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Operant Conditioning: Experiment Of Drinking More Water Keeping The Operant Conditioning Behavioral Focused

When I was younger, I was very active and loved to play sports and with that the most important thing was to drink water. As I grew older, I had to stop playing volleyball due to a hand injury and my healthy lifestyle fell into last priority. To stay hydrated and fed I would mostly drink protein shakes or energy drinks to keep my energy levels high but as I mature the more, I realize how I’m not taking care...
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Essay on Scientific Method

Introduction The discovery of science started to happen from the discovery of atoms and metals throughout the human genomic mapping. Observations started about 500 BC when the Mesopotamians were explaining that earth is the centerpiece of the universe and everything revolves around it. The great Greeks were the first people to observe and explain the theory behind the nature of science, such as the Pythagoras theorem. It was also them that came up with the understanding that earth and everything...
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Experiment To Increase Heart Rate From Exercise And Energy Drinks

Introduction The human body is made up of about 78 organs, 5 of which are considered vital for survival – they all work together to keep a stable internal environment. Many externals factory’s influence how the body reacts and changes to keep this internal peace; simple things like a decrease in temperature can cause muscles to shiver and blood vessels to contract to help maintain the optimal conditions for the bodily functions. In this experiment the heart rate of a...
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Thought Experiment And Its Types

Stretching back to ancient Greeks and Romans, thought experiments has a rich and complex history — as a mental model, the process has enriched many of our greatest intellectual advances, from philosophy to quantum mechanics.Thought experiment gives us freedom and encourages us to try something for a moment outside of reality. Centrally performed where limitations and laws, such as mathematics, science and philosophy, its used to precisely define testing of ideas, refuting theories, questioning boundaries or exploring potential implications. It...
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Procrastination: Ways To Avoid Negative Effects

Abstract Procrastination is a universal issue among scholars that hinders their academic performance. Many have wondered if it is possible to completely avoid procrastination. It is virtually not possible because everyone procrastinates at some point in time. However, you can reduce how much of it is done. By rewarding yourself or receiving rewards and clarifying your goals, it can be reduced significantly. We are conducting an experiment of three groups of college students from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette...
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Dissociative Identity Disorder: Application Of Memory Malingering Test

This research investigates whether the Memory Malingering Test (TOMM) could identify individuals with psychiatric dissociative identity disorder (DID) from students who are coached with DID malingering. Amnesia is a distinctive symptom of DID. Analyzes showed that TOMM ratings correctly classified medical and malingering DID subjects and that simulators were not capable of malingering DID. This research is the first to confirm TOMM in persons with complex trauma and dissociation, a brief test that is suitable for medical and forensic environments....
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Breaking Social Norms Essay

Our society is ruled by a massive number of social norms that we follow in our everyday lives. Social norms are these unwritten rules put into place by the society around us about what behavior, thoughts or feelings are appropriate within a given circumstance. These norms influence our actions in our everyday lives without any of us knowing how much however we do notice if one of these norms is broken. For example, when in public and someone sneezes you...
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Tuskegee Experiment Essay

It is no secret that early scientific understandings were laden with racism guised as science. From the Valladolid Debates in the mid-16th century to slavery apologists in the 1850s. Even as recently as the late 20th century, scientific racism has been a dark cloud hanging over the scientific community. The concept of scientific racism has always existed, although it manifested itself in various ways. The pseudosciences of the late 19th and early 20th centuries led western cultures to believe that...
5 Pages 2389 Words

Digital Detox Experiment

At the beginning of the school year when it was mentioned that we would be doing the “Digital Detox” I was excited. The idea of putting a number to my phone usage really intrigued me, was I spending an unhealthy amount of time staring at a screen? And would giving up my phone every class period affect me in any way? These questions rattled in my mind. To give some background, I’d say I’m on my phone for a good...
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The Experiment Of Plant Growth

Introduction The The research we conducted for this semester was a way for us to put what we have learned in lecture/labs to physically seeing a plant go through those stages. With seeing a seed grow into a full plant really shows that the slightest thing can be off and a plant will either have a positive or a negative action towards it. The plants are going to have a tough time growing due to being at 2 inches rather...
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The Experiment Around Isolation Of Polyphenol Oxidase

This experiment revolves around isolation of Polyphenol Oxidase (PPO) and the determination of this enzyme’s optimal pH and temperature. Polyphenol Oxidase (PPO) is an enzyme that catalyses the oxidation of phenols to quinones upon exposure to oxygen. The quinones are converted to dark pigments (black, brown or red) which results in enzymatic discolouration thereby leading to browning of plant materials such as in apples and pears. This results in negative effects on appeal, nutritional value, taste, colour and flavour. An...
2 Pages 999 Words

The Phantom Hand Experiment in Developmental, Cognitive and Differential Psychology

Aim The phantom hand experiment was conducted to determine if a participant could be led to conclude that they possessed a false hand irrespective of what they could physically see. Method The participant sat in front of a table with a rubber hand on one side of a divider and a blank space on the other side. They then placed one of their hands out of sight whilst they focused on the false hand. Whilst the participant paid attention to...
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