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Reflective Essay on My Spring Break in 2013

I came to Cleveland from San Diego on spring break 2013. I am 11 and in middle school and moved here because my mom and dad had a job transfer and I had to come with them. We came by car with a trailer with all our stuff and it was the most boring thing I have ever done in my life. The family I have here is my mom, dad and my grandpa and grandma. My mom and dad...
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Reflection on My Spring Break at South Beach Miami

Christina Rossetti’s poem, “Goblin Market” is a perplexing, fairytale narrative that the didactic literature and irregular form creates a heightened effect of alluring imagery to draw the reader in. There is incestuous abuse, illicit love and temptation. In my imitation I choose to pick the first 15 lines of the poem to expound upon the goblin’s ploy to tempt people with their fruit. In the beginning of Rossetti’s poem, it says “Morning and evening, Maids heard the goblins cry:” (Line...
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Reflection on My Spring Break during Coronavirus Pandemic

All of this really started during spring break and we ended up having two full weeks of Spring Break. And ever since then all of our classes became online for the rest of the semester which has been a challenge to get used to at first. Now it has become easier to deal with. The entire time since the coronavirus had spread all across the world has been weird. On some commercial on tv it was saying what previous ailments...
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Reflection on My Spring Break with My Family

In my family, we have a naming tradition. Your first name is whatever your parents fancy, your middle is your father’s name, and your last is your grandfather’s name. For my parents the name Hassan really spoke to them it was the religious significance of the name that really drew my mother in. I am Muslim just as much as I am African. Both identities have created a conflicting and troublesome dynamic. However, that isn’t all that defines me I...
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Reflection on My Spring Break: My Uncle's Wedding and His Funeral

18 months between my uncle’s wedding and his funeral. March 13, 2016, was my Uncle Eric’s wedding. September 2, 2017, was my Uncle Eric’s funeral. The service for both events was held in the congregation of the Apostolic Faith Home Assembly in Gardena, California owned by his older brother, Marcus. In April of 2017, he was diagnosed with glioblastoma multiforme or ‘GBM’ for short, and was told he had a few months to live at the most. The initial feelings...
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Social Psychology Summary on Students' Impulse Buying during Their Spring Break

The aim of this academic paper was to investigate students who shopped during their spring break, and how their impulse buying linked to their cognitive dissonance. In this paper the investigators used quantitate analysis of the levels of impulsiveness and cognitive dissonance in college students who participated in shopping trips whilst on their spring break. The investigators used students from a variety of different groups and backgrounds to get a more representative sample population. This included using different ethnic groups,...
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Impulse Buying and Cognitive Dissonance during Spring Break: Analytical Essay

In society shopping has become a main interest involving a person’s social status. The activity itself shows more about a person’s relationships within society, than the products or services purchased ([2] Miller, 1998). Consumers do not just value the product or service provided when shopping, they highly value their experience in which time and money is contributing to ([3] Umesh et al. , 1989). Studies show that instinctively after purchasing one product consumers end up purchasing more, this is known...
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Spring Break Adventures Essay

Spring break is a much-anticipated time for students across the country, offering a much-needed break from the rigors of academic life and a chance to explore new places and experiences. Whether it’s a trip to a tropical paradise, a visit to a new city, or simply a chance to relax at home, spring break is a time for adventure, exploration, and discovery.  In this essay, I will share some of the most exciting and memorable moments of my spring break...
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Reflection on My Experiment during Spring Break: Opinion Essay

Electronics became a part of many lives since the 1980s, the goal was to create a new companionship. That new connection was human and machines, computers created by Apple during the 1980s, and improvements to browse the internet. Improvements were made and progressions aimed to bring machines closer to humans. The problem was how to fit this smart device into our daily lives, and that question by many computer engineers forever changed humans. That breakthrough led to a new world,...
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