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Video Games for People Experiencing Social Isolation: Useful or Problematic?

As a one-of-a-kind interaction tool, digital games assist optimal care management program operation in all dimensions. In fact, a digital game is a realistic application of information and communication technology in the delivery of care that is cost-effective for many entities. Games are becoming a prominent kind of media, even greater than the film business, and are appreciated by people of all ages, genders, and cultures. Health games are a fun way to get people’s attention and encourage them to...
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Role of Neuroscience in Everyday Life and Its Impact on People and Society

The term ‘neuroethics’ is fairly new to the world of bioethics and neuroscience. This word/concept was formulated by a world history scholar, William Safire, in 2001. For a long period of time, scientists pointed to genetics as the main scientific challenge to our ethical, legal, and social practices and beliefs. Over time and through much research, it became apparent that genetics were much more complex and included interactions between genes and environment. Neuroscience does not only deal with genetic aspects,...
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Essay on Importance of Neuroscience in Courtrooms

As neuroscience begins to grow, it will soon be able to find the objective in the human brain and reveal to courtrooms the secrets hiding in a criminal’s mind. The first-time brain scans were used in a courtroom was in 2003. To understand the topic better, understanding how the brain works is something to discuss first. The human brain is one of the most complex organs in the human body. Weighing three pounds and made up of one hundred billion...
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Essay on Importance of Cultural Neuroscience

Neurosciences has quickly progressed into a much larger sphere with regards to how the brain works and discoveries which have a number of advantages. Brain research has come a long way with regards to ways in which the public are benefitted and filled with new and interesting knowledge which help one understand the development of the brain and how we interact as humans in our daily lives. In this paper the subject of cultural neuroscience will be intricately explained and...
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The Coen Brothers and Morality on the Example of ‘No Country for Old Men’

The Coens frequently test the morality of their characters in their films to see whether their principles will come before a temptation of the criminal or immoral variety. These temptations are primarily of the monetary variety, however, but also encompass the duality of justice and loyalty to one’s companions, friends or family. The consistent presence within this theme is the Coens punishment of the characters who stray away from their morals in the pursuit of these temptations laid in front...
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Essay on Sports and Neuroscience

Practicing sport or a simple physical activity, can change your brain. Regular physical activity leads to benefit in physical and mental health. In consequence, regular exercise has become an important part of a well-balanced lifestyle and is easily accomplished through sports. Study shows that playing practicing sports improves blood flow to our brain. This allows our body to build more connections between nerves within the brain which, improves memory, makes you feel more creative, helps your brain develop better problem-solving...
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Social Isolation: Good or Bad?

Isolation can have a huge impact on relationships between people. Whether it may be friendship, business relations or family, isolation can either harm or benefit their relationships. People deal with being by themselves differently depending on how they perceive isolation. Some may be just completely fine with being isolated from the crowd, while some may develop some issues from lack of social interaction. During elementary and high school, I dealt with the feeling of isolation from time to time. In...
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Essay about Piano Learning and Motivation

Without a doubt, all arts manifest most precious qualities in humanity. It enriches our lives and elevates individuals to explore spiritual and aesthetic aspects of the world and ourselves. Music as one form of arts is extremely connected to our everyday life yet learning music faces many obstacles and difficulties. Therefore, my interpretation of being a musical educator essentially is to make the learning process as easy and enjoyable as possible for students. Through my teaching experience, I have seen...
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Neuroscience and Music: Neurological Impacts on the Brain While Listening to Music

Imagine some 40,000 years ago, a vulture bone with precise and delicate holes along its length was used to play a tune by a human. In 2013, a recent archeology finds of this object most likely means that instruments have existed for thousands of years already. Neuroscientists can safely infer therefore that music is among the most ancient of human cognitive traits. This is one of the first steps towards researching the neuroscience of the brain on music and possibly...
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What Is Mind: Essay

Thesis What differentiates humans from other species? How do we make decisions, think of ideas and come to conclusions? What exactly is a mind? The mind refers to the thinking-feeling function resulting from our brain. The brain is the organ, the mind its function, or as John Searle says, “the mind is to the brain as the program is to the hardware” (Minds, Brains, and Programs). Our mind allows us to be conscious, create scenarios and interpret experiences. It allows...
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Self Motivation Essay

