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Renewable Energy Essays

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Renewable Energy Essay

Introduction Today’s world is dependent on electricity, which is supplied from many different sources such as fossils fuels which emit harmful gases that pollute the environment and contribute to global warming by producing large quantities of CO2. However, with recent improvements in technology, renewable energy has been introduced in our daily lives in the form of solar power. Other forms of renewable energy that are consistently used include hydroelectric, biomass, geothermal power among others (International Rivers Network 2015). At present,...
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Battery Energy Storage Systems: Assessment for Small-Scale Renewable Energy Integration

Solar energy is the green source with the widest potential and plays a vital role in developing energy all over the world. Human beings have been making use of solar energy as early as 7th century. Later on, due to the advancements in science and discoveries of alternative sources of energies – mostly non-renewable and fossil fuels, use of solar energy was found to be expensive and had comparatively poor performance than other energy sources. Since then more usage of...
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Could Europe be Powered by Renewable Energy? Essay

My research question is ‘Could Europe be powered by renewable energy?’ This science in society question falls in the research area of science that has an effect on the environment. The effects of climate change are quickly escalating due to excess greenhouse gasses in our atmosphere that are trapping in excess heat from the sun. A way to reduce emissions and save our planet would be to would be to change our energy sources and switch to renewable energy sources....
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Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Utilization

Energy demand is required to improve people’s health, welfare, and meeting economic and social development is on the rise each day. All societies in the world need a form of power to support basic human essentials such as cooking, lighting, communication, mobility, and space comfort (Gielen et al. 2020). Fossils including oil, gas, and coal have been the most dominant source of fuel since 1850. These conventional sources have an adverse environmental impact on the environment because it emits excess...
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Essay on Importance of Renewable Energy

Every day people enjoy the convenience of electricity, heating, and transportation. Many of us cannot imagine our lives without technological inventions such as cars or smartphones. But what are the cost of the progress and the heavy consumption of energy? It is becoming obvious that our 7 billion world population is now depleting the energy sources that seemed endless. Moreover, climate change, water, and air pollution pose a threat to humanity as they affect food and water availability. The term...
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Essay on Renewable Energy Towards a Brighter Future

A global deal to cut emission and stop global warming signed in Conference of the parties in Paris, obligate oil and gas industry to reduce they co2 emissions. According to Carrington(2015),Paris agreement would leave more than $1tn of oil project without a return as the government increase measurement to cut down emission and tackle climate changes. The industry is facing a high risk of wasted capital in the future years. Oil and gas sector had and is still having an...
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Fossil Fuels vs Renewable Energy Essay

The planet’s temperature is rising rapidly, faster than ever before. As a species, we are running out of time. We need a solution for the crisis we are currently in since the effects of climate change have begun to take their toll. Luckily, we have an alternative fuel that burns cleaner, it’s accessible, and could slow or eventually put a halt to the rising temperature of the planet. It’s name is biodiesel. Biodiesel can play a big role in helping...
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Integration of Renewable Energy in Power Systems

This file focuses on the integration of renewable energy, disbursed generation, energy storage, thermally activated technologies and demand response into the electric distribution and transmission system. The electric energy zone round the world is present process long-term technical, financial and market transformations. Parts of these transformations is the task of integrating excessive shares of renewable energy, especially variable wind and solar. The concept of flexibility of a electricity device is key in phrases of balancing these variable sources while maintaining...
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Is Renewable Energy Really Green and Beneficial? Essay

Over the last few decades, concerns have been raised on whether renewable energy is green and beneficial, especially during this period when there are heightened efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Several bills have been sponsored to address the problem of sustainable energy sources; for instance, the former member of the West Virginia House of Delegates Marty Gearheart introduced the House Bill 2001 that sought to repeal several sections of the Alternative and Renewable Energy Portfolio Act in West Virginia....
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Reasons Why We Must Utilize Renewable Energy as a New Resource? Essay

EPA article says, ‘Generating energy that produces no greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels and reduces some types of air pollution.’ these benefits could bring many global situations to decrease and a better future. Over the years, earth has been taking damage and is increasing by human activity, which is affecting forests, animal life, and people as well. The reasons we must use renewable energy are that it minimizes types of pollutions, reduces the dependence on imported fuels, and a...
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Renewable Energy and Nature Based Solutions

Renewable energy also known as clean energy is produced from natural resources that are gradually replenished. Coal and oil are the most consumed products today, not forgetting that they are unrenewable. But by the use of nature-based solutions, which is the use of nature to tackle environmental-based challenges together with renewable sources of energy, we as a country will be able to sustain our people, environment as well as our national economic development comfortably. Kenya as a country is blessed...
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Renewable Energy Argumentative Essay

Recently, some people believe that nuclear, solar, wind and hydropower provide cheap and clean energy. The advantages of these sources of power far outweigh their disadvantages. I totally agree with that first of all, energy should be a very hot topic today. When it comes to energy, there are many abundant energy sources in our life. What impresses me most is solar energy. Solar energy exists everywhere in our life, just like the water heater in my own home.Solar energy...
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Renewable Energy Evaluation

