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Should Adolescents Get Cosmetic Surgery: Argumentative Essay

Plastic surgery is a controversial and ethical issue currently happening in the U.S. and in several middle eastern countries. Teenagers, especially adolescent girls, have been exploring new ways to enhance their external appearance through surgery. There are many reasons why people get plastic surgery, however, our society is the first to judge an individual for getting a procedure done, even if it makes the individual content with themselves. For the most part, men and women get plastic surgery in order...
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Representations of Eating Habits: Differences between Pre-adolescents and Their Parents

Adolescence is a phase of quick growth and development characterized by changes in biological, psychological, as well as emotional changes that happen simultaneously. In recent years many such studies have been done to analyze the key effectors of adolescents’ and pre-adolescents eating habits and also to identify the barriers towards healthy eating as seen in adolescents. Several nutritional deficits due to poor eating habits have been established by researchers during the pre-adolescence stage which has long-term health and developmental consequences....
2 Pages 704 Words

Essay on Toddler Observation

I observed that the toddlers were behaving admirably. I didn’t notice any negative conduct. The toddlers were associated with the staff and other toddlers who were from different gender, color, or culture. The toddlers’ conduct was positive toward the staff and different children from various cultures or sex. The staff treats all the toddlers the equivalent. I saw that the center gives the correspondence between the toddlers. The program advances social and enthusiastic skills through direction and order. The staffs...
2 Pages 910 Words

Essay on Key Aspects of Childhood in Child Psychology Perspective

Using at least two examples from the module materials in Block 1, explain what you think is interesting about this way of understanding childhood. The child psychology perspective focuses on the mind and behavior of children from birth to adolescence, on how, when, and why children develop the way they do. Some of the key aspects that contribute to the study of child psychology are: Cognitive development: This aspect of child psychology tries to understand how much children learn, how...
1 Page 559 Words

Essay on Impact of Child Abuse on Toddler Development

There are so many written portions on Child Abuse and its effect on toddler Development in world literature for the last 50 years. From this written literature erected almost 10 years of posted literature. The reviewer is attempting to overlook some chosen literature as stated above in defining and assessing in the precis stage below What is Child Abuse? Child abuse is any structure of cruelty to a child. It is any conduct that motives damage to a child. It...
4 Pages 1925 Words

Essay on Child Observation

In this essay, I will discuss child observation that I completed for six weeks. This essay will narrate my experience and reflections on how the theory and practice of compliance will be helpful in social work practices. This essay will also discuss the importance and effect of seminar group discussion. I will also explore Child’s world in the narrative part of this essay which consists of Appendix 1 and 2 According to Daniel Goleman 2018, pg1, self-awareness can have a...
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Essay on Problem of Adolescent Alcohol Use

Studies led on people aged 20 to 29 years portrayed in numerous underage drinking articles demonstrated that with the admission of mixed beverages, the capacity to pick up information radically diminishes. Spirits impact the considering capacities youthful individuals substantially more than of develops. The astuteness of young people is powerless, high quality of liquor does not have a quieting impact on it, it causes less lethargy. This implies teenagers can drink more than grown-ups. Nonattendance of languor does not imply...
2 Pages 1052 Words

Review of Thomas Balmès' Documentary 'Babies'

Thomas Balmès documents the early phases of the lives of four culturally different newborns from birth until infancy in the documentary ‘Babies’. The experiences of Ponijao from Namibia, Bayanchandmachi (Bayar) from Mongolia, Mari from Japan and Hattie from California, provide insight into the influences culture has on cognitive development in the first years of life. This movie did not include narration nor subtitles which allows the focus to be on the infants and their interaction with their surroundings and allows...
3 Pages 1230 Words

Long-Term Effects of Childhood Punishment

Throughout today’s society, many people grew up with the occasional ‘spank’ as a way to show disapproval from their parents and for the child to ‘get the message’ and supposedly discontinue this behavior. This may be the way that children have been brought up for many generations but is now starting to show effects towards their adulthood. Although some may believe that children define who they are based on the people they grew up around, children are more likely to...
3 Pages 1169 Words

Factors Contributing to Underage Drinking

The studies used for this systematic review primarily captivated the negative aspects of alcohol use and sought to either diminish or inhibit adolescent alcohol use. The methods for this research involved a combination of longitudinal studies, quantitative studies, qualitative studies, systematic reviews, and cross-sectional studies. Profound data from articles gathered through NUSS, ECBO host, and various other databases were utilized. Among numerous articles, 25 were chosen and consistently exhibited underage drinking is a true public health concern. The population of...
4 Pages 1899 Words

Demonstration of the Baby's Development in the Movie 'Babies'

