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Breast Feeding Duration And Cognitive Development: Review Of Observational Research In Childhood

Search Strategy Systematic search was carried out using PsychInfo Database. ‘Advance-Search’ option was used and the resources ‘APA PsychInfo’, ‘Journarls@Ovid Full Text’ and ‘APA PsychArticles Full Text’ were enabled for a more precise search. Firstly, tittle and abstract searches were carried out for “breast feeding” (4441 results), “breast adj3 feeding” (4901 results), “breastfeeding” (12925 results) and “breast fed” (1883 results). To combine these searches, a Boolean Operator (OR) was used which produced 18305 results. Secondly, a similar process was done...
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Supporting Early Childhood Staff

The teaching staff of an early childhood program determines its quality and guides the experiences of the children in its care. High quality staff are effectively able to address the social, emotional, and cognitive developmental needs of the child, which is essential in any early childhood program. In effect, these teachers lay the “foundation for children’s future success.” (Freeman, Decker, & Decker, 2017) While the benefits of quality early childhood educators are numerous, they do not often receive the recognition...
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Adverse Childhood Experiences: Reasons And Solutions

Abstract The negative experiences that a child is going through when he is young, such as: beating a lot, insulting and not taking into account his feelings and not giving him enough attention etc. may affect his life very significantly. Some experiences may make the child lose confidence in himself or be an aggressive person or It makes him not to respect social customs and traditions and does not respect the law, and some other negative experiences may lead to...
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Cognitive, Emotional, Physical, Social And Fine Motor Skills Observation Of Early Childhood (0-5 Years)

Introduction Early Childhood development is a vital process that begins from birth to five years of age. Areas of early childhood development such as cognitive, emotional, physical, social and fine motor skills provide essential developmental benefits to young children, in all future aspects of their lives. The aim of the observation report is to attain a practical understanding of early childhood development and its direct correlation to young children. The observation report, will observe and compare areas of development through...
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Foundation Of Early Childhood

Childhood is the most precious time in our life. It is the time for children to be in school to play, learn, to grow stronger and confidence with love and support of the family and extended community of caring adults. It is a precious time where children should be free from fears, responsibilities and safe from violence and protected from abuse. Childhood is much more than just gap between birth and adulthood. It refers to the state and condition of...
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Loss Of Childhood Through Symbolism And Imagery In The Book A Long Way Gone

The armed conflicts of the world can affect a child’s life by causing a loss of innocence within the child. A Long Way Gone tells us the story of a child solider residing in Sierra Leone, who loses his innocence due to the civil war in Sierra Leone. Ishmael Beah shares how the wrongdoings of the world can affect a child’s life traumatically, and Beah does this through his use of symbolism and imagery. A prominent theme in A long...
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Childhood Trauma Essay: Effects On Mental Health

This article discusses the correlation between childhood trauma and the negative-long term consequences stemming from early trauma and how it can affect anyone despite age, sex, race, etc. It also includes an accurate definition of trauma and what it entails. Childhood trauma has major affects that can be realized and experienced throughout a lifetime. Changes in the brain and other bodily functions are also affected by adverse childhood experiences. This article examines how early trauma is associated with physical, mental...
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Is Childhood A Universal Condition?

Childhood is the time for children to be in school and at play, to grow strong and confident with the love and encouragement of their family and extended community of caring adults. It is a precious time in which children should live free from fear, safe from violence and protected from abuse and exploitation (UNICEF, 2005). (Giddens, 2005), has it that childhood has also been shown to be socially constructed, the experience of childhood and its meaning for the society...
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The History And Formation Of Childhood Concept In Terms Of Family As The Society

This assignment will analyse the history of childhood concept including the social construction of the family. This assignment will begin firstly by describing the concept of childhood with different views, arguments and definitions from various historians and authors throughout time. The next section will give different development stages of acts, policies and laws introduced for the education and working conditions of a child from centuries ago to present times with the latter giving a closer to date information on the...
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The Role Of Childhood Memories

Memories are nostalgic, and in its wake bring plenty of mixed feelings, normally hard to describe. I am struggling with my inner self to give it a thought and build a frame. The longing for the past suddenly hits me with a bang and here I am jotting down a few childhood memories which still remains fresh in my mind. I was born in Kerala and brought up in Mumbai as my dad works here. I love to describe myself...
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Childhood Vaccination Should Be Mandatory

