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African-American Culture: Personal Experience

When you think of the food we you eat, your place of worship, your family cohesiveness, family, and the music you love you are pondering to some degree of your culture. Culture can be viewed as traditions, customs, arts and communal relations of a specific social group. Cultural competence sets a foundation for developing a successful diverse environment. Being socially capable means being familiar with beliefs, including the mindfulness of that culture’s world interpretation. When someone is ethnically skilled they...
3 Pages 1230 Words

Indian Culture vs American Culture Essay: Similarities And Differences

Can a twenty-four year old young man from India survive the culture shock after a move to North Carolina? I was born in the eastern part of India which has a different culture compared to America. When I arrived at North Carolina, it was not easy for me to adapt to American culture. I had difficulty communicating and learning about the American culture. However, I noticed that in North Carolina there are some Indian people, food, and festivals. If I...
3 Pages 1139 Words

Japanese Culture: Religion, Healthcare And Gender Roles

As one of the oldest civilizations in Asia, Japan has a rich culture full of ancient rituals, social customs, traditions, and powerfully held beliefs all with a strong connection to religion and nature. It is the influence of the country’s religions, and the people’s respect of nature, that has initiated the evolution of the Japanese culture over hundreds of years, marrying ancient practices with more modern discoveries turning the Japanese culture into a variable mixture of the old and the...
3 Pages 1249 Words

Essay on the Importance of Heritage

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, heritage is features belonging to the culture of a particular society, such as traditions, languages, or buildings, which were created in the past and still have historical significance. Heritage plays a very important role because it is our identity, our personal history, it creates diversity in human society. I believe that individuality and our identity are shaped by our cultural heritage. A human’s descendants can pass down their culture and heritage for generations if continuously...
1 Page 449 Words

Essay on Alexander the Great Achievements

Alexander the Great was an ancient Macedonian ruler of Macedonia and Persia. He is recognized as one of the world’s best leaders. Alexander the Great built the largest and most dominating empire in the world. He was born in Macedonia, Greece in three hundred fifty-six BC. Alexander the Great father was King Philip Two, and his mother’s name was Queen Olympias. His father was a Greek god, which we recognize today as “Zeus.” Alexander the Great succeeded his father at...
4 Pages 1924 Words

Alexander the Great Legacy Essay

Describe the manner of Alexander the Great’s death After 13 years of campaigning to build the greatest empire in the world, Alexander the Great returned with his army to Babylon (near modern Baghdad) to rest and strategize for his next conquest. His push for endless campaigning had led his generals to threaten mutiny; and through his increasingly eccentric behavior, he had lost the loyalty of some of his close friends. On May 23, 323 BC, Alexander attended a dinner party...
4 Pages 2043 Words

Personal Narrative Essay about Camping

I spent the winter break of my freshman year in college. We were at their friend’s house one night, drinking in her basement with some other girls and it was late, like 3 AM. I was falling asleep so I decided to walk home. They live in a desolate area, with lots of snow and it gets really cold, especially at night, but the houses aren’t too far apart, and when the moon is out it seems light out. The...
7 Pages 3357 Words

Research Essay on Elizabeth Blackwell and Gender Equality

‘I am ready to maintain that there are many females who never feel any sexual excitement whatever … a modest woman seldom desires any sexual gratification for herself. She submits to her husband’s embraces, but principally to gratify him; and were it not for the desire of maternity, would far rather be relieved of his attentions.’ In the above quotation Dr William Acton, a leading medical professional in late nineteenth-century Britain, foregrounds a distinction in sexual interests between men and...
5 Pages 2414 Words

Research Essay on Elizabeth Blackwell

Blackwell's and Neurological Associate's case stands out and requires mindful examination of the substances as the two Parties have genuine facts that substantiate their position. In such a way, a modifying test is crucial, as it were, since it offers a tendency to limit interests. In case one social affair presents substances that give them an off-the-mark edge over the other, it is sensible for just that information. Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell, despite having been extended to various employment opportunities in...
3 Pages 1313 Words

Persepolis' Impact of the American Culture Essay

In class, our main focus is globalization. We are forced to question what globalization is, its origin, how it affects us and vice versa. As a class, we try to conjure up a time, place, and reason for why globalization is important and relevant in our lives. However, I have come to an understanding that globalization is a way of life, and we are simply living in it. It is in everything that we do, even when we are not...
2 Pages 781 Words

