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Perceptions and Discourses of Childhood: How a Child’s Life is Socially Constructed in Terms of Their Development and Transition into Adulthood

“And according to the law I was damned. I had no money, I was weak, I was ugly, I was unpopular, I had a chronic cough, I was cowardly, I smelt…..but a child’s belief in its own short comings is not much influenced by the facts…..I had no other authority to refer to….but this sense of guilt and inevitable failure was balanced by something else: that is, the instinct to survive”, ( Orwell, 1947, p.43). The aim of this essay...
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The Role Of Childhood Memories

Memories are nostalgic, and in its wake bring plenty of mixed feelings, normally hard to describe. I am struggling with my inner self to give it a thought and build a frame. The longing for the past suddenly hits me with a bang and here I am jotting down a few childhood memories which still remains fresh in my mind. I was born in Kerala and brought up in Mumbai as my dad works here. I love to describe myself...
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Typical Communication And Play Development In Early Childhood

The aim of this essay is to outline current literature relating to typical communication and play development from birth to 5 years. Communication refers to the act of exchanging verbal and non-verbal information (Prelock & Hutchins, 2018). Means of communication include language, a socially shared code using arbitrary symbols of represent concepts, and speech, the acoustic representation of language (Owens, Metz & Ferinella, 2015). Play can be defined as behaviours that are enjoyable, intrinsically motivated, process orientated, freely chosen, non-literal,...
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The Concept of Childhood Masculinity in Roth’s Call It Sleep and Dos Passos’ Manhattan Transfer

The concept of masculinity is one that has always been widely represented throughout early literature, but Henry Roth’s Call It Sleep and John Dos Passos’ Manhattan Transfer introduce a trajectory of masculine identities that cause confusion within the child-like minds of David Schearl, Jimmy Herf and most interestingly, Ellen Thatcher. I will begin this essay by discussing David’s increasingly intimate relationship with his mother and how Freudian psychoanalysis can be used to explain the fascination he has with the maternal...
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The Story of My Life Essay

Early Childhood From my first day as a kindergartner I hated school. My first experience as a student is a vivid memory that is marked by the negative emotions of that day. My dad promised to stay with me, however, he left as soon as I was distracted for a few moments. I cried the whole first day, and although I am sure this is a common occurrence for children on their first day of school, I see this as...
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Origin Of Success: Using Storytelling To Explore Childhood Adversity In Top Athletes

Introduction My proposed research will involve two key areas, storytelling and psychology. By looking into childhood adversity in top athletes, I would like to find out what effect the adversity had on their sporting career. The storytelling side will be in two parts, first the athletes will share their stories with me and I will use their stories to create a written creative piece. Robert McKee once said, “Storytelling is the most powerful way to put idea into the world...
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Childhood Vaccination Should Be Mandatory

Vaccination was one of the greatest health inventions of the 20th century. Vaccines have saved millions of lives for more than 50 years. Most childhood vaccines are 90% to 99% effective in preventing disease (Vaccine Safety). The problem here is that some people are concerned about how safe vaccines are and doubt that they are effective therefore do not vaccinate their children. The main concern parents have is the false rumors that autism is linked to vaccines. The truth here...
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The Effects of Bullying Essay

INTRODUCTION Childhood trauma is one of the major problems in the contemporary American society. One of the main causes of childhood trauma is identified as bullying. According to Olweu (1993), the definition of bullying at school is a student being exposed to the possibility of being intentionally attacked or harmed, repeatedly and overtime, either physically or emotionally by one or more other students. This issue is not a normal rite of passage. It can have destructive consequences for the young...
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To What Extent does Childhood Trauma Influence Criminal Behaviour?

The debate on what the causes of criminal behaviour has been a long going one. Many have tried to explain and give reason for the actions of offenders. But at the end of every debate, people are left with the question: Is There a Connection Between Childhood Trauma and Criminal behaviour? And if there is there is a connection at all how much does their upbringing contribute to antisocial behaviour. The Natural Institution of mental health defines childhood trauma as...
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The Aspects of Middle and Late Childhood

Introduction Middle and late childhood is considered the calm before the storm as many of the major developments have either happened or are about to happen. Early to middle childhood is defined as an age from about six years old to about eleven years old, and it is a time of stabilization. The child is beginning to understand the core principles being taught in elementary school. According to Piaget middle and late childhood is the of concrete operational stage of...
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Hows does Childhood Abuse Affect the Adult?

