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Socio-economic Affirmative Action

Higher-level education has become the main differentiation for economic prospects and job opportunities for many working-class individuals. Who receives this education has come to the forefront of many public discussions. In the past, college admissions have been based on intellectual capacity with favors for minority races through the process of affirmative action. However, recently, due to the gap in the economic status of citizens in the United States, a new method has been introduced: socioeconomic affirmative action. In order to...
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How Much Effect does Affirmative Action Have in the Promotion of Diversity and Multiculturalism in Universities?

Abstract Notably, the debating of multiculturalism is still a hot topic in the United States, and different people has different understanding towards multiculturalism, during 1960s, an policy is established and meant to enhance the equality of the working environment which make sure that every race has the same opportunities of getting the job, this is the affirmative action policy, lately it has drawn to the education field which many Universities has adopted it while the administration department is making decision...
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Affirmative Action in Higher Education: Promoting Equality or Creating Division?

Introduction Higher education has become a necessity for any individuals aspiring to further themselves on a personal path to success. Rightfully so, a college diploma seems to be one of employers’ primary concerns throughout the hiring process. Unfortunately, this path-producing paper requires years of hard work and thousands of dollars. This leaves many students having to choose between debt and future career opportunities. Scholarships, legacies, and financial aid are not granted as often as colleges would like potential students to...
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The Benefits and Detriments For Affirmative Action and Employment At Will

Introduction Affirmative action and employment at will are topics of legitimate concern, especially for employers and employees. Previously, but more imperatively, managers and companies should be mindful of the legal ramifications that may happen if they neglect to properly understand the importance of discrimination in the workplace. Albeit union affiliations, Congress did not have a hand in many cases for discrimination until 1963, where Martin Luther King Jr. led the civil rights March on Washington. This march encompassed people of...
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