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Social Psychology: Critical Analysis of Article

Article 1: “Habit in Personality and Social Psychology” by Wendy Woods Habit is one of the different features that human beings possess. Woods (2017) did thorough research on this topic and came up with crucial findings. The researcher mentioned that even though it would be expected for psychologists to do much more research on people’s habits, few social psychologists have researched deep into this topic. He, therefore, conducted research to fill the gap in the field of social psychology. His...
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Social Psychology: Understanding Social Problems and Improving Social Situation

For part one of this assignment, we were asked to explore how social psychology contributes to our understanding of social problems. By that we will have to summarize an article from the Journal of Social Issues and reflect on the implications of the article. The journal of social issues article has been published since 1945, while each issue has been committed to a single theme. It has a long history of experience while also immersing a plethora of important social...
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Social Psychology Help In Understanding Responses To The Current Pandemic

In this essay I will consider the responses to the coronavirus pandemic on two main levels; Government responses (policies, rules and restrictions, decision making processes etc.) and Public responses (protests, conspiracy theorists, individual’s mental health etc.). I will discuss how social psychology can be used to rationalise group’s and individual’s behaviours, by applying theories centering around group dynamics, social norms and intergroup processes. Government response; Group dynamics; group-think theory etc. During the coronavirus pandemic, the UK Government has been scrutinised...
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Social Interaction Influence on Self Esteem from a Social Psychology Perspective

Self-esteem is defined as the positive or negative feelings that we have about ourselves. It can also be seen as the measurement of confidence in our own abilities. More positive feelings in ourselves have been found to be correlating with higher self-esteem and more negative feelings about ourselves correlating with lower self-esteem. One can usually experience positive feelings of high self-esteem when there is a strong belief that they are “worthy” and “good” and that other people also view them...
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Social Psychology Explains The Discrimination Against Mental Health Diagnoses

This essay will evaluate how effective social psychological theories are at explaining discrimination against employees with mental health diagnoses in the workplace using the Social Learning Theory (Bandura, 1977) and the Social Identity Theory (Tajfel and Turner 1979). Goffman (1963) described mental illness discrimination as the result of “an individual possessing a devalued attribute which is deeply discrediting” which is then considered as justified to cause a hostile response from society. Social psychology helps psychologists to understand how individuals think...
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Critical Analysis of Basic Issues in Social Psychology

Chapter one: Social Representations through stereotypes Social representations are essential for the world. They are a society’s shared beliefs, ideas, values and assumptions and they help bring sense to the world and understanding it (Myers& Twenge, 2018 p.9). However, these representations can be harmful. For example, on the image above, the woman is a Muslim and here in American society their belief towards Muslims is that their all terrorists. It’s a very widely shared belief within America and as a...
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The Contribution Of A Critical Perspective To Contemporary Social Psychology

Contemporary social psychology is dynamic, wherein social psychologists must understand the social interface between how society impacts individuals in their social contexts and how individuals affect society in an ever changing world, in order to progress change for the betterment. There are many contemporary issues that benefit from being investigated further, ‘mediatisation’ (Hardt&Negris, 2012) ‘cross-cultural influences’ (Hermans&Hubert, 2006), and including one of the biggest inequalities, ‘gender.’ Gender can be explored through feminist theory, readdressing gaps in equality through social psychology....
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The Phenomenon Of Social Psychology

Introduction Social Psychology, a division of Psychology that handles the backgrounds and the social interaction of someone and how it makes impact on the person thus forming the personality or character of the person. In Social Psychology, people would study on certain phenomena that effects the approach, feelings, behavior, and thoughts of a person on a matter. From a series of Social Psychological Phenomena, there are two phenomena that demonstrates beneficial studies towards the Social Psychology public. One of them...
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Social Psychology: Classic And Contemporary Study In Relation To Obedience

Mitchell (2009), defines social psychology as the field that attempts to understand how the thought, feeling, and behaviour of individuals are influenced by the actual or imagined presence of others. The importance of social psychology is highlighted by Delamater( 2018), who states social psychology helps Scientific researchers to understand people’s thoughts and helps to explain the causes of human behaviours. Haslam and Smith (2012), define a classic study as one where the study is known well by all researchers outside...
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The Concept Of Arbitration Through My Personal Experience

Social psychology explores the psychology behind social interactions. Specifically, “it studies how people think, influence, and relate to one another” (Brouwer 2019). There are many concepts that make up social psychology, but the one that I decided to explore is arbitration. This idea is an effective way of reducing conflict by bringing in a “mediator.” Through research and my own personal experience, I’ve learned about arbitration through the lens of social psychology. Arbitration is a concept that psychologists have often...
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The Significance Of Social Groups And Social Identity In The Article We Are A Tight Community

Summary The topic of analysis is the significance of social groups and social identity in medical undergraduates based on Ben Lovell’s research article “We are a Tight Community”. The author centres his argument in the fact that students in the medical career generally mix into separate groups that position themselves differently from other undergraduates. The arrangement of social groups not just brings a life-changing survival advantage, nevertheless, has a job in character advancement. One part of expert development is the...
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Essence and General Overview of Developmental Psychology

Introduction Developmental psychology is concerned with age-related changes and inexperience and behavior,it aims to describe and explain development change from its starting point to old age Developmental characteristics studied include personality, development of relationships with other people, cognitive capacity and biological changes. In all these characteristics mentioned above, for instance, the level of biological development has an effect on the cognitive capacity, this, in turn, causes problems on social interaction and so on. and Social psychology- is about understanding individual...
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Social Facilitation, Social Learning and Obedience to Authority within Educational Development

Social psychology is the study of people’s emotions, including their thoughts, behaviors and how they are influenced by actual, imagined or implied presence of others. Social psychology can be used within educational development to further develop the understandings of social facilitation, social learning and obedience to authority. Social facilitation is the question of whether the presence of others has the ability to improve an individual’s performance, whereas social inhibition is the question of whether individuals decrease within performance within the...
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