The impacts and effects that childhood sexual abuse has on survivors in adulthood may be vast and varied to each individual. This essay will, therefore, look at how male childhood sexual abuse effects the adult. Combining the psychological, sociological and physical effects to the roots, to include ethical and legal implications to practice with an understanding of different counselling approaches; drawing on my personal experiences in counselling practice. Volunteering for an organisation run for male survivors of sexual abuse and...
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describe your child's strengths and weaknesses essay

Anyone who has a child matures suddenly and awakens unconditional love. It is not even necessary to give birth to it, to know that you would do anything for it to become a mother or father is an experience that changes us forever and makes us stronger. If you have until recently believed that you are a weak, insecure person, but then held your child in your arms, then you will realize that you will get the most out of...
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Career Goal Essay

Reasons Behind Selection of 5 Years Term Period For Personal Development Leadership is defined as the capability of a person or group person to influence and guide people in an organizational setting. 5 years term period has been selected to develop my leadership development plan. The personal leadership development plan is a comprehensive tool that can guide me throughout my career, and result in career satisfaction at different times. And learning from others’ feedback is the core aspect of personality....
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Evaluating The Effect Of Violent Video Games On Aggressive Behaviours In Children

In recent years, there has been a significant debate in the fields of child-rearing, gaming and psychological research about whether exposure to violent content in media leads to aggressive behaviour in children. Past research has focussed on violent television content. However, as video games become more popular, the concern about the effects of violent content in these games has continued to grow. It is suggested that approximately 76% of Australian citizens under 18 years of age play video games (Brand,...
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Essay on Key Aspects of Childhood in Child Psychology Perspective

Using at least two examples from the module materials in Block 1, explain what you think is interesting about this way of understanding childhood. The child psychology perspective focuses on the mind and behavior of children from birth to adolescence, on how, when, and why children develop the way they do. Some of the key aspects that contribute to the study of child psychology are: Cognitive development: This aspect of child psychology tries to understand how much children learn, how...
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Emotional Intelligence and Self-Acceptance for Successful Emotional Development in Childhood

Emotional Development Emotional development is a process that a child develops from dependence to a fully functioning adult and applies to most life forms. The study of emotional development has made great strides since the 1970s. Prior to this period, emotions in infancy were viewed as diffuse responses of physiological arousal to changes in stimulation. Emotions were not necessarily linked to specific psychological states in the infant, but rather viewed for the effects they had on caregiver behavior. Theories regarding...
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Research Review on Childhood Leukemia and Residential Proximity to Industrial and Urban Sites

Abstract The current trend is residential proximity of industrial and urban sites being a risk factor in causing leukemia. Although there are many risk factors that cause leukemia, the role of industrial and urban pollution needs to be assessed. People need to be aware of every possible risk factor in causing cancer. The study done is a population-based control study. The goal of this study was to analyze the effects of exposure to industrial and urban areas on childhood leukemia....
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Researched Argument on Link between Childhood and Antisocial Personality Disorder

Serial murder is a rare but real act in today’s world. While there are many factors that go into forming a serial killer, the main focus of this paper will be on childhood and antisocial personality disorder (ASPD). Serial killing is often deeply rooted and thoroughly thought out. And although it is important to understand what the killer is doing, it is also necessary to understand why he is doing it. This way, it will be possible to recognize these...
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Biography of Abraham Lincoln Essay

Abraham Lincoln the greatest and most popular president of America. One of the most respected presidents of world history. A true statesman politician, a great leader, The abolisher of the slavery trade. Abraham Lincoln the savior of America during the devastating civil war and 16th percent of America. After 200years later if we talk about American President’s first name came to our mind is Mr. Abraham Lincoln. Born: Abraham Lincoln born 12 February 1809 in a small wooden house of...
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George Washington Founding Father of the United State of America

George Washington founding father of the United State of America. The extraordinary military general a progressive head of American autonomous powers and a statesman. a political pioneer. he was an opportunity vessel first and probably the best president and establishing fathers of the assembled province of America. Born: Founding father of United States was born in British rule Westmorland county Virginia state on 22 February 1732. Virginia is now known as a state of America. During the 18th century, Virginia...
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Taste of My Childhood