With each passing day, the issue of global warming grows more and more out of control. Even if we completely cut our emissions of greenhouse gases, the snowball is already rolling and the gases currently filling our atmosphere will still have long term effects on global temperature increases — but the battle is not yet lost. Solving this problem that threatens the nature of creatures around the globe is still within our grasp, nations just need to act swiftly and...
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Renewable Energy in South Africa

South Africa is demonstrating its commitment to a more prosperous future growth direction by promoting clean energies and energy conservation, as well as skills development and job creation through the green economy. South Africa is one of the world’s top emitters of carbon dioxide, ranking 12th in terms of top emitters per capita, since fossil fuels provide more than 75 percent of the country’s primary resources. With a supportive policy and legislative structure, the country responded to the urgent need...
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Renewable Energy Intermittency

Energy is the most important element in the modern world. Therefore, it has consumed a vast amount of energy. Fossil fuels are the most sources of energy used worldwide. These sources cause carbon dioxide emissions and this leads to the problem of climate change. Because of this problem, the world needs to move to renewable sources of energy. The fact is that renewable sources of energy also have their problems. The major problem of renewable energy is intermittency. This essay...
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Renewable Energy Persuasive Essay

The most common and challenging issue that renewable energy is facing is the capital cost of erecting and installing wind and solar farms. Like most renewables, fuel cost is practically zero, and maintenance cost is very low. As per the date of 2017, the average cost to install solar panels is approximately $2000 per kW for big installation, whereas it tends to $3700 for residential solar systems. So, due to higher construction as well as lending bucks at higher rates...
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Renewable Energy Sources for Saudi Arabia

Introduction In the modern age, the transition to renewable energy sources may be inevitable. The continuous depletion of oil, environmentally unsafe measures of resource gathering and utilization, as well as the technological advances in the field of alternative energy, have shown that traditional energy sources are not going to be viable for much longer. Countries that have relied on oil and natural gas for decades are now becoming more concerned with environmentally-friendly renewable energy, not to lose the competitive edge...
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Renewable Energy Sources Overview

Did you know that if humans consume fossil fuel at the current rate, in the next 42years coal supplies will be exhausted forever? In the next 12 years we will most likely run out of indium, which is used in the production of touch screens and antimony which is used in the making of almost everything from drugs to fire retardants. There will be shortages in minerals like phosphorus, which is kind of a fertilizer for plant and shortage of...
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Renewable Energy: Solar Energy As a New Fuel

In now a day the clean form of energy is considered to be the one from renewable technologies as these technologies minimize the environmental impacts and secondary wastes and good for the current and future needs of the economy. As the source of all energies is the sun. light and heat are the primary forms of energy. Environment absorbs the heat and sunlight in multiple ways. Wind energy and biomass are renewable energy flows which are the results of these...
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Renewable Energy: The Green Road Towards 2025 and Beyond

The Scottish Government recognises the need to transition to a low-carbon economy. Current targets aim for the near-complete decarbonisation of Scottish energy by the year 2050 (Scottish Government, 2017). Renewable energy sources are a vital component of this plan and sufficient investment is needed to ensure adequate supplies of renewable energy are available to accommodate this transition. The Government has outlined specific targets to facilitate the shift towards decarbonisation. The Scottish Energy System Strategy states that renewable sources will supply...
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Scaling-up Renewable Energy and CO2 Capture Technologies: A Review

According to Ritchie (2019), Oceania emits 1.3 billion tonnes of CO2 yearly, which is equivalent to 1.3% of the global emissions. Wang et al. (2011) argue that most of the carbon emissions are as a result of the generation of non-renewable energy. From figure 8, in 2016, Oceania generated 227.7412GW of non-renewable energy and 67.29998GW of renewable energy. But, in 2050, it is projected that the region will be able to generate 49.97507GW of non-renewable energy and 708.5722GW of renewable...
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The Main Advantages of Renewable Energy

Biomass is any waste, wood or crops that can be used as an alternative energy source to fossil fuels. Examples of biomass are bacterial decay, burning, fermentation and conversion. Burning is the earliest form of biomass, it was used up until the 1800’s and was used to heat up houses. Bacterial decay is when bacteria feed on dead organisms and create a gas called methane, this gas can be very bad for our environment by producing excess carbon dioxide or...
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Reasons Why the Goverment Should not Invest in Oil Exploration

Energy is vital in our daily life because it is a basic human need. Almost all human activities require energy. Oil is a non-renewable energy source. Non-renewable energy comes from sources that will run out or will not be replenished in our lifetimes—or even in many, many lifetimes. (National Geographic Society, 2013). On the other hand, renewable energy, often referred to as clean energy, that comes from natural sources or processes that are constantly replenished. For example, sunlight or wind...
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Essay on Renewable Energy

The world has been powered by carbon-based energy since the industrial revolution. It is what humans know as convenient, reliable, and cheap. However, the environment is slowly paying the price for the use of these fossil fuels. A change needs to occur, and a willingness to switch to renewable energy is the only way to ensure the planet will remain intact. Humans are at fault here, deciding to burn limited resources when there is an alternative way to produce clean...
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