Friends I witnessed so many bad and discouraging moments here as whenever my earnings sometimes go to zero and for almost two to three hours of regular activities I hardly earned half dollar a day or less for my post, however some people although they are sometimes better than me and sometimes I compete them but never successfully crossed their earnings, haha, and these feelings sometimes demotivated me but this is the time of my self-motivation who always whispers on...
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Essay about Perfectionism

Imagine you are a native student in China. You have long hours of school and shorter holidays, also you might be in a school in which there is education also on Saturdays. You should also attend cram schools which the education system doesn’t require but is a must if you don’t want to fall behind your fellow schoolmates. You spend your entire day going to school and doing your homework. Your elders expect much from you, in fact, what is...
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Essay on Subjectivity of Morality

Morality is subjective to an individual and is not black and white, how one evaluates right and wrong is based off of the teachings and environment they grew up with and the circumstance they are evaluating. At a young age, parents teach their kids what is good and bad, and as they grow up, they keep and develop those moral standards their parents set for them, and those end up becoming their own beliefs. Without consciously thinking about it, people...
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Essay on Role Model: Story About Mother

My role model is My Mother. My mother is not famous not even a celebrity or known personality but for me, she is more than a celebrity or famous person. Her love for all of her children is the same and equal She is well-managed in organizing a joint family system and house. Whenever she is around I feel safe, happy, and blessed. She is my best friend too I share all of my problems with her without any fear....
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Essay on Nature Versus Nurture Homosexuality

Introduction Is there a homosexual gene? Is homosexuality nature vs nurture it is an innate or social concept? There have been many debates about the standing of homosexuality on how a person becomes attracted to the same sex. If there is indeed a gay gene why isn’t everyone gay is it that only some persons are born with this gene or that it is a mutation of a particular gene or is it that homosexuality learned behavior based on society...
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To Be Autonomous and Interact in Social Environments Robots Must Have Motivation: Analytical Essay

Humans are the most socially advanced of all species and use this specialty in day-to-day situations. However, it’s not clear what skills a robot must acquire in order to have appropriate interaction. There are two types of robots: 1st controlled by others and 2nd autonomous robots, that acts on the basis of its own decisions, and are not controlled by a human (Matari´c, 2007). Duffy (2003) states that a human-centric machine such as a social robot requires human traits as...
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Key Issues of Situation in Jerusalem and Possible Ways to Solve Them

Jerusalem is the major holy city of Judaism and Christianity, and third holiest city in Islam (Mecca and Medina in Saudi Arabia are more significant). Major religious sites are located there, such as the Temple Mount (Haram al-Sharif, where the Dome of the Rock and the Al-Aqsa Mosque are located), the Western (Wailing) Wall, and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. A summary of the significance of these places, including tips for visiting, are included in the blog article ‘What...
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Exploring Behavioural Public Policies

Behavioral public policies, often known as nudges, are policies developed using behavioral economics and social psychology research, aiming to shape our psychological and behavioral tendencies to benefit individuals’ long-term interests, while preserving freedom of choice (Pykett et al., 2015). Thaler and Sunstein’s research (2008) exploring behavioral economics and nudges was pioneering in shaping public and private policy and administration, this was adopted by the behavioral insight team (BIT) in the UK, introduced under David Cameron’s leadership in 2010. The seven-member...
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Disney's Impact on Children's Perception of the World

In this media content review, I’m going to talk about Disney princesses. My form of media I chose along with my topic is gender. The reason I chose this topic was because I love Disney and as a little girl, my favorite Disney princess was always Cinderella. This paper I chose discusses Disney’s way to feminism and how cartoons have a positive or negative impact on children as they influence a child’s perception of the world. Cartoons can have an...
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Destructive Nature of Isolation on the Example of Frankenstein and Grendel

Isolation can damage both our physical and mental health. As humans, we are hardwired to interact with others. When one is isolated from others, the brain begins to act in strange ways to preserve its sanity. The author of ‘Frankenstein’, Mary Shelley, uses the monster to develop the themes of the destructive nature of isolation, drawing one towards violence to fill the void of loneliness. When Victor Frankenstein is successful in bringing back the dead, he fears his creation and...
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Measuring Personality Traits of Psychopaths in Media and During Diagnosis Process