My hometown is Guangzhou. Guangzhou is well known for its dim sum and all kinds of refreshments. One of my favorites is chicken feet. Since childhood, I have been fond of eating my grandfather’s chicken feet. A lot of people get to ask me, why do you love eating so much? Because it’s soft and sweet. Every time I went to my grandfather’s house. The happiest thing was that the chicken feet were brought to the table, and then a...
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Concept of Auto-Ethnography: Critical Analysis

Childhood trauma will have an instantaneous, immediate, and probably overwhelming impact on the power of the ability of a child to learn. This issue is usually ignored by our education system because the child doesn’t know how to speak out. When I was a child, literacy was an important part of education where learning starts through the implementation of instruction through real-life experiences. 21st-century learners like myself mainly inherit memorization of facts, procedures and connect with real life experiences, which...
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Long-Term Effects of Childhood Punishment

Throughout today’s society, many people grew up with the occasional ‘spank’ as a way to show disapproval from their parents and for the child to ‘get the message’ and supposedly discontinue this behavior. This may be the way that children have been brought up for many generations but is now starting to show effects towards their adulthood. Although some may believe that children define who they are based on the people they grew up around, children are more likely to...
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Perspectives on Children and Childhoods

I have always had an interest in children and childhood studies. I have grown up in a joint family system, hence I have had a very close contact with children from an early age. I generally get on well with them, be it family or children of other family friends, I can establish a good relationship with them. One reason as to why I was motivated to study this module is that I have always wanted to be able to...
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Emerging Issues in Early Childhood Education and Recommendations

Early childhood is a significant and distinct period in life that must be nurtured, respected and valued. Recently, there has been a growing recognition of the importance that the first 5 years’ of life carry through the development of the First 5 Strategy which sets out an optimum vision for ECEC. As highlighted, children deserve the best start in life. (DCYA, 2019). As Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological System’s Theory (1989) highlights, children are profoundly affected by the experiences surrounding them. These encounters...
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The Impact of Childhood Education: The Roles of Importance in Education

Abstract Elementary education is analyzed thoroughly and definitively while major questions and aspirations are discussed at length. Major roles and professionalism in teaching are also discussed. Experiences, beliefs, and biases are explained in detail regarding the role of teachers in Early Childhood Education. The author discusses his or her past elementary educators and describes why he or she believes the teachers are so impactful. Concerns about the future of the career are also brought to attention while the author describes...
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Supporting Early Childhood Staff

The teaching staff of an early childhood program determines its quality and guides the experiences of the children in its care. High quality staff are effectively able to address the social, emotional, and cognitive developmental needs of the child, which is essential in any early childhood program. In effect, these teachers lay the “foundation for children’s future success.” (Freeman, Decker, & Decker, 2017) While the benefits of quality early childhood educators are numerous, they do not often receive the recognition...
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The Peculiarities of Childhood Vaccinations

Exploring the debate on child vaccinations has been a controversy that has emerged in recent years. While most people that follow traditions support universal vaccinations because they believe that they can help fight off a variety of infectious diseases. However, others hold a different opinion in which they strongly believe that child vaccinations do more harm than good. CREATE THESIS AND PUT AT END OF THIS PARAGRAPH! Those individuals arguing for the use of universal vaccinations point out that millions...
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Meaning of the Term Childhood as the Happiest Period of Life

“Childhood is the time for children to be in school and at play, to grow strong and confident with the love and encouragement of their family and an extended community of caring adults.” Although not everyone would agree that childhood is the best part of one’s life as some children may be born under such circumstances that are bad, but in most cases childhood is the best phase of life for many reasons. In my opinion, childhood was the golden...
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Policy Developments in Early Childhood Care and Education in Ireland

Cultural mechanisms are all the influences in society that decides which demands are acceptable or unacceptable for political decisions. Such demands are directed at the political system and therefore can be viewed as the raw materials of political system which can be called inputs. Because the system will be faced with too many demands, they must reduce and control them. Some demands will not be met, and others will be turned into issues for political resolution. It is on these...
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