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African-American Culture: Personal Experience

When you think of the food we you eat, your place of worship, your family cohesiveness, family, and the music you love you are pondering to some degree of your culture. Culture can be viewed as traditions, customs, arts and communal relations of a specific social group. Cultural competence sets a foundation for developing a successful diverse environment. Being socially capable means being familiar with beliefs, including the mindfulness of that culture’s world interpretation. When someone is ethnically skilled they...
3 Pages 1230 Words

Indian Culture vs American Culture Essay: Similarities And Differences

Can a twenty-four year old young man from India survive the culture shock after a move to North Carolina? I was born in the eastern part of India which has a different culture compared to America. When I arrived at North Carolina, it was not easy for me to adapt to American culture. I had difficulty communicating and learning about the American culture. However, I noticed that in North Carolina there are some Indian people, food, and festivals. If I...
3 Pages 1139 Words

Japanese Culture: Religion, Healthcare And Gender Roles

As one of the oldest civilizations in Asia, Japan has a rich culture full of ancient rituals, social customs, traditions, and powerfully held beliefs all with a strong connection to religion and nature. It is the influence of the country’s religions, and the people’s respect of nature, that has initiated the evolution of the Japanese culture over hundreds of years, marrying ancient practices with more modern discoveries turning the Japanese culture into a variable mixture of the old and the...
3 Pages 1249 Words

Similarities between Mexican and American Culture

Mexican culture has its similarities and differences with American culture. Not only are there similarities and differences within the basic aspect of culture but also within the socialization aspect. My subtopic was immigration and how that affects Mexican-American people not only in their daily life but also in their long-term lives. We will dive deeper into how the basic cultures are different, current events that might be affecting Mexican Americans today, and differences that affect identity. Each culture is going...
2 Pages 847 Words

Ragtime's Legacy for Jazz Music: Analytical Essay

In this essay, I will evaluate how influential Jazz Music has influenced popular music. To do this I will carry out research in order to gain a greater understanding and enable me to make a judgment on this. Some of the ways that this will be done is by showing the characteristics of Jazz as well as the origins of the genre, in connection to examples across time of how it influenced popular music today. The genre of Jazz developed...
1 Page 678 Words

Popular Culture and Psychology: Extrinsic and Intrinsic Motivations in 'Mulan' and 'Legally Blonde'

Movies are one of the many forms of popular culture. Even though popular culture comes with various definitions, it is a culture that is favored by the mass media. Moreover, psychology can be a component of popular culture. A psychological concept that can be in movies is intrinsic and extrinsic motivations. The textbook, Human Development for Nursing, by Reilly (2020), defined intrinsic and extrinsic motivations as follows: “Intrinsic motivation is based on internal factors such as organismic needs (competence, relatedness,...
2 Pages 1004 Words

Jazz Became the Cornerstone of Popular Culture during the Swing Era: Discursive Essay

Swing music (1935-1945) marked a shift in jazz from improvisation to notated music and larger ensembles known as ‘big bands.’ Because of the size of the ensembles, which were made up of several horns, reed instruments, and percussion, swing required simplified written arrangements. Swing was typically more repetitious, and pop-friendly than other forms of jazz. Swing music is the closest jazz has ever come to being America’s most popular music. There are a lot of controversial topics to discuss when...
5 Pages 2401 Words

Impact of Pop Music Artists: Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift

It seems as though people have worshiped artists/celebrities for as long as they have been around, but what is it that makes them so desirable and makes their music speak out to the world? Fans from all over the world are inspired by artists like Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, and Taylor Swift. But not just by their music which is great pop tracks by themselves that have everything you want from a commercial pop track, from a catchy chorus with...
6 Pages 2611 Words

Hip Hop Destroying Black Culture: Argumentative Essay

There is nothing wrong with one community learning the cultural styles originated by another (Forman). However, it is not okay for the dominant community to take over, strip these cultural forms and meanings from their origins, and popularize them (Forman). The commercialization and globalization of hip-hop did just that, leaving the oppressed black community back to their misrepresented social, economic, and political struggles which hip-hop was created to neglect (Flores). Hip-hop originated in the South Bronx of New York City...
4 Pages 1686 Words

