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Social psychology is the study of people’s emotions, including their thoughts, behaviors and how they are influenced by actual, imagined or implied presence of others. Social psychology can be used within educational development to further develop the understandings of social facilitation, social learning and obedience to authority. Social facilitation is the question of whether the presence of others has the ability to improve an individual’s performance, whereas social inhibition is the question of whether individuals decrease within performance within the...
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Societies, groups, authorities, conformity, and nonverbal communication. Where we believe we stand within all those are usually far from the truth, however no one will admit to conforming because society now promotes individuality and uniqueness. What most aren’t aware of is the influence groups cause. Groups change the way a person thinks, react, and make decisions. Group Pressure Many factors come into group pressure. Social interaction, for example, is a daily dilemma every person faces. Social interaction is how a...
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After the events of the Second World War, the world was left in disbelief as to why or how so many seemingly ordinary people, were capable of committing such terrible crimes, excusing their actions and behavior as ‘following orders’. Psychologists sought to understand why people would act in the way that they did, but also how it happened on such a large scale. Shortly after the end of World War II, Nevitt Sanford and a small team of psychologists, including...
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Hogg and Vaughan (2017) have observed that “social psychology offers a special perspective on human behavior”. Undoubtedly, studies have shown that it is within human behavior to be influenced by the presence of others. Milgram’s ‘Behavioral Study of Obedience’ (1963), highlights in particular the impact of social roles on behavior, i.e., obedience. Obedience can be defined as “the act or practice of obeying” (Collins English Dictionary, 2012). During World War II, it was estimated that around 6 million Jews were...
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