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Essays on Child Development

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Social Needs in Adolescence: Analytical Essay

Time and time again, research has shown adolescence to be a time of great and dynamic change (Cripps and Zyromski, 2009; Blakemore and Mills, 2014), driven in part by changes in adolescent social relationships. Social interaction has been likened to food or water as a...
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Essay on Childhood Development: Using Social Determinants of Health and Heather O’Neill’s Lullabies for Little Criminals

Many factors in society contribute to the overall outcome of an individuals’ childhood experiences, health, and wellbeing. An individual’s concept of societal norms and how they should behave are also heavily influenced by these factors. The novel lullabies for little criminals demonstrates how social determinants...
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Importance of Food

There has been research-proven by scientists that there needs to be a balance between stress levels. If it is too much, it can either lead to dangerous side effects like depression, heart disease, fatigue and much more, however, having a low to moderate amount of...
7 Pages 3259 Words

Parenting Style and Child Development

Parental control differs from family to family. Clinical psychologist, Diana Baumrind, contributed to the empirical study of types of parenting and its effects on child and adolescent development (Gfrerer, Kern, Curlette, White, & Jonyniene, 2011). Her longitudinal research composed a model of three specific styles:...
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Effects of Alcohol Use Among the Youth

Alcohol use has grown significantly among the youth ranging from adolescence through to young adulthood. The legal age for drinking alcohol in many global policies is between 18 and 21 years, and this is a period considered as the youth. Underage drinking is illegal and...
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Chocolate and Cognitive Function

Chocolate is consumed worldwide with 7.2 million tons of chocolate being consumed in 2009 (Statista, 2015). There is a large quantity of research investigating the impacts of large chocolate consumption such as research investigating cardiovascular benefits of eating chocolate. Dietary trials have found improvement in...
1 Page 476 Words

Description of Childhood Residency Essay

Before this class, I like most Americans, was under the impression that there were only three classes in our system. Learning that there are six parts was interesting because I could see the true distinction immediately. Throughout my life, I have lived in various homes...
4 Pages 1778 Words

Childhood vs Adulthood Essay

Contrary to popular belief, we do not inherit our personalities. Instead, we develop certain traits and personality characteristics as a result of the experiences we have in life. Incidents, particularly traumatic ones, which occur during childhood can absolutely influence the rest of our lives. That...
1 Page 659 Words
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