Explicatory Essay on Harriet Tubman

One of the most famous abolitionists who impacted the future of colored individuals was Harriet Tubman. Tubman was a female abolitionist of the colored in the 1800s. Most known for the Underground Railroad. Who was she? Tubman was born in Maryland and grew up to conduct hundreds through the Underground Railroad. Harriet Green and Ben Ross, both enslaved, gave birth to Araminta 'Minty' Ross. Mary Pattison Brodess was the owner of Rit (and later her son Edward). Anthony Thompson, Mary...
2 Pages 845 Words

Synthesis Essay on Monuments

Not long ago, a fire broke out at the well-known, visited, and praised Notre Dame Cathedral in France. Thousands of individuals were devastated at the news and thousands of others, including the very wealthy, quickly came to the rescue by giving over one billion dollars in donations to rebuild and repair the attraction. This was found odd, however, as it seems that these individuals—the world, did not understand the history of this place. It’s unknown Notre Dame has been one...
6 Pages 2876 Words

Synthesis Essay on Daylight Savings Time

What if you are traveling overnight by train during the time we are switching our clocks back an hour? You will probably be stuck in a train station an hour longer than you expected. Amtrak trains have a scheduled time to run by, so in October when we change the clocks back by one hour, all trains stop at 2:00 am and wait for the hour before they resume their scheduled trips. Come March’s time change, they will probably be...
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Descriptive Essay on Wedding Ceremony

I was fortunate enough to attend the Indian wedding ceremony of my cousins, additionally recognized as 'Vivah', a kind of wedding known for the grandeur, traditions, grace, hues, and almost carnival-type celebration related to this sacred event. She goes. I would like to tackle the means and essence behind these charming rituals and the cultural value of centuries-old traditions for the duration of a marriage. While there are many subcultures in India, this is the simple version of 'authentic Indian...
2 Pages 975 Words

Descriptive Essay on Santa Claus

A man became a legend centuries ago and now in the 21st century he is still a legend but the story of how or who made him has gone from a real Saint to an animated whimsical figure. He has been loved through the years for his acts of kindness and ability to lift people's spirits. He was a Christian Bishop who would leave simple gifts for families on doorsteps in secret. This is where the Santa Claus legend came...
1 Page 617 Words

Descriptive Essay about New Years Eve

Introduction 'The Little Match Girl' is Hans Christian Andersen's novel. The tale is not only popular because of its poignant tragedy but because of its elegance as well. Our imagination (and literature) may give us warmth, and relief from so much of the struggles of life. Yet it is also possible for literature to serve as a reminder of personal responsibility. Importance and how connected to the real world Hans Christian Andersen's novel “The Little Match Girl” is a fictional...
2 Pages 806 Words

Descriptive Essay about Fireworks

Whether it is the 5th of November, a day at Disneyland, or New Year’s Day, fireworks are used to entertain people of all ages, genders, and races with flashing lights and loud noises. But that fun and entertainment can lead to severe injuries and even death, all because of the lack of awareness the general public has regarding the dangers of fireworks. Families have been ripped apart because of fireworks that don’t actually work, and they’ve ended up causing a...
2 Pages 869 Words

Descriptive Essay about Christmas Celebration

When compared to other countries' celebrations, the Philippines' Christmas celebration is rather unique. It starts to feel like Christmas as soon as September arrives. People are beginning to purchase items for use as decorations. Filipinos are beginning to arrange the things needed to celebrate Christmas at this time. Some families are considering how they may make their decorations more appealing. Children are ecstatic and planning what gifts they would want to receive from Santa Claus. We Filipino Christians believe that...
2 Pages 982 Words

Why Is Rosa Parks a Hero: Critical Essay

You might be familiar with the story of Rosa Parks from history lessons. However, we should consider her story is perhaps more relevant today than ever before. With tumultuous times in American politics and the rise of nationalism in the UK and Europe, we should all be grateful for Rosa Parks's actions, and how she affected society in the modern age. Her story is more important now than ever not just for the growing problems of racism. One December day,...
2 Pages 881 Words

Essay on Western Feminism Vs Third World

Postcolonial feminism is a relatively new type of feminism that emerged in response to earlier waves of feminism and postcolonial theory. It seeks to address the adverse cultural, economic, and political effects of colonialism on non-Western women in developing and especially colonized countries, which are typically at odds with mainstream feminism. Therefore, a vital issue in feminist activities is the analysis of the boundaries of global politics and the boundaries between the bodies and discourses (Richardson & McLaughlin & Casey,...
5 Pages 2299 Words

Essay on How Did Rosa Parks Influence Others

It is said that we learn history to appreciate a variety of cultures, but most importantly to have knowledge about the past and not repeat it. Social movements have had a very significant role in history, as they help society develop a greater understanding of issues in politics that are unfair to all. Through the decades, America has seen an enormous amount of inequality, from the moment Rosa Parks decided to hold ground on the bus until recent times when...
3 Pages 1283 Words