Vaccination was one of the greatest health inventions of the 20th century. Vaccines have saved millions of lives for more than 50 years. Most childhood vaccines are 90% to 99% effective in preventing disease (Vaccine Safety). The problem here is that some people are concerned about how safe vaccines are and doubt that they are effective therefore do not vaccinate their children. The main concern parents have is the false rumors that autism is linked to vaccines. The truth here...
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Origin Of Success: Using Storytelling To Explore Childhood Adversity In Top Athletes

Introduction My proposed research will involve two key areas, storytelling and psychology. By looking into childhood adversity in top athletes, I would like to find out what effect the adversity had on their sporting career. The storytelling side will be in two parts, first the athletes will share their stories with me and I will use their stories to create a written creative piece. Robert McKee once said, “Storytelling is the most powerful way to put idea into the world...
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Effect Of Media On The Social And Emotional Development Of Children And Young People

In today’s world, children are born and raised in the digital world wherein both the home environment and other surrounding environments they are exposed to and immersed into a life consumed by an array of digital devices and concepts (Akyar and Sapsaglam, 2019). As the use of digital technologies and devices are exceedingly more common and are seen as an essential need in everyday life in homes and other environments (Arrnott, 2013), it is crucial to, therefore, consider and explore...
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Typical Communication And Play Development In Early Childhood

The aim of this essay is to outline current literature relating to typical communication and play development from birth to 5 years. Communication refers to the act of exchanging verbal and non-verbal information (Prelock & Hutchins, 2018). Means of communication include language, a socially shared code using arbitrary symbols of represent concepts, and speech, the acoustic representation of language (Owens, Metz & Ferinella, 2015). Play can be defined as behaviours that are enjoyable, intrinsically motivated, process orientated, freely chosen, non-literal,...
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Evaluating The Effect Of Violent Video Games On Aggressive Behaviours In Children

In recent years, there has been a significant debate in the fields of child-rearing, gaming and psychological research about whether exposure to violent content in media leads to aggressive behaviour in children. Past research has focussed on violent television content. However, as video games become more popular, the concern about the effects of violent content in these games has continued to grow. It is suggested that approximately 76% of Australian citizens under 18 years of age play video games (Brand,...
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Childhood And Elderhood Suicide Factors And Characteristics

Every 40 seconds an individual commits suicide, making it the tenth leading cause of death globally (Karaman, D., & Durukan, İ., 2013). However, research on the risks and characteristics of suicide throughout human development has a lot of limitations. In this research paper, we will review the risk factors and characteristics of suicide as an individual develops from birth to death. Are the risk factors for each stage of development unique, or are they broad enough to be applied to...
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Actual Harmfulness Of Media Violence For Children And Adolescents

The world we live in thrives on media use; it is useful in all aspects of life. Children spend lots of time watching television, playing video games, listening to music and using the internet. The average U.S child spends about four and a half hours listening to music, four and a half hours watching television or movies and seven hours a day on social media. Media violence is a threat to adolescents and is increases violence and aggression. “Exposure to...
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Childhood Studies: The Active Role Of Playing In A Child's Growth And Development

The idea of playing an active role in a child’s growth and development greatly appeals to me and my ability to interact with children has been deeply influenced by external factors such as playing a key role in the upbringing of my younger siblings, my role as a qualified level 2 cheerleading coach as well as my work experience within local primary schools. The Childhood studies sector intrigues me as I am keen to learn about child development, children’s needs,...
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My Childhood Friend: My Best Memories

My Childhood Friend Sometimes we can never know the true value of the moment until it becomes a memory. Childhood is the best practical demonstration of this theory. Making new friend, living every moment, enjoying every second, exploring unique experiences, etc are not just coincidences of childhood. It is a process of making memories; long-lasting and everlasting. Albeit there are lots of participants in this process with ourselves, but one of such participant has lofty participation that is remembered as...
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Bulimia: Parent and Teacher Perceptions in Childhood Eating Disorders

Disagreement between what constitutes abnormal and normal behaviour in childhood disorders is a recurrent issue in the field of child psychopathology. For parents, identifying problematic behaviours within their child is not an easy or obvious task. Many parents lack knowledge of childhood disorders and may not be able to recognize the signs and symptoms that accompany a disorder, especially when it comes to childhood and adolescent eating disorders. The distinction between abnormal and normal eating behaviours in children and adolescence...
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Death of a Salesman and Fences: Robbed of a Childhood

