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Multiculturalism Essays

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Food And Multiculturalism: Culture, Identity And Ethnocentrism

Multiculturalism is a common phenomenon in contemporary society. There is thus a need for people to study different cultures and share ideas to accommodate a variation in the cultural behaviors experiences. The study of foods of different cultures, their preparations, and consumption is an essential step towards progressive multiculturalism. Among other non-verbal communication, food and meals are used as a means of expressing friendship and acceptance of new cultures. The link established by sharing of food among a variety of...
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Political Approaches Of Australia And Japan To Multiculturalism

Modern political approaches in correlation with the historical impact of imperialism and colonialism demonstrates a relevant influence on cultural diversity within countries. That is, the systematic control of an empire over other territories and individuals (Allatson 2019), facilitates a transfer of cultural ideologies, religions and political beliefs that inadvertently shapes a nation’s political approach and acceptance in relation to their ethos, standards and obligations concerning cultural, linguistic and religious diversity (T. Calma 2008, speech, 30 July) within a modern societal...
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The Approaches Of Multiculturalism And Interculturalism In Modern Europe

Multiculturalism is a project of coexistence of different ethnic, cultural and ethnic communities with different religions, languages and races. Is multiculturalism still a useful tool when talking about European society? Why (not)? What other paradigms may be useful for discussing the changing societal and demographic dynamics in modern Europe? In this essay, I will discuss three possible approaches to this pressing yet complex issue. In the first aspect to answer this question, we begin by taking a closer look at...
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Sydney and Los Angeles as Global Multicultural Hubs

“Society is unity in diversity”, – George Herbert Meade. To complement Meade, I would suggest that the best societies are united by diversity. Multiculturalism within global cities is a powerful and complex aspect that impacts societies around the world. More so than ever, globalization of cultures, information, and life has been escalating. If you were to sit on the street in Sydney and count the different nationalities of people passing-by, then you may very well be overwhelmed. The same is...
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Analytical Essay on Multicultural Policies in Multicultural Cities

Introduction In the world, multicultural policies have been subject to scrutiny as more and more societies are becoming multicultural. Ethnic diversity has increased over the past couple of decades like never before calling for major reforms in the accommodation and equality of people all over the world. The rapid urbanization and forced displacement of people, has led to the formation and evolvement of new societies. Migrants come into societies as short terms, long-term or permanent residents but are challenged by...
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Concept of Multiculturalism: Analytical Overview

Political concepts are intrinsically polysemous. For many of them, there is no universal definition that comes without dispute. In this essay, I will argue that political concepts are subject to contestation due to the fact that humans and societies are not static, we are subject to constant change because of environment or culture for example. Moreover, an individual’s own experiences can have significant value on the understanding of concepts, as we also have the ability to shape politics and society....
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Overview of the African Community Services of Peel Organization

Canada is the country where multicultural immigrant people have helped to build the country. In Canada, there are various cultural group and culture people who live and work. According to 2018 annual report of Canada, Canada has offered residency to more than 286000 newcomers in year 2017 and they are planning to reach to 340000 by 2020 (Hussen, 2018, p.44). Canadian government and other organizations help immigrants and refugees with languages training program, information about of Canadian health care and...
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Meaning of to Be or not to Be in the Multicultural Society: Analytical Essay

To be or not to be The multicultural society denotes all the different ethnic groups that coexist in one society. Individuals in a multicultural society can often come across an overwhelming challenge, which is finding their own identity and personal individuality. Finding yourself among millions of different identities may give you superpower. Therefore, self-acceptance and self-recognition are both universal issues existing in every multicultural society. The self-determination phase begins by one-self, as soon as an individual start accepting his or...
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Essay on Citizenship ‘Tests’ and Multicultural Approaches to Integration

Varying methods of naturalization persist in contemporary international society. Many states employ citizenship tests in order to fashion their own requirements for citizenship. However, with the rise of multiculturalism, citizenship tests have been sometimes viewed as contentious methods of integration. Those who oppose citizenship tests assert that these trajectories solely serve to assimilate migrants and do not do enough to maintain and embrace their original cultural roots. In order to determine whether or not citizenship tests can coexist with multicultural...
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Importance of Cross-Cultural Competencies in Transnational Companies: Case of Tesla Factory in Germany