Argumentative Essay on Gun Violence in America

Gun violence in America is an urgent, nagging problem, which requires proof-based, innovative solutions. It is a serious national problem leading to more than 30,000 deaths and 78,000 non-fatal injuries every year [See Alpers and Wilson]. Although the rate of gun homicides in the United States of America has declined in recent years, U.S. rates remain substantially higher than those of almost every other nation in the world and are at least seven times higher than those of Australia, Canada,...
4 Pages 1609 Words

Autobiography Essay on Charles Darwin

Humanity remembers major scientific discoveries and some of them continue to influence the way we view the world today. For example, the accidental discovery of penicillin by Alexander Fleming and Newton’s apple led to the discovery of gravity. These discoveries all have something in common - a brilliant mind and a stroke of luck (or divine providence). In a similar way, a series of coincidences led a young Charles Darwin to develop the theory of natural selection. This forever changed...
2 Pages 1059 Words

Essay on Martin Luther King and 'I Have a Dream' Summary

Martin Luther King Jr. was born on January 15th,1929, and passed April 4, 1968. He was an American Baptist priest and dissident who turned into the most noticeable representative and pioneer in the American social liberties development from 1955 until his death in 1968. King progressed social liberties through peacefulness and common insubordination, propelled by his Christian convictions and the peaceful activism that was influenced by Mahatma Gandhi. He was the child of early social liberties lobbyist and pastor Martin...
3 Pages 1401 Words

Essay on Did Martin Luther King Dream Come True

Did Martin Luther King Jr. accomplish everything he strived for? Did his dream come true? Martin Luther King didn’t always have good things going his way when he was doing the civil rights movement or even when he wasn’t. Martin strived for equality for everybody throughout the whole United States no matter your race. The way Martin achieved things without violence was pretty amazing. King led the 1955 Montgomery bus boycott and in 1957 became the first president of the...
1 Page 538 Words

Essay about Holiday Traditions in South Africa

Traditions, holidays, and festivals are all important in the Republic of South Africa. South Africa has a large population of 57 million people with three capital cities: Cape Town, Bloemfontein, and Pretoria. Traditions are beliefs or customs people do regularly that have been done for many generations. South Africa is known as the 'Rainbow Nation' because it has lots of different cultures that influenced its traditions since most people in South Africa either are Bantu or European, and only a...
2 Pages 981 Words

Essay on India's Independence Day

After a long and dedicated struggle of our freedom fighters, on August 15, 1947, India became free from British rule. Jawaharlal Nehru, one of the freedom fighters, became the first Prime Minister of independent India, and he hoisted the Indian flag, tricolor, on the ramparts of the Red Fort in Delhi at noon, as the zero hour of 15 August began on that day in 1947. He called the moment 'India's tryst with destiny'. Delhi was declared the capital of...
1 Page 463 Words

Mid-Autumn Festival in Vietnam: Essay

Vietnam has a fascinating culture. The everyday life of the inhabitants of this country is significantly different from that of Americans. With such a contrasting way of life, Vietnam also hones several diverse and attractive holidays. Some of these attractive holidays include Tết (Vietnamese New Year), Tết Trung Thu (Mid-Autumn Festival), Tết Đoan Ngọ (Double Fifth Festival), and Lễ Phật Đản (Buddha Day). Each of these holidays has a unique history, wonderful traditions, and most importantly, delicious food! In my...
1 Page 484 Words

Annual Christmas Online Shopping Craze Harms the Environment: Argumentative Essay

Saving the planet is, without question, one of today’s most current topics. However, sometimes other issues may occupy one’s mind, for example, Christmas. Truth be told, during that time of the year, the environment is not everybody’s priority. Panic-buying gifts often take place online, and customers do not want to drive to the next mall to escape high traffic loads. Almost 65 percent of Germany’s population used the Internet for shopping in 2013. Now, seven years later, the number of...
1 Page 407 Words

How 'Growing Up Asian in Australia' Represents People from Multicultural Backgrounds: Essay

Australia is one of the most multicultural countries in the world. It is therefore essential that Australian society has access to the literature exploring the stories and experiences of people from multicultural backgrounds. Multicultural literature must authentically explore the challenges of people from diverse backgrounds, adjusting to a culture different from their own. 'Growing Up Asian in Australia' by Alice Pung is an anthology of stories that provides a thorough insight into the lived experiences, challenges, and successes of Australian...
4 Pages 2000 Words
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