The movie ‘Babies’ allows us to view different developmental emergences of motor, perceptual, and intellectual capacities of four different babies. A major milestone that is demonstrated is the motor movement of each baby. In the first few months of a baby’s life, they will prone, lift head to prone chest up and use arms for support (Church-Lang, Lecture 7). This was demonstrated in the movie by mostly Ponijao, Hattie, and Mari. Bayar was more swaddled laying on his back instead...
1 Page 592 Words

Analysis of the Movie 'Babies' through John Piaget’s Theory of Cognitive Development and Bowlby’s Evolutionary Theory of Attachment

The movie ‘Babies’ by Thomas Balmès takes us on a trip around the world to observe four newborn babies for the first two years of their lives. The movie looks at the relationship infants have with their parents and compares their development through a series of vignettes when each child accomplishes certain milestones. Throughout this paper I will discuss two theories that I felt were evident in the movie ‘Babies’. John Piaget’s theory of cognitive development and Bowlby’s evolutionary theory...
6 Pages 2585 Words

Look at Infant Development in the Documentary 'Babies'

The documentary ‘Babies’ documents the development of four newborns from different parts of the world ranging from Namibia to Mongolia, Japan and America. It depicts the child’s development processes and how cultural, social, emotional, and family ties play a crucial role. The documentary has no voice over narration, but we see sparse dialogue throughout its duration, which allowed the audience to pay close attention to the development of the babies and their interactions with the surroundings. It can be observed...
2 Pages 1026 Words

Essay on 'Babies': Documentary about Development of Babies in Different Cultures

In the documentary ‘Babies’ by Thomas Balmès, four newborns who live in different cultures and the environment from various regions of the world—Ponijao (Namibia), Bayarjargal (Mongolia), Mari (Japan), and Hattie (USA). The documentary visually shows each child’s developments with respect to perceptual, motor and cognitive perspectives which may be diversely influenced by diversified cultures and environments during their infancy. Ponijao and Bayar interacted with natural resources with the natural environment, whereas Mari and Hattie have accessibility to innovative technological resources....
2 Pages 1020 Words

Essay on Positive Effects of Technology on Child Development

Child Development and New Technology We are going to be taking a looking at child development and new technology, there are many arguments for and against this topic, I am going to give you some advantages of new technology for children and the disadvantages. Advantages of New Technology There are many advantages of children learning with the help of new technology, one of which is developing their hand-eye coordination. Children playing games online can be very useful in developing hand-eye...
1 Page 605 Words

Impact of Dieting in Adolescence on Health and Well-Being

Dieting is commonly known as the intentional and sustained restriction of calorific intake for the purpose of reducing body weight or changing body shape. The prevalence of dieting in the younger generation is concerningly high with population-based studies concluding that 30% of adolescents consider themselves to be dieting. In this essay I will explore why more young people are dieting, how dieting can lead to psychological problems and how dieting behaviors can have a negative impact on health. I will...
3 Pages 1402 Words

Emotional Intelligence and Self-Acceptance for Successful Emotional Development in Childhood

Emotional Development Emotional development is a process that a child develops from dependence to a fully functioning adult and applies to most life forms. The study of emotional development has made great strides since the 1970s. Prior to this period, emotions in infancy were viewed as diffuse responses of physiological arousal to changes in stimulation. Emotions were not necessarily linked to specific psychological states in the infant, but rather viewed for the effects they had on caregiver behavior. Theories regarding...
5 Pages 2061 Words

Phenylketonuria or PKU: Mental Retardation Illness Caused by Phenylalanine Mismetabolizm

Introduction Everyone is born differently, and not everyone has the same opportunity as others. People around the world are born with disabilities and different disorders that can lead to serious conditions. When a baby is born it is mandatory in the U.S. that your health provider takes a newborn screening detecting for a disease, what if it was missed by the examination? Would something bad happen? This could cause mental disorders or slow development to the kid. That is why...
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Moral Development and Cognitive Development of Children: Analytical Essay on Storrytelling

Introduction In today’s fast-paced, technology-driven society, inculcating the good values in children is more crucial than ever. One of the most important jobs we have as an early childhood educator is to help the children develop social skills, show them how to interact in a polite manner with people, and teach them to treat others with respect. However, I experienced a culture shock as the children were displaying a lack of good manners – not even the daily greeting of...
6 Pages 2921 Words

Developing and Evaluating a Comprehensive Module to Enhance Creativity in Adolescents

People frequently ask these questions: can one teach or stimulate creativity in an individual? Can one manifest creativity in an individual who had never manifested it? A mortal who had been an out of the box thinker at a given time, but presently not exhibiting any creativity, can be assisted? How can teachers assist students or children to be more creative or groundbreaking in their path towards solving any problem? Where and how should one use these creativity-enhancing techniques? How...
3 Pages 1266 Words