Essay on Taylor Swift's Legacy in Country Music

Taylor Swift is known as one of the most talented singers of the twenty-first century. From her birth until the age of seven, Swift lived on a Christmas tree farm with her family in rural Pennsylvania. Swift was determined to pursue her passion for singing, and made the bold decision to move to Nashville, Tennessee with her family at the age of eleven. Swift’s early albums were of the country genre. In her later albums, she would explore the realm...
3 Pages 1411 Words

Essay on Positive Effects of Rock Music on American Culture

Introduction Music has been known to influence American culture and the many ethnic and age groups that inhabit the country. It reflects popular ideals and the expression of the country’s innovative individuals and controls the masses because of its accessibility. Rock music, in particular, took America by storm with rebellious ideas and outlandish concepts that were perceived in different ways. Ultimately, it left many positive marks on American culture and history because of the transformation it inspired in society. Background...
1 Page 460 Words

Essay on Ethnography

Ethnography is the systematic finding out about a unique crew of people based upon large subject work in one or extra selected locals. Contemporary ethnography includes the use of sound and digital platforms. These contemporary ethnographic tactics consist of sonic, visible, and digital ethnography. They have extra value discounts and extra fee effective, extra genuine responses, extensive time saving, safe and impenetrable approaches, easier for respondents, and more powerful outputs. Nevertheless, contemporary ethnographic processes have a tendency to be affected...
2 Pages 954 Words

Essay on Earth Day

Earth day is an annual day when events are held globally to increase recognition and appreciation of the earth`s herbal environment. Earth day reminds us that we all share an identical planet. We are accountable for what and how we use it. Earth day is celebrated in more than one hundred seventy-five nations every year. It is especially dedicated as a day to suppose of the environmental challenges we are going through and the options for them. In 2009, the...
1 Page 544 Words

Essay on Country Music in the United States

Starting in 1776, the United States of America has been a country surrounded by the intense progression of modern times, with topics including economic growth, financial stability, and political strengths and weaknesses. With the United States being at the forefront of many important movements, its citizens and outside powers have often associated patriotism as being the founding and guiding principle of what makes the U.S. such a strong leader. The immense amount of strength though has created a skewed version...
4 Pages 1834 Words

Environment and History of Indian Ethics

diverseEnvironmental ethics is considered as a branch of ethics that studies established the foundation of environmental values, the relation of people in general with its atmosphere, concrete problems around societal approaches, actions, and policies to safeguard and sustain a wide range of diversity and ecological systems. Environmental ethics believe that nature includes mankind but also thousands of different enormous living creatures such as plants and animals which are also living organisms required for a balanced ecosystem. These elements are a...
3 Pages 1370 Words

Spring Break Adventures Essay

Spring break is a much-anticipated time for students across the country, offering a much-needed break from the rigors of academic life and a chance to explore new places and experiences. Whether it’s a trip to a tropical paradise, a visit to a new city, or simply a chance to relax at home, spring break is a time for adventure, exploration, and discovery.  In this essay, I will share some of the most exciting and memorable moments of my spring break...
2 Pages 886 Words

Essay about Traditional Igbo Wedding Ceremony

Marriage is a big deal in the Igbo culture. In an Igbo traditional wedding, every member of the extended family is involved and there are a lot of things to be done during the wedding ceremony. Igbo traditional wedding takes a step-by-step procedure as there is no rush. Iku Aka or Iju Else Translation in English is coming to knock or inquire. As a man who wants to marry in the Igbo land, you will go with your immediate family...
1 Page 553 Words

Glenn C. Altschuler's View on the Impact of Rock and Roll on American Culture

Music endures being a significant role in history since the beginning of times. The appearance of rock and roll between 1945 and 1965, became one of the most shifting points in American culture. The development of rock and roll shattered a firestorm of argument across America. The impact that this genre of music brought to America remained evident till to date and had a great influence on people lives. During the 1950s, this music genre faced a lot of cultural...
5 Pages 2106 Words

Chinese Wedding Ceremony Vs Christian Wedding Ceremony

The ritual I have chosen to this report is wedding. I chose this ritual because it is very important in everyone’s life and it is very different between the wedding in Chinese culture and the wedding in Australian culture (the Christian wedding). The purpose of this paper is to analyze the nature of the Chinese wedding ceremony and the Christian wedding ceremony. An evaluation of processes, participants, symbols and location of the ritual will be given. An examination of the...
1 Page 447 Words

