Essays on Child Development

Policy Critique: Childhood Activity

In the past two decades, the rates of child obesity have significantly increased in Alaska. Records provided by the State of the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services Obesity Prevention and Control in 2017 show that, 17% of Alaskan children are overweight, while 14%...
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Can Childhood be Understood as a Social Construct?

Social Construct has many different definitions, according to Norozi & Moen (2016) “Social construction of childhood is grounded in varying conceptions among different cultures, societies and at different time period in history”. But how does this have anything to do with childhood or childcare? Well...
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Childhood Abuse as a Predictor for BPD Cross-culturally

Psychological research is conducted to help broaden our knowledge and understanding of psychological processes, human behaviors and to possibly help build effective treatments for disorders and diagnostic criteria that accurately diagnose patients. In many different countries and cultures, Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) has many different...
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The Peculiarities of Childhood Vaccinations

Exploring the debate on child vaccinations has been a controversy that has emerged in recent years. While most people that follow traditions support universal vaccinations because they believe that they can help fight off a variety of infectious diseases. However, others hold a different opinion...
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Perspectives on Children and Childhoods

I have always had an interest in children and childhood studies. I have grown up in a joint family system, hence I have had a very close contact with children from an early age. I generally get on well with them, be it family or...
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The Aspects of Middle and Late Childhood

Introduction Middle and late childhood is considered the calm before the storm as many of the major developments have either happened or are about to happen. Early to middle childhood is defined as an age from about six years old to about eleven years old,...
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