Concept of Auto-Ethnography: Critical Analysis

Childhood trauma will have an instantaneous, immediate, and probably overwhelming impact on the power of the ability of a child to learn. This issue is usually ignored by our education system because the child doesn’t know how to speak out. When I was a child, literacy was an important part of education where learning starts through the implementation of instruction through real-life experiences. 21st-century learners like myself mainly inherit memorization of facts, procedures and connect with real life experiences, which...
8 Pages 3532 Words

Vital Need of Sex Education in Indian Youth and Adolescents

Abstract: Sex education is a major contributing factor toward a stable society. Regardless, sex, sexuality and anything related to them is a huge taboo in India. The year 2007 witnessed a huge controversy over sex education for adolescents in India1. The Ministry of Human Resource Development took initiative to include it in the educational curriculum. The initiative faced widespread protests. Several states including Maharashtra, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, and Rajasthan to name a few, banned sex education. The present study was...
5 Pages 2262 Words

Training of Nurses on Gender Dysphoria within Children and Adolescences

In Patch five, I will be using evidenced-based literature investigating 5 different research papers, critically analysing how they fall in line with my innovation. Additionally, I will be implementing the critical appraisal tool CASP to pick out three common themes within the evidenced-based literature that supports my change in practice which is providing training to nurses on gender dysphoria within children and adolescents. When finding evidenced-based literature to support my innovation I wanted to follow the PICO table (Eriksen and...
5 Pages 2103 Words

Social Needs in Adolescence: Analytical Essay

Time and time again, research has shown adolescence to be a time of great and dynamic change (Cripps and Zyromski, 2009; Blakemore and Mills, 2014), driven in part by changes in adolescent social relationships. Social interaction has been likened to food or water as a basic human need (Baumeister and Leary, 1995; Tomova, Tye, and, Saxe, 2019), but the growing influence of the peer group and a particularly strong vulnerability to social exclusion (Sebastian et al., 2010) suggests that learning...
4 Pages 1600 Words

Relationship between Adolescence Problems and Frustration of School Students: Analytical Essay

Background: The need of the individual and the requirements of the society are never identical. But the flexible person is resolving the two demands into an acceptable synthesis. In every School, we can perceive adolescents who differ greatly in their School, we can get adolescent who differ greatly in their tolerance of frustration and conflicts and in the type of adjustment without under stress and strain. Aims: The main intention of research exertion is to estimate the various problems of...
8 Pages 3485 Words

Reflective Essay on Early Childhood Education

While I was conducting my interview I found out many things that were to lead me to being a teacher even more than before. during my interview of Mrs. Louella Komuves, I was reassured that being an early childhood educator is what I would like to be. During the interview I learnt that to care for children, you only need certification, also that a lead teacher in a preschool required an associate degree, and that to teach in public school,...
3 Pages 1298 Words

Psychological Risks in Adolescent Obesity: Analytical Essay

Background of the study Obesity is said as the excess amount of fat accumulated in the body that causes an impact on health which is negative (WHO 2014), which is the result of an imbalance between the amount of energy intake and expenditure. Obesity is generally measured by Body Mass Index (BMI). BMI is obtained by dividing the weight in Kg by height in m2. Adolescents whose BMI is greater than 95 percentile for age are regarded as obese. There...
6 Pages 2664 Words

Importance of Brain-relevant Changes during Adolescence: Analytical Essay

Introduction Being a very important transition phase between childhood and adulthood, adolescence is marked by significant physical, social, cognitive and emotional changes. Due to these changes, the behaviour of an adolescent is different from the adult. This demeanor may be considered as irresponsible, emotional and sometimes even risk-taking and reckless. Hormones often get the blame but they’re not the only factor at play. By understanding the nature and processes of physiological and psychological transformations during adolescence, it becomes clear how...
5 Pages 2167 Words

Essay on Social, Emotional, Psychological, Biological, and Behavioural Changes in Adolescence

On an average night, during the June quarter 2018, 980 adolescents aged between 10-17 were in youth detention in Australia (Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, 2018) posing a challenge to the criminal system which recognises the unique needs of adolescent offenders. A report by the Australian Law Reform Commission summarises some of these challenges by noting that adolescents “tend to have a reduced fear of danger and display ‘acting out’ behaviours. They may have volatile behavioural patterns and emotional...
5 Pages 2064 Words

Essay on Early Childhood Development: Western Views Versus African Views

Children begin to learn about the world around them, from a very early age, including during the prenatal, perinatal and postal periods. Children’s early experiences the bond they form with their parents and their first learning experiences, deeply affect their future physical, cognitive, emotional and social development. What is Early Childhood Development? Early Childhood Development is a stage in human development. It is a process by which humans change qualitatively and quantitatively over time. It generally includes toddler hood and...
2 Pages 834 Words
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