What Is Culture: Essay

Introduction Our reality today is overly multicultural and diverse. Every day we interact with people from various cultural backgrounds. People we interact with have distinct mindsets and carry unique values, norms, and beliefs in their backpacks. Effective communication among representatives of different cultures is way too complicated if people are not culture-aware and do not display cultural understanding. Speaking the language is never enough as we should be aware of subtle aspects of the culture in order to to avoid...
6 Pages 2896 Words

What is Black Culture: Essay

During the Mid 1970s, the Black artist began embracing their identity and dedication to black culture through literature. Literature that was created during this period, criticized the government for its mistreatment of black people in America. It displays this style of criticism through two famous pieces What America Would Be Without Blacks by Ralph Ellison and If Black English Isn’t a Language Then What is it? by James Baldwin. These two pieces exemplify the impact Black culture has on mainstream...
2 Pages 1082 Words

What I Did over Christmas Break: Essay

Reflection After going back to my home country for Christmas break, I have been enjoying my holiday to the fullest that I forgot I have an upcoming essay due on the first day back to school. After coming to the realization that the essay is due within exactly 24 hours right before I board the flight back to Birmingham, which flight is 17 hours long, meaning that I would not have wi-fi for the upcoming 17 hours, I then started...
2 Pages 962 Words

What Does Culture Mean to You: Opinion Essay

Our first assignment was to produce a piece of writing on the meaning of culture. My initial reaction to the assignment was confusion, because of the limited definition of culture that I had. From my perspective, culture ultimately reflected an individual’s race. Ever so often I get an orchestrated question referring to my ethnicity or nationality. Whether it is where I was born, where I am from, where I feel I belong, or where do I live. Sometimes I feel...
1 Page 630 Words

What Did You Do over Christmas Break: Essay

That the drought is significantly impacting Australian farmers, so movements and activism for greater support are vital. Over this most recent Christmas break, I had the opportunity to spend some time with my family in central Queensland. The Svensson family comes from a long line of graziers and farmers, with this past year being especially hard as my uncle has no choice but to spend his months on highways driving hundreds of head of cattle just to find food. There...
2 Pages 926 Words

What Christmas Means to Me: Essay

Is Christmas really the happiest time of year? Christmas. Every year we count down the days with chocolate behind tiny doors, watch the same old Christmas movies as the year before – to the point where I think I could recite Nativity word for word – and eat so much food that, in hindsight, it becomes sheer gluttony. Every year we lie awake dreaming of the gifts that will be under the beloved tree on the big morning waiting for...
3 Pages 1204 Words

Essay about Vision of America

At the beginning of every single school day, I, as well as thousands of my peers, stand up and pledge my loyalty to a red, white, and blue piece of cloth. Every time I watch a sports event on television, I see tens of thousands of Americans stand up with their hands on their hearts and face this ubiquitous piece of cloth as a familiar tune is played: The Star Spangled Banner. Every year, I, as well as millions of...
2 Pages 849 Words

Views on America: Essay

What makes America particular from every single other nation is the rights that an American native has in America. American residents most likely have a larger number of rights than the natives from some other nations on the planet. The most significant right an American resident has is an opportunity, an opportunity that a native from no other nation on the globe has. The second and likely most significant idea that goes to my head when I consider America is...
2 Pages 841 Words

Essay about Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is celebrated on 14th Feb annually in loving memory of Saint Valentine who was a roman saint of the third century. Starting from Feb 7th to Feb 14th called valentine’s week. If you love someone and want to express your feelings then this is the perfect time to do it. Don’t think so seriously just do it. Each couple eagerly waits for this week so they can engage themselves. This week is the most loved week of the...
1 Page 447 Words

Thanksgiving Essay

America has always carried the desire to ignore its past and live in its view of itself as a melting pot. America wants us all to forgive and forget the past to be one people. How can we forgive the past if this country won’t even acknowledge its true sins instead of the cookie-cutter version it feeds its people? How can we forget the past when our present injustices and state of living stem from what happened in the past?...
1 Page 622 Words

Should English Be the Official Language of the United States: Essay

Have you ever wondered where the English language came from? How it was developed and how it became what we know today? It is common to suggest that there are three main categories concerning the evolution and history of the English language. First, we have Old English. It started from 450 to 1066 and it begins with the coming of Germanic tribes settling in England. Then, we have Middle English which started from 1066 to 1500. It begins with the...
3 Pages 1435 Words
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