Psychopathic behavior is associated with a construct of social and behavioral problems including violence, criminal activity, and overall failure to conform to social standards. In this study, psychopathic and antisocial personality disorder-based traits are measured. Using reliability and factor analyses were used to validate the inventory and create factor-based indices that were used to predict anti-social behavioral outcomes including violence, seeking revenge on people and assisted suicidal plans for other people. Rationale The particular mental disorders I intend to look...
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How Has Creativity Helped You in Problem Solving: Essay

Creative problem solving is an ability that can be acquired Abstract This paper discusses the meaning of creativity and creative problem solving as creative problem thinking is considered to be a vital asset for any person who is in a leadership role .and As creativity is increasingly being recognized as a key skill for successful managers so the reason why people need creativity in their life that for example on jobs it helps to do things better and faster. The...
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Educational Trip of Mother and Son to the New York’s Museum of Modern Art: Perception of Beauty for Claude Monet's Artworks

It is not easy to judge or have an opinion about the works of art. Whether people consider something as beautiful is often determined by their particular background, culture or life experiences. What is beautiful in one culture might not be beautiful in another (O’ Brien, W. 2019). How people judge and reason about things that are around them vary greatly by individual’s understanding of what can be consider beautiful, their taste or the purpose the particular artwork have. For...
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Ransom Versus Atonement: Comparative Essay

Ransom (2009) by Australian novelist David Malouf is based on an episode from Homer’s Iliad and highlights the meeting between Achilles a demigod and Priam the king of Troy during the Trojan war. The novel explores themes of identity, fate, and mortality. Comparably, the film Atonement directed by Joe Wright (2007) is about a young girl who makes a grave mistake that changes her life as well as the people around her forever. The film also explores the themes of...
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Public’s Perception of Lawyers and the Legal System

Introduction A. Orient your Reader to Time, Place, and Issue Hollywood has long used the cinematic courtroom as a tool to make social and political statements or to manipulate public perception. The trial film genre has tried to explain the relationship between popular culture and law from the beginning of the film in 1895 to the present day. Does this paper seek to explore what kind of community legal popular culture creates? How do the law and film shape our...
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Portrayal of Fighters in David Malouf's Novel 'Ransom'

Set during the last year of the Trojan war, David Malouf’s novel, Ransom, focuses on the brave wings of fighters. Even though the battle story dominates the line, Malouf exposes a world where men follow alternative paths to violence and aggression. In the attempt to regain his son’s body, pity takes risks. The biggest danger is towards royal duty and choosing a common carter. Somax introduced the premises of the human world of feelings and his relationship with beauty is...
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Invictus and Ransom: Comparative Essay on Film Versus Book

David Malouf’s text Ransom and Clint Eastwood’s film Invictus, portray the idea of Fate and Freewill in which life is predetermined with the idea of controlling events through self-determination. Invictus concerns itself with the aftermath of an inhumane Apartheid and the role of an influential personal Mandela who demurs surrendering to fate while uniting a furcated nation. In comparison, Malouf’s Homeric adaption of the Iliad as a reimagination through his novel Ransom explores the extent to which life is determined...
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Essay on Cultural identity: Its Significance to Counter Colonizing Mind in Modern Times

Introduction Many people claim who they are but they are not in the way they act; behave and way of living speak and noticeably. There is a danger in this way of prevention, this will affect an individual’s way of thinking that is not really who he is but the reality is, he is borrowing, and many times not aware. Way of living is very salient evidence of how to define an individual’s cultural identity. It carries a connotation of...
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“Ransom” by David Malouf: Critical Analysis of Novel

Composed as a literary novel that narrates through a legend of redemption and inscribed in the context of Ancient Troy is “Ransom” by David Malouf, which unravels how changes come to the reception of individuals in worlds. Such can also be said of the film “Invictus”, the two texts applaud the power of a changed perception as well as its impact on an individual, an institution, and a country. In addition, Malouf and Eastwood’s intention also coincides with the fact...
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‘Ransom’ Versus ‘Invictus’: Comparative Analysis

Many characters in the historical fiction ‘Ransom’ by David Malouf and the 2009 film ‘Invictus’ directed by Clint Eastwood portray forgiveness and reconciliation through their actions and attitude. ‘Invictus’ highlights the determination of wanting to unite a “rainbow nation” whereas, ‘Ransom’ shows how the act of reconciliation unites two long-time enemies. Through these acts of reconciliation both writer and director demonstrate the impact of forgiveness in bringing people closer together. Additionally, both texts illustrate the impact division has on an...
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