Introduction Multi-national companies are increasingly prevalent in today’s global market, however cross-cultural competence including communication is a core aspect. Cross-cultural competence is integral to communications and having global companies work with teams in different countries; it is about understanding one’s own culture and that of the counterparts with varied values, belief systems, attitudes and language and adjusting communication to befit each cultural interaction. In the Resetarits and Ankel article for Business Insider, the crux of the issue is cultural competence...
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Barriers to Effective Intercultural Communication and Multicultural Communication Guidelines: Case Study of Australia and China

Intercultural Communication “Intercultural communication refers to an interpretive, symbolic, contextual and transactional process in which people belonging from different cultures create shared meanings” (Kolinko, 2019). However, each of the cultures has its way of interpretation of information or message. The style of communication is also different from one culture to the other. In communication, the differences between cultures are related mostly to verbal and nonverbal codes, cultural patterns, standards and roles of relationships, and social perceptions. According to Cappellini (2015),...
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Canada Is a Multicultural Country: An Essay

Multicultural does not only refer to the different skin tones we see on an everyday basis, but it is a vision of society, where people with different nationalities, languages, religions and ethnicities can live together. Over the years, Canada’s multiculturalism has evolved greater and become a part of their national recognition. In Canada, we have over 250 ethnic origins, and it is a home to 230 different nationalities. Not only is Canada accepting of all but believes we all should...
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Essay on Political Science: Multiculturalism Vs. Assimilation

Immigration is a common occurrence in all countries across the world and it is the foundation of many countries, such as the United States. Without immigration, the world would seem stagnant and unable to understand other cultures in the correct fashion. How easy it is for an immigrant to join a community when they immigrate to another country is based on multiple societal and institutional measures in that country. A country that embraces other cultures is a Multicultural society (Song,...
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Is There Any Multiculturalism In Sports?

Sports has truly been a wonderful past-time in the world for as long as I can remember, and it has been an exhibition of a country’s values and expectations of which people should follow. However, values and expectations have failed to take into account one key ingredient that is necessary for the short and long-term success of any nation in the modern world today, and that is multiculturalism. Multiculturalism refers to an approach that integrates these varied perspectives into society...
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Multiculturalism As a Dangerous Ideology: Analytical Essay

The notion for multiculturalism has been shifting for and against the legal and political alteration of ethnic minorities around the world. Since its first proposal during the late 1980s, there was public pressure for increased recognition and adjustment of ethnic diversity through legislation and policies. Multiculturalists viewed earlier ideas of nations as corrupt and began to introduce acceptance and better understandings of one another. However, since the end of the 20th century, there has started to see a major retreat...
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Is Denmark A Multicultural Society?

Introduction Multicultural societies are characterized in the same community by people of various races, ethnicity, and nationalities alike. Multiculturalism can occur on a national scale, or within the communities of a nation. People retain, pass, celebrate, and share their unique cultural ways of life, languages, art, traditions, and behaviours in multicultural communities. The society maintains, respects, and even promotes culture. Not only does it enhance itself but it also allows various cultures to peacefully coexist. Multiculturalism is the key to...
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Multiculturalism in Australia: Analytical Essay

Abstract Multiculturalism is a big reality in Australian society. People live it daily either in cities, suburbs, schools, workplaces, buses or even trains. While in each of these places, Australians tend to mix up with others from different backgrounds. This acknowledgment of multiculturalism has attracted a debate though. The self-declared multiculturalism friends sometimes have become the real source of concern. In essence, this should not be the case. It is very significant that civil debates are conducted to discuss the...
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The Problem Of Balance Between Multiculturalism And National Identity In Australia

Australia is regarded as a high functioning multicultural society; policy and institutional structures that emanate the aspect of cultural diversity have been centered in the past decades (Koleth, 2010). However, there are mixed sentiments concerning this facet among several individuals of the country. These adverse viewpoints, deriving from things like the amount of knowledge an individual has, their domain, media eminence of specific diversity issues, have emerged various outlooks towards multiculturalism (Malik, 2015). Moreso, immigration in Australia has become ultimately...
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Multiculturalism Vs Assimilation In The USA

From the beginning of America’s, freedom of expressing one’s lifestyle choices without prosecution has been the driving factor for colonization. These lifestyle choices include one’s expression and appreciation of their own culture. However, assimilation challenges these freedoms, preservation of family history, and goes againsts the very principles of what America is today. We can look back at history as see the damage that assimilation and lack of acceptance has caused in comparison to the great advances and civil advancement multiculturalism...
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