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Using at least two examples from the module materials in Block 1, explain what you think is interesting about this way of understanding childhood. The child psychology perspective focuses on the mind and behavior of children from birth to adolescence, on how, when, and why children develop the way they do. Some of the key aspects that contribute to the study of child psychology are: Cognitive development: This aspect of child psychology tries to understand how much children learn, how...
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Child psychology can be defined as the study of the psychological processes of children but more specifically, how these processes are different from adults, how they develop from birth to the end of adolescence, and how and why they differ for each individual. This branch of psychology deals with how children grow up not only mentally but, physically, emotionally, and their social development. Jean Piaget, a Swiss psychologist, suggested that children think differently than adults unlike how historically children were...
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The story of Genie is a heart-wrenching tale of a child held hostage in her own home. Deemed mentally challenged by her abusive father as an infant, she was tied to a chair and locked in a dark room with little to no human contact for twelve years. This severely impacted Genie’s ability to eat, drink, sleep, speak, learn, move, and move forward doing regular activities most twelve-year-olds are fully capable of. Her father forbade her from moving, talking, or...
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A model addressing family influences on the peer-related social competence of young children with mild developmental (cognitive) delays was developed and tested. Constructs representing child peer competence, types of parent action (arranging play for their child and socialization strategies varying in degree of control or power), parent attitudes (beliefs as to the degree their child’s peer interactions could be influenced by external actions), parent stress, social support, and child risk were examined. Path analytic techniques were used to evaluate the...
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Violence on children or kids from a young age can affect them psychologically in the future. Upto 80% of the children that go through abuse or violence in their childhood end up with medical conditions either being therapy or antidepressant pills. Despite using a little violence on children in order to discipline them many cases which usually report child abuse its aminly due to financial stress or unemployment. Most people who go through issues such as financial stress unemployment tend...
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This article discusses the correlation between childhood trauma and the negative-long term consequences stemming from early trauma and how it can affect anyone despite age, sex, race, etc. It also includes an accurate definition of trauma and what it entails. Childhood trauma has major affects that can be realized and experienced throughout a lifetime. Changes in the brain and other bodily functions are also affected by adverse childhood experiences. This article examines how early trauma is associated with physical, mental...
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