Arthur Miller’s play Death of a Salesman and August Wilson’s play Fences portrays the image of both protagonists transfering over the burden of their mistakes to their sons. The pattern of being away from home can become the cause of betrayal, secrets and a loss of responsibility and resentment from others. Troy Maxon from Fences and Willy Loman from Death of a Salesman have both shown the absence in their familes lives can create bad decisions, such as having an...
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Perceptions and Discourses of Childhood: How a Child’s Life is Socially Constructed in Terms of Their Development and Transition into Adulthood

“And according to the law I was damned. I had no money, I was weak, I was ugly, I was unpopular, I had a chronic cough, I was cowardly, I smelt…..but a child’s belief in its own short comings is not much influenced by the facts…..I had no other authority to refer to….but this sense of guilt and inevitable failure was balanced by something else: that is, the instinct to survive”, ( Orwell, 1947, p.43). The aim of this essay...
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Leadership in Early Childhood Education

Some of my main goals were based around the inquiry questions I had throughout my Professional Experience. ‘How can parents take more of a leadership role in their children’s learning and development? (working along side the staff),’ ‘How is the OEYC supporting the needs of the families? How does the OEYC contribute to the positive growth and development of all families?’ This gave me a chance to witness parents initiating and conducting some of the activities like Little Chefs, Gathering...
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Policy Developments in Early Childhood Care and Education in Ireland

Cultural mechanisms are all the influences in society that decides which demands are acceptable or unacceptable for political decisions. Such demands are directed at the political system and therefore can be viewed as the raw materials of political system which can be called inputs. Because the system will be faced with too many demands, they must reduce and control them. Some demands will not be met, and others will be turned into issues for political resolution. It is on these...
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Developmental Disorder of Childhood: Causes, Symptoms and Relevant Therapeutic Strategies

Intro A popular childhood disorder becoming increasingly more accepted and acknowledged in society is down syndrome. In 2019, there was roughly a recorded case of seven thousand Irish people diagnosed with down syndrome (, 2013). On a public health system term (, 2018) they state that one of every 550 newborns can be affected by down syndrome. The main theme of this assignment will focus around this increasingly more common childhood disorder such as intellectual disability (ID), its causes, symptoms...
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Effects of Childhood Abuse on Cognitive Development and Function

Over the years, there have been a lot of controversies and several different theories on how we function, learn, comprehend. Why some people have or where disabilities stem from, and speculation on if abuse in any of its forms causes issues with trust, love, instability mentally, physically, and emotionally. There have been significant amounts of progress throughout the years, enabling us to study the brain and help those affected to have fulfilling, productive lives. To change our negative perspective of...
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Early Childhood Literacy Teachers

I chose to focus on policy in practice in the early years of a child’s early literacy. I am working towards my reading endorsement, so I feel it’s important for me to focus and learn about this area in early childhood literacy. More and more attention is being put on early childhood literacy. Literacy is the foundation of many forms of learning. Without it, children struggle to learn in other subjects as well. Teaching children literacy skills at a young...
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The Features of Childhood Anxiety

Anxiety refers to heightened distress and withdrawal from perceived threats (Pine, 2007). There is a sense of fear and helplessness that is coupled with a somatically aroused central nervous system, which leads the danger detection system to be maladaptively engaged, making it difficult to regulate emotional responses to potentially threatening stimuli (Chua and Dolan, 2000). This brain response is a basic emotion already present in infancy and childhood, with expressions falling on a continuum from mild to severe (Beesdo, Knappe...
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Today’s Inclusive Practices in Early Childhood Settings

In today’s day and age, the terms Inclusive Education and Participation are used interchangeably in the education world and in today’s society. Budiyanto, Kaye, Rofiah and Sheehy (2017) has defined Inclusive Education as a widespread phenomenon that has been inspired by the Universal Declaration Rights of the Child. It gained importance to other nations as a movement for all education system to cater, support, welcome, address and respond to the diversity needs of all learners with varying capabilities. The International...
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Serial Killers with Normal Childhoods: Childhood Trauma Influence to Become a Serial Killer?

Introduction Since the first records of a serial killer, dated back to the early 1890s, there have been countless questions raised about what causes a person to act in this manner. “What goes on in the mind of a serial killer?” and “What is the cause of the urge to harm others?” There have been many questions asked in accordance with the mind of a killer, nature vs nurture being a common one. Is a killer created